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Air Drop Incoming: Full Details on the Season Five Battle Pass and Initial Bundles for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™

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Prepare for a new shipment of loot in the Season Five Battle Pass — see what’s coming in 100 new Tiers, including an Ultra-rarity Weapon Blueprint and Operator Skin. Plus, get a peek at new Store Bundles launching alongside Season Five.

  • Battle Pass Intel

Air Drop Incoming: Full Details on the Season Five Battle Pass and Initial Bundles for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™

  • BOCW
  • WZ

Prepare for a new shipment of loot in the Season Five Battle Pass — see what’s coming in 100 new Tiers, including an Ultra-rarity Weapon Blueprint and Operator Skin. Plus, get a peek at new Store Bundles launching alongside Season Five.

  • Battle Pass Intel

Arm Yourself with the Best Value in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

With CIA satellites out of commission, Stitch is free to launch the next step of Perseus’s plan: a full broadcast of the Numbers Program. As the mind-altering communication turns allies into enemies, it’s up to you to keep your head straight for the coming fight.

Here to help you in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is the Season Five Battle Pass, complete with 100 Tiers that include two free functional weapons, a new Operator, new Weapon Blueprints, new Operator Skins, and a whole lot more.

Plus, players can earn up to 300 COD Points across the Season Five Battle Pass free Tiers, with an additional 1,000 COD Points available within the paid Battle Pass. Use these COD Points to pick up a future Battle Pass or Store Bundle, like the ones headlining Season Five when it deploys this week.

Read on for details about the gear that’s dropping via the Battle Pass and new Store Bundles in the new season.

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What Is the Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Bundle?

Are you new to the life of Operatives and Double Agents, or need a refresher on the Battle Pass before executing the mission? Then let’s review what this incredible value brings to your arsenal:

Each season of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone comes with a Battle Pass System, which allows you to earn a selection of free items, including two new base weapons, several Weapon Blueprints, and more. Earn this content just by playing either game, or if you can’t wait to get your hands on that next Tier, you can purchase a Tier Skip for 150 COD Points, which advances your Battle Pass progress up one Tier.

If you want access to all 100 Tiers in this system, including the instant unlock items at Tier 0, purchase the Season Five Battle Pass for only 1,000 COD Points.

Want to get a head start on earning all 100 Tiers? Then pick up the Battle Pass Bundle, a combination of the Battle Pass and 20 Instant Tier Skips (25 for PlayStation consoles). This incredible value is set at a discounted price of 2,400 COD Points, compared to buying the Battle Pass and 20 Tier Skips afterward à la carte.

In other words, for an additional 1,400 COD Points over the base Battle Pass, you’ll instantly earn the four Tier 0 items, a new Finishing Move, the first free functional weapon, and some new Weapon Blueprints to use in your Loadouts right away, not to mention a few Calling Cards and Emblems to freshen up your profile.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Season Five Battle Pass system — both in the free Tiers and within the full Battle Pass — starting with the Epic and Legendary items found at Tier 0.

Tier 0 — Instantly Unlock Kitsune, 10% Seasonal XP Boost, and More…

Tier 0 rewards are immediately unlocked when you purchase the Season Five Battle Pass, starting with Kitsune, the self-taught cybersecurity expert joining Perseus’s forces, plus a new Operator Skin for Garcia, a Watch, and a 10% XP boost for the entire season.

New Operator — Kitsune: The daughter of Kobe’s most feared Yakuza boss, Kitsune earned respect on her own, becoming a savant in cybersecurity systems and a phenomenal mercenary. Unlock Kitsune — and her default Operator Skin — instantly at Tier 0.

Kitsune also comes with two Operator Missions that can be completed to unlock new customization content. Other tiers of the Battle Pass, such as Tier 20 with Hunter’s “Visionary” Skin, have Operator Missions for Multiplayer and for Zombies, which double up on new content you can earn by completing objectives.

Complete Kitsune’s “Security Expert” Operator Mission in Multiplayer to unlock her “Fiber Optic” and “Sunset” Operator Skins among other rewards, or the “Dimensional Anomaly” Operator Mission in Zombies to earn an additional four items, including Kitsune’s “Critical” and “Fragment” Operator Skins.

