Infil: Tactics in the Warzone

Tour Verdansk by land and air as well as on foot: The section breaks down all the available modes of transportation in the mode, including the strengths and weaknesses of every vehicle.

There are more ways to travel around the massive open world of Warzone than just a parachute and your own two feet. Throughout Verdansk, you may come across vehicles that will help you travel faster by land or by air.

Currently, there are five vehicles to help you navigate Verdansk; here’s what they are and how they factor into the Warzone formula:

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)

The ATV is the smallest and nimblest of the ground vehicles, offering great speed on all terrains at the cost of having any realistic protection from bullets or explosives.

Only two Operators can be seated on the ATV at the same time – one driver and one in the back – making it ideal for players who are either alone or only have one teammate left alive. The passenger is seated at the rear of the vehicle, allowing them to take shots at anyone behind the ATV or to the left and right. Need to make room for a third squadmate? You can physically climb and stand on the front or rear of the vehicle, though you are a little easier to hit compared to your seated squadmates.

ATVs may not be the bulkiest of all vehicles nor the most spacious, but their speed and size can allow you to get across Verdansk quickly on the ground and through some tight spaces. A good enough driver can easily navigate through even the thickest of forests and tightest of entryways, so long as these entrances aren’t standard single person doors. ATVs can also speed up and over ramps, off rock outcrops, and fly across gaps that heavier vehicles might not reach.

So, if you wind up landing next to an ATV and your squad is on the other side of Verdansk, don’t hesitate to drive it and catch some sick air on your way over to them.

Tactical Rover

The Tactical Rover is like the ATV’s bigger cousin; still fairly nimble and lacking any legitimate protection, but with room for the whole squad.

The three passengers in a Tactical Rover can sit either shotgun – next to the driver, that is – or in the backseat. Those in the backseat will have an easier time hitting targets behind them, while the one riding shotgun will most likely take out threats in front of the rover.

In terms of speed, the rover is a hair faster than the ATV due to a more powerful engine, but has slightly worse handling due to its larger size. Still, its rather compact size also makes it fit into tighter alleyways, although drivers may find more difficulty cutting through forests with this bigger vehicle.

For both the Tactical Rover and ATV, their open concept design makes its driver and passengers more susceptible to enemy fire. When driving either vehicle through a firefight, be ready to make evasive maneuvers, zigging and zagging to avoid gunfire and watching out for sniper glints or flying rockets.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

Need to fit the whole squad into a Tactical Rover but want a bit more protection? Look no further than the SUV; a bulkier four-wheeled vehicle with a slightly slower speed and wider turning circle compared to the Tactical Rover.

The SUV will cover the lower half of any Operator that sits inside of it. Of course, since it has windows and a windshield, bullets can still pierce through it and hit anyone inside, but at least it isn’t completely open like the Tactical Rover.

It can also take a few more hits than both previous vehicles, given that there is a lot more steel that must be destroyed before it turns to scrap metal. This means that, in a pinch, it can be mobile cover, acting as a temporary defensive wall to hide behind if a firefight breaks out mid-road trip.

With this improvement in defense comes some drawbacks: it can hit relatively moderate speeds but isn’t as nimble as the ATV or Tactical Rover. Plus, an SUV will stick out a bit more as you drive it through Verdansk, as there isn’t any camouflage or body kits to make it have a lower profile.

However, if you stick to Verdansk’s main roads, then the SUV is a solid choice for getting around the map.

Cargo Truck

The last of the ground vehicles is the Cargo Truck. It’s the largest of the bunch, making it the slowest and least nimble out of all other vehicle options.

Anything that it lacks for speed it makes up when it comes for defense and space. This beast can take the most hits out of any of the four ground vehicles available at launch, and despite it only having a passenger or driver seat, it can fit plenty of goods in the back.

This could include your third trio member… Or an ATV, Tactical Rover, or even an SUV! Yes, driving vehicles off higher ground and landing them in the back of the Cargo Truck will keep them there, making it a great transport vehicle for specific vehicles that your team may need in the long run.

The long truck bed does serve another purpose; possible cover during firefights. Because of the Cargo Truck’s bulk, a team can hide inside the truck bed or beside it, giving you at least partial cover against enemy forces.

Again, this is not the vehicle to use when trying to get across Verdansk quickly, but when it comes to carrying tons of loot or being protected, you can’t go wrong with a Cargo Truck.


