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Warzone™ Gets New Perks and Points of Interest in Season Five

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For the first time ever, Warzone is getting two exclusive Perks courtesy of Season Five: Tempered and Combat Scout. Read on for more info and tips, plus a look at the Mobile Broadcast Stations popping up around Verdansk.

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Warzone™ Gets New Perks and Points of Interest in Season Five

  • WZ

For the first time ever, Warzone is getting two exclusive Perks courtesy of Season Five: Tempered and Combat Scout. Read on for more info and tips, plus a look at the Mobile Broadcast Stations popping up around Verdansk.

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Season Five is finally here for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and Perseus has fired his opening salvo: Mobile Broadcast Stations have been activated all throughout Verdansk, communicating the mind-altering Numbers Program and turning former allies to enemies.

You’ll need to be in top fighting form to keep your head straight. To that end, Season Five introduces two new Warzone-exclusive Perks: Tempered and Combat Scout. Read on for the full briefing.   

New Perks: Tempered and Combat Scout

Tempered (Perk 2 slot): Refill armor plates to full with two plates instead of three. Equipping this perk fully restores armor.

Get more for less using Tempered. Operators under the effects of this Perk benefit from reinforced Armor Plates — only two are needed to be considered “fully armored” compared to the standard three. Note that Tempered limits you to two equipped Armor Plates at a time, with each one absorbing 75 points of damage instead of the normal 50.

Top 3 Tips

·       Better Synergy with Armor Satchels: With Tempered, the Armor Satchel’s eight Armor Plates count as four full armor sets instead of merely two and a half. You won’t take as long equipping your armor either, needing only two for the max benefit.

·       The Loadout Advantage: Loadout Drops become even more valuable when you pick a class with Tempered, instantly filling your armor so you’re ready to take on the next threat with the utmost confidence.

·       Among the Best: Though selecting Tempered prevents you from picking the popular Ghost and Overkill Perk 2 slot choices, it’s worth your consideration. The more you stay in the fully armored state, the better your chances of surviving to the very end.

Combat Scout (Perk 3 slot): Damaging an enemy briefly highlights them for you and marks them for the entire squad.

Be the point man for your team by marking the location of enemy targets. Any enemy you damage will be briefly highlighted on your screen and pinged for the whole squad to see. This Perk is great for new players and veterans alike, making it one of the strongest picks in the Perk 3 slot.

Top 3 Tips

·       Tell ’Em What You See: While damaged enemies are pinged for your squad to mark their general location, it’s up to you to communicate exactly where they are and what they’re doing based on their highlighted movements. Clear communication is essential, especially in the midst of battle or in the face of impending danger.

·       Grenade Out: Grenades are great for hitting and marking enemy Operators behind cover. If you can’t quite pinpoint where they are, deploy a grenade and you’ll likely find out.

·       Counter Dead Silence: Combat Scout is a natural counter to Dead Silence. The enemy can be as quiet as they’d like, but it won’t mean anything when you’ve got them highlighted in bright orange. With this Perk equipped, nobody can escape you.

New Points of Interest: Mobile Broadcast Stations

In their effort to bring about a new world order, Stitch and Perseus have deployed a network of Mobile Broadcast Stations to boost the Numbers Program signal throughout Verdansk. Except for the Lozoff Pass Mobile Broadcast Station, their locations differ from match to match. Caution is advised on approach.

Possible Mobile Broadcast Station Sites

To help you in your search, we’ve listed all possible sites where a Mobile Broadcast Station can appear in the match. To help pinpoint their locations, we’re enlisting the help of the Official Warzone Strategy Guide. We’ve divided up Verdansk based on the guide’s Tac Map Atlas, with links following each site description showing you the approximate location we’re referencing.

As for what you’ll find when you visit one of these stations? That you’ll have to see for yourself.

North Verdansk

Lozoff Pass: The Lozoff Pass Mobile Broadcast Station is the one tower that appears in every match. Find it just south of New Lozoff Village, alongside the main road traveling northeast of Grazna Bridge. Be on the lookout for company. Near E9 on the Tac Map.

Bloc 23: This one’s right on the border of Bloc 23 and the Arklov Peak Military Base, on the road leading northwest out of the base. Near B7 on the Tac Map.

Bloc 16: Find this site northeast of the Airport Control Tower, by the village on the main road north of the Bloc 16 map marker. Near A20 on the Tac Map.

Karst Salt Mine: This is situated between the Evaporation Pools and the Karst River Rail Bridge. Just southwest of D23 on the Tac Map.


Storage Town: This site pops up just south of the Verdansk Swim Center in the south of Storage Town. Near D3 on the Tac Map.

Verdansk Boneyard: Check the southeast corner of the Boneyard, near the crashed blue plane and hangars. Near F6 on the Tac Map.


Novi Grazna Hills: If you’re this far south, swing by the Gas Station south of the Upper Suburbs. Near E10 on the Tac Map.


Bloc 6: You might find a Mobile Broadcast Station right outside Burger Town on the east side of Bloc 6. Near B1 on the Tac Map.


Krovnik Farmland: Find this site west of Standoff by the Northwest Woods. Near C4 on the Tac Map.

City of Verdansk Port: The last of the possible Mobile Broadcast Stations can be found just south of the road entrance to the port. Near D16 on the Tac Map.

While you’re out searching for Mobile Broadcast Stations, you might even come across one of several new cargo containers newly arrived in Verdansk. Just what kind of cargo do they hold? For now, be content with the extra cover and verticality they provide.

Need More Intel? Visit the Official Warzone Strategy Guide to get a detailed look at all 300+ Tips, over 400 Points of Interest, and everything you need to step up your gameplay and be fully prepared for Warzone.

We’ll see you online.

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