Garcia Operator Skin and Mission: The ruthless Garcia prepares to lead the next revolution. At Tier 0, get his Epic “Rebel Leader” Operator Skin along with extra rewards for completing his Operator Mission, including two additional Operator Skins — “Ranchero” and “Vaquero.”

Crimson Oni Watch: Call upon the power of the oni and keep your eye on the time while you’re at it using the Epic “Crimson Oni” Watch.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Five Battle Pass and enjoy a 10% increase in all XP earned during the season.

LIMITED TIME OFFER — Get the “Kyubi” Kitsune Skin with the Battle Pass Bundle During Season Five Launch Window

Those who want to get the job done right in Double Agent, other Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer modes and Zombies, or within Warzone will want to consider picking up the Battle Pass early.

For the first time in Call of Duty®, those who purchase the Battle Pass Bundle before August 31 will receive a bonus Legendary Operator Skin for Kitsune — “Kyubi.” A fitting gear set for an Operator whose namesake translates to “fox,” this exclusive Operator Skin combines a traditional festival mask with classy-yet-tactical attire complete with a black tie and cape.

This Operator Skin can only be obtained for a limited time, meaning early adopters of the Battle Pass Bundle will get the opportunity to show off a truly Legendary Operator Skin through Season Five and beyond. 

New Operator Skins and Finishing Move

It’s more than just Kitsune and Garcia who are gearing up for the battle ahead. The Season Five Battle Pass introduces a wide collection of new Operator Skins, including one for Baker that’s perfect for oceanic operations.

“Payback” Woods Skin (Tier 10): When business starts to get personal, Woods is ready to get even, gearing up for the fight with his “Payback” Operator Skin. Complete his Operator Mission to earn his “Resilience” and “Vigilance” Operator Skins, as well as an Epic Calling Card and Emblem.

“Scuba Diver” Baker Skin (Tier 50): Hit the high seas and board enemy craft with Baker’s “Scuba Diver” Operator Skin, outfitting him in full tactical scuba gear. Complete his Operator Mission to earn the “Sand Dab” and “Underwater” Operator Skins.

PLUS, the “Mind Games” Finishing Move (Tier 19): Knock your enemies off their feet, then finish the job with this combat reversal, which can be equipped by all Operators through the Operator menu in Warzone or through the Weapons menu in Black Ops Cold War.

Which weapons will these Operators wield in combat this season? In addition to the 100+ existing armaments in Warzone, two more are being added to the table, and both are available via the Battle Pass for free:

New Free Base Weapons

Stock up on weapons when a new assault rifle and SMG arrive, free to earn via the Battle Pass system.

EM2: Assault Rifle (Tier 15)

The British EM2 full-auto assault rifle adds another hard-hitting bullpup option to a category already overflowing with versatility.

In traditional Multiplayer environments, the EM2 demands your attention to keep its improved accuracy true to its word. With an optional Task Force Barrel, it can become a reliable three-shot elimination at ranges up to at least 50 meters; otherwise, a headshot needs to be mixed in for a faster down.

Don’t let the weapon’s slow fire rate deter you. With a built-in low-optic zoom, it is a force at range, calling upon marksmen to use it and defend their allies with all their might.

TEC-9: SMG (Tier 31)

The semi-auto TEC-9 is one of the most unique SMG options yet in Black Ops Cold War, given that its action mechanism is the first of its category across all games.

On its own, the TEC-9 can eliminate targets in three shots anywhere within 10 meters. Its blowback nature allows Operators to place their shots more accurately, differing dramatically from a category filled with more traditional spray-and-pray options.

But it doesn’t have to be semi-auto — Operators can outfit it with one of two unique attachments that change its fire type to either three-round burst or fully automatic. These attachments also come with built-in position concealment, making it great for stealthy infiltrations. And for the fully auto modifier specifically, it makes this SMG more viable when considering hip-fire rushing tactics.

Both options increase fire rate, but in exchange, Operators must exercise more recoil control with those faster follow-up shots. The choice is yours.