The Helicopter is the lone aerial vehicle out of the five available to control. Capable of soaring through the skies with enough room for the whole squad, the Helicopter is by far the fastest way to get across Verdansk.

While the pilot takes the flight stick, other squad-members can sit on the landing rails on either side and fire their weapons or use equipment. Although it may be tough to hit targets from these landing rails, the Helicopter can still technically give you the highest ground on the map, as it can be flown above even the tallest of skyscrapers.

Being the fastest and most efficient way of travel does come with some drawbacks: the Helicopter, like any other vehicle, can be locked-on to, and given its high profile, it is very easy to spot in the sky. Luckily, the Helicopter has a built-in alert system for when missiles lock onto it, giving you and the squad enough time to bail out and parachute to safety.

When finding a Helicopter you can pass it up for a more discrete approach to your next location or take it for a spin and get serious traction across the map.

General Vehicle Tips

Despite their differences, all vehicles share roughly the same purpose: to get you and your squad across the map as quickly as possible.

Loud and Proud: No matter what vehicle you grab, these are louder modes of transportation compared to running around the map and aren’t as discreet as parachuting into a location. In other words, using a vehicle may not help your stealthy approach to a situation.

Vehicular Health: Vehicles also are prone to exploding, if they take enough damage from bullets or explosive devices, their engine could release a deadly blast that takes down anyone in the vehicle or a few feet next to it. All vehicles have a health meter, which is displayed slightly above the bottom of your screen, and it flashes red whenever your vehicle is at low health.

When to Bail: Generally, smaller vehicles such as ATVs and Tactical Rovers can take less damage compared to a Cargo Truck or Helicopter, but in any case, it’s best to abandon ship once that health meter starts flashing.

Seat-Swapping: A more advanced strategy with vehicles involves swapping seats. While driving, you are not allowed to fire weapons, throw equipment, or activate items. Those who can quickly swap to a passenger seat will make the vehicle coast for a few seconds, allowing you to heal using a Stim, throw on an Armor Plate, or potentially pick up a kill.

Drive and Thrive: Finally, if you are the designated driver for a vehicle… You may want to make sure your entire squad is inside of it, or has an alternate mode of transportation, before driving or flying off. That way, no Operator is left behind in your road trip to victory.

Trophy Time: One tactic to try, to prevent enemies from destroying you or your vehicle, is to choose the Trophy System Field Upgrade and place it in your vehicle. This requires skill and you only have one chance to drop it correctly, but if the Trophy System locks into a vehicle chassis, the vehicle becomes temporarily immune to enemy projectile attacks; which is great when you’re driving or hiding behind it.


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Pro Tips

Tactical Rover: A Four-Seater with Serious Speed

Tip #159

Tactical Rover: A Four-Seater with Serious Speed

Need a vehicle that has to fit the whole squad, but still be quick enough to get you out of the collapse? The Tactical Rover is your vehicle; it’s like an ATV, except it has enough space to ensure that you’ll leave no Operator behind.

Vehicles: Taking a Stand

Tip #164

Vehicles: Taking a Stand

Remember you can sit on or in each vehicle, as well as climbing onto the hood, trunk, roof, or flatbed of the vehicle. Standing on a vehicle may grant you a better view of your surroundings, so try both modes of transportation.

Vehicles: Worthy of a Trophy

Tip #165

Vehicles: Worthy of a Trophy

Trophy Systems can be placed on any vehicle in Warzone, and it’s a good idea to do just that. A Trophy System can defend the vehicle and its precious cargo from explosive equipment pieces and rockets, so don’t forget to throw one on the hood or on an empty seat before rolling out.

Helicopter: Literally Fly Around the Map

Tip #162

Helicopter: Literally Fly Around the Map

The Helicopter may not be the most discrete way of getting around Verdansk, but it is one of the quickest. Should you find a Helicopter in the wild, definitely consider taking it for a spin and get around the Warzone map with ease.

Vehicles and Stealth Don’t Mix

Tip #163

Vehicles and Stealth Don’t Mix

The roar of an engine is definitely louder than your own two feet. If your squad is considering a stealth approach to a combat situation, try parking your vehicle a safe distance away, then finish the rest of the journey on foot.

SUV: Better Protection on Four Wheels

Tip #160

SUV: Better Protection on Four Wheels

The SUV seats just as many people as the Tactical Rover while also offering plenty more protection. If you are taking this for a spin, be sure to take it on actual roads, as it may not perform as well in tighter spaces or rockier terrain.

