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by Call of Duty Staff on November 13, 2020

Know your history... and the latest official information on Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War. Consider this your official debrief for important announcements, features, news, and guides for Black Ops Cold War prior to, during, and after its launch.

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Black Ops Cold War Announcements

Get informed about major news and updates about the game, including its launch and post-launch content:


Getting Started – Launch Week Guides

Check out these guides to learn how to get started and play the game, from booting it up for the first time to advanced tips on game modes and maps available at launch.


The Prestige Primer

Need the latest advanced strategies and weapon configurations? Our Lead Writer has you covered in his weekly column:


Weapons and Loadouts

Use these guides for building your Custom Loadouts that will crush the opposition while staying on top of the latest weapon-related intel:


Maps and Modes

Know the mission and the DZ before you go into your next Multiplayer match with these guides:


Pre-Launch Intel

All previously released intel prior to the game’s launch week, all in one place:


Treyarch Official Blogs

Intel straight from the team at Treyarch, the creators of the iconic Black Ops series, developers of Black Ops Cold War, and the birthplace of Zombies:


Additional Information and Content

Also be sure to check out Treyarch’s Game Intel Blog, which includes even more Black Ops Cold War content, including patch notes, news, and other updates, straight from the source.

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