New Weapon Blueprints

A total of 20 custom Weapon Blueprints, including over a dozen Legendary weapons and an Ultra-rarity version of the new assault rifle, are available to you in the Season Five Battle Pass. Here are some of the highlights:

“Great Emperor” Assault Rifle Blueprint (Tier 5): Deploy in royal fashion with this gold and blue Legendary Weapon Blueprint fit for the most ruthless, stylish Operators. This beauty shoots with excellent precision, too, using the Agency Suppressor for a huge boost to vertical recoil control and the Field Agent Grip for added horizontal control. The Raider Stock helps you snap onto targets, and that’s just three of its five attachments.

“Red Torpedo” Assault Rifle Blueprint (FREE Tier 55): Launch your next amphibious assault using this aquatic Legendary Weapon Blueprint. It’s not just about its incredible design, either. The “Red Torpedo” is fast and versatile; its five attachments include the Raider Stock, which boosts your movement speed while aiming, as well as the Airborne Elastic Wrap for rapid Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed.

“Death Angel” Tactical Rifle Blueprint (Tier 85): Bring death on wings with the new “Death Angel” Legendary Weapon Blueprint. If you’re look for fast handling, this is it. First, the SOCOM Eliminator reduces muzzle flash for easier targeting in combat, and the invaluable Salvo 35 Rnd Fast Mag provides a vast pool of ammo and lightning-fast reloads. And with the Raider Stock, you can move around sights-up so you’re prepared for whatever lies ahead.  

Tier 95 — Edge Out the Competition with “Geomatik,” An Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint

Get all the way to Tier 95 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone to unlock the lethal “Geomatik” Ultra-rarity Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, based on the new functional weapon unlocked earlier in the Battle Pass.

Turn every angle to your advantage with this high-damage, low-profile configuration stocked full of ammo. An SFOD Speedgrip will help control horizontal recoil, but it’s up to you to keep this weapon’s shots — fully suppressed, thanks to a Suppressor Muzzle — from kicking too much.

Watch for this weapon’s sci-fi-inspired animated Reactive property — the “Geomatik” glows with increasing geometric power as you earn kills in Multiplayer, Warzone, or Zombies. The lines are perfect, ideal for the surgical Operator ready to dissect the competition for their side.

Tier 100 — Kitsune Ultra-Rarity Operator Skin and More

For the most accomplished Operators — those who complete all 100 Tiers of the Season Five Battle Pass — glory awaits. Here’s to you:

“Samurai” Ultra-rarity Kitsune Skin and Operator Mission: When she really means business, Kitsune dons her “Samurai” Ultra-rarity Operator Skin, blending the old and the new with light patterns flashing over her armor and face mask. Complete the included Operator Mission to unlock the “Warlock” and incredibly auric “Goldleaf” Operator Skins in addition to extra cosmetic items.

“Microchip” Legendary SMG Blueprint: This tech-savvy Blueprint Weapon is the first available for the new SMG found for free earlier in the Battle Pass. With attachments like the Ember Sighting Point for improved reveal distance and hip-fire accuracy, and the 6.7” Ranger for a 100% increase to bullet velocity, you’ll be turning armies of 1’s into 0’s.

FAV, Tac Rover Vehicle Skins, and Season Five Emblem: Close out the Battle Pass in style with the “Spoiled Envy” FAV Vehicle Skin in Black Ops Cold War, the “Carbon Envy” Tac Rover Vehicle Skin in Warzone, and the Season Five animated Emblem, showcasing your well-earned accomplishment of unlocking all 100 Tiers of content.

Two Free War Track Packs

You didn’t think you’d miss out on the chance to unlock some new music, did you? Crank it up with two free War Tracks available to earn in the Battle Pass, so you can cruise in style through Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Here’s what’s playing:

World at War Mixtape (Tier 72): Blast the sounds of the precursor to the Black Ops series with four tracks from World at War: “Black Cats,” “Dog Fire,” “Hell’s Gate,” and “Wild Card.”

