Call of Duty®: Mobile World Championship 2021

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Stage 3 of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 consists of five Regional Qualifiers hosted on GameBattles, one for each eligible region. Eligible players are responsible for joining or creating a team of five players (plus one optional substitute) on GameBattles.

Players who have qualified for Stage 3 of the World Championship 2021 will be notified via an in-game inbox message. This message contains a unique regional code along with a link to GameBattles where it can be redeemed. Players must redeem the code in order to be eligible for the Regional Qualifiers.

Once redeemed, players will need to join or create a team of five players for the Stage 3 Regional Qualifier. The team roster cannot change for the remainder of the Regional Qualifier once the registration period for the same has ended, so choose wisely!


The top 8 teams in each Regional Qualifier will advance to Stage 4: Regional Playoffs!

Additionally, every player on a team who makes it to top 64 or higher in each Regional Qualifier will receive the following in-game rewards in Call of Duty: Mobile:

Final Placements


Top 1-2

12,000 Call of Duty Points

Top 3-8

10,000 Call of Duty Points

Top 9-16

5,000 Call of Duty Points

Top 17-32

1,000 Call of Duty Points

Top 33-64

500 Call of Duty Points


Rewards will be delivered to the players in their GameBattles inbox after the Regional Qualifier in the form of a code that can be redeemed at the Call of Duty: Mobile Redemption Center.

Teams that qualify for the top 16 in the Regional Qualifier will also be required to sign a Tournament Participation form prior to playing in their next match. This form will be sent to each individual team member in their GameBattles inbox by the admin team. Failure to sign this form by all team members will result in the team’s forfeiture of the next match.


Players who have qualified for Stage 3 of the World Championship 2021 will be notified via a Call of Duty: Mobile in-game inbox message that contains their unique GameBattles code.

  • If you have any issues with your code, please reach out to the GameBattles support team via Live Chat on the website or by emailing with the subject “Call of Duty: Mobile Regional Code”.
  • Please include your UID or your Player ID (this ID can be found in the settings menu under the “Legal and Privacy” tab), your in-game username and the region in which you qualified and we will try to resolve it for you. Any emails with the incorrect subject may not receive a response.

Create a GameBattles account in order to redeem your code:

1.     Choose an appropriate GameBattles username. Players will use this username to find you on the GameBattles website.

a.      Western alpha-numeric characters are recommended, as this will make it easier for other players to find you.

2.     Provide all the necessary personal information, including a date of birth that verifies you are at least 18 years old.

3.     Verify your email address associated with the account

Once you have redeemed your unique code via GameBattles, you are eligible to compete in your respective Regional Qualifier. Next, you must either create a team or join someone else’s team.

Team Leaders:

A player who creates their own team will be the Team Leader and will accept the following responsibilities:

1.     Inviting other players (who have also redeemed their codes) using their GameBattles usernames to join their team in order to fill their roster.

a.      A complete roster requires a minimum of five eligible players and can have up to a maximum of six players.

b.     For 2020: A player must redeem their unique code before they can be invited.

c.      a.     For 2021: Please note that a player must have linked their Activision account to their Call of Duty: Mobile profile before they can be invited

2.     Choosing an appropriate team name. We recommend using Western alpha-numeric characters for your team name, as this will make it easier for other players to find you.

a.      Note that whatever team name you select cannot be changed for the duration of Stage 3

3.     Inviting or accepting an invite from opponent team leaders/members to set up a private lobby.

 Team Members:

1.     A player who chooses to join a team can accept their invite in GameBattles from their user profile menu. If you are logged in, you can also visit the team invite page by clicking here.

a.      For 2020: Please note that a player must have redeemed their unique code for the respective Regional Qualifier prior to accepting an invite.

b.     a.     For 2021: Please note that a player must have linked their Activision account to their Call of Duty: Mobile profile prior to accepting an invite.

2.     A player can assist the Team Leader in setting up the private lobby by inviting opponents as well.

All teams will be required to check-in to a tournament on GameBattles, beginning 12 hours prior to the registration period ending, in order to participate. Teams who register with a complete roster during this period will be automatically checked-in.

Any member of the team can check-in on the team’s behalf. If a team fails to check-in, they will not be seeded into the tournament bracket.

The steps to create a team and invite other players or accept an invitation and join a team on GameBattles have been outlined in the video below.

The scheduled match times for each round in a Regional Qualifier have been provided here. Each round will be played at the scheduled time even if a team receives a walkover in any of the previous rounds. Please adjust the times for your local time zones.

Please click here to view the Stage 3: Regional Qualifiers Schedule.



Each Regional Qualifier tournament uses a double-elimination bracket. Teams who win their match will advance to the next round of the Winners Bracket. Teams who lose one match will be sent to the Elimination Bracket. Teams who lose a match in the Elimination Bracket will be eliminated from the Tournament.

The top 8 teams from each Regional Qualifier tournament will advance to Stage 4 - Regional Playoffs and seedings in the Stage 4 Winners bracket will be determined by their Stage 3 final placements.

The matches from the round-of-256 up until (and including) the round-of-32 in a Stage 3 Regional Qualifier will be of the best-of-three format. Matches from the round-of-16 and onwards will be of the best-of-five format. Each match consists of Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Domination game modes played on select maps.

For more details on the game mode and map order, please refer to the WC 2021 Settings. For a full overview of the tournament format, please refer to the WC 2021 Rules FAQ.


Once the registration period for the Stage 3 Regional Qualifier has ended, players will be able to see the bracket for the current Regional Qualifier on GameBattles. They can also see who they will be playing against in the first round here. Each team leader can then view the opposing team, friend the opposing team members in Call of Duty: Mobile using their Call of Duty: Mobile username or their UID—which are both tied to their GameBattles username—and invite them to a private match. Once team members from both teams have filled the lobby, both team leaders should ensure the WC 2021 Settings for each game have been set correctly. Then, they can start the match!

After completing a match, both team leaders should report the results of their match on GameBattles immediately to update the bracket. If a team wishes to dispute a result due to any issues outside of their control that affected the outcome of a match (disconnections, latency, cheating etc.), they should send a complaint to the GameBattles operations team via Live Chat. Please be ready to provide evidence (screenshots, videos) to the team to support your claim. Note that we cannot guarantee disputing your match will result in the outcome being reversed.

Once a team has moved on to the next round, the bracket should be updated to show who their next opponents are. If the next match is scheduled to take place on the same day, the team leader should ensure that their team is ready to play.

Repeat the steps above for every round that your team is in the tournament.

Please refer to the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of each step involved in the tournament progression.

You may reach out to the GameBattles team via Live Chat if your team experiences any issues during the course of the tournament.


Good luck and have fun!

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