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Welcome to the Warzone

Welcome to Call of Duty®: Warzone: Official Strategy Guide.

“The only truth I found is that the world we live in is a giant tinderbox. All it takes… is someone to light the match” – Captain Price, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3.

Complete Tactical Insights: An Operator’s Field Manual.

Let’s get started:

Free Game Mode. Free Guide: This guide is completely free. You are able to access it here whenever you like. Though you can gain a more personalized guide if you log in (see below), this is not necessary. The entirety of the guide is now available and easily accessible.

An Essential Second Screen Experience: This guide is designed to be dipped into, searched, read completely, or checked when you need additional intel. How you use it is completely up to you. It can be viewed on Desktop and Mobile devices, as well as the Call of Duty: Companion App.

Frequently Updated: As the Warzone experience continues to expand, with additional game modes announced and other content becoming available, the guide will be updated accordingly. Access the News and Updates section for the latest intel.

Robust: This guide covers every important aspect of the Warzone experience in great detail, using proven tactics and featuring developer-approved content.

Searchable: Are you looking for something specific related to Warzone? Then be sure to use our guide’s Search Function, at the top of every page.

Personalized: Are you wanting a more personalized Strategy Guide? Then log into your Activision account and utilize a guide with recommended sections specially tailored to your style of play.

More Than 250 Tips: Need a quick fix of information? We’ve gathered more than 250 Warzone-specific tips to help you gain knowledge as fast as possible. Look for these at the foot of every article page.

A Full Tac Map and More: One of the many tactical benefits of utilizing this guide is an exceptionally detailed Tac Map available at your fingertips, with a variety of information not shown in the game, such as Buy Station locations, and every Point of Interest available.

Warzone: Official Strategy Guide Contents:

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Warzone

Aside from this section, read a Glossary of In-Game Terms, an in-depth FAQ, and a Landing Page where the latest News and Updates are posted.

Chapter 2: Basic Training

This section of the guide covers the absolute basic mechanics of Warzone, from controls and commands to movement and weapon usage.

Chapter 3: Pre-Game Preparation

From the Play to Weapons menus and everything thereafter, this section deals with six of the most important menus you’ll interact with. This covers all the vital information you need to know before or between Warzone matches.

Chapter 4: Infil: Tactics in the Warzone

What happens after you drop? This chapter reveals all the important intel you need to know during the heat of battle, from parachuting, inventory items, pinging, Loadout Drops, redeployment, and everything else pertinent to your continued Warzone survival.

Chapter 5: Exfil: After Action Report

What occurs once you complete – or even win – a Warzone match? This chapter details all the rewards both the victor and the vanquished can receive, along with how the XP and Ranking system in Warzone works.

Chapter 6: Tac Map: Atlas

In this epic-sized chapter, we investigate every single location across the Tac Map, flagging over 330 Points of Interest along the way: Expect an interactive map, detailed overviews of every notable location throughout the Warzone map, and flags indicating the finest ambush points, loot, and much more.

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