’80s Hits 3 (Tier 94): There’s nothing like cruising through Verdansk to the hits of the ’80s. This three-track mixtape gives a handful of the best, from old school punk beats to dance anthems.

1,300 Total COD Points

As in previous seasons, the Season Five Battle Pass System gives you the chance to earn up to 300 COD Points across free Tiers and up to 1,300 COD Points via the paid Battle Pass, more than enough to purchase a future Battle Pass or a Season Five Bundle.

Season Five Store Highlights

Ready for a Reactive Weapon Blueprint and a new melee weapon? What about an elite super-soldier Operator and plenty of Mastercrafts for weeks to come?

Look to the Store during Season Five to find all of these great additions to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War… and a whole lot more.

Launch Week: White Noise Reactive and Stolen Goods

Season Five kicks off with two Featured Bundles. The first is the incredibly unique White Noise Reactive Bundle.

Its headlining Weapon Blueprint, the “Amplifire,” is based on the assault rifle from last season’s Battle Pass and a perfect fit for Season Five’s rabbit hole of lore. If you want to broadcast and bury your enemies, take up this truly unique weapon that features plenty of miniature television screens across its body, which go from static all the way to a trippy vaporwave background as you earn eliminations in Multiplayer, Warzone, and Zombies.

That’s just one of the items found in this Bundle. You won’t have to change frequency channels too much to find the “Parabolic Dish” Legendary Weapon Blueprint for a high-capacity SMG, as well as a “TV” Reticle and more.

The other Featured Bundle, the Stolen Goods Bundle, features the newest melee weapon to the game: the Cane.

In addition to providing you with a proper good “Investigator” Operator Skin for Park, a new Finishing Move, a Calling Card, a Charm, and an Emblem, this Bundle will also have the first Weapon Blueprint for the Cane: the “Lost Lion,” a classy bludgeoning tool. Affixed with the head of a magnificent beast, this weapon will let you stand tall and swing wide.

And, yes, this Bundle means the Cane’s unlock challenge will be available right when Season Five starts. Here’s the unlock criteria for the weapon through its Multiplayer Challenge:

Using a Melee weapon, kill an enemy disoriented or blinded by your Stun Grenade or Flashbang in 15 different completed matches.

And here’s what you need to do in Zombies:

Using a Melee weapon, kill 20 or more enemies consecutively without getting hit 50 times.

If you want to see what this new weapon is all about before completing these challenges, consider picking up the Stolen Goods Bundle on Season Five’s first day.

After Launch: New Operators, a New Secondary Weapon’s First Bundle, and the Elite Pack

Later in Season Five, prepare to welcome the CIA SAD/SOG [CLASSIFIED] super-soldier Stryker to NATO’s finest in his debut Bundle: Tracer Pack: Stryker Operator Bundle.

In addition to the new Operator, this Bundle comes fully equipped with the latest and greatest technology via the “Shuttle Blast” assault rifle and “Solid Effort” shotgun Weapon Blueprints. There’s also a new Finishing Move that involves an RC-XD and a cool “.50 cal Flip” Gesture alongside a few new cosmetic items.

And later in the season, the CIA’s own Jason Hudson will join the fight as a new NATO Operator as part of the upcoming Tracer Pack: Hudson Operator Bundle. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more intel.

Before Stryker arrives to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, look out for the Powder Keg Bundle to give a brand-new pistol its first ever Weapon Blueprint. Dubbed the “Matchlock,” this Blueprint affixes the break-action, double-barrel Secondary Weapon with the incendiary Dragon’s Breath rounds, a shorter barrel, and the ability to Dual Wield. As usual, all of these attachments can be unlocked through leveling up the base weapon.

Around the same time as that weapon’s debut, the Store will include the Elite Pack. This Franchise Store Bundle will include a menacing new “Beast Master” Operator Skin for Jackal, two Legendary Weapon Blueprints, and more cosmetic content, all on top of giving back 1,100 COD Points upon purchasing it for $9.99 (or your regional equivalent).

With all this and more coming to the Season Five Battle Pass and the Store, rest assured that you’ll have all the gear you need for the fight ahead. 


Execute the mission.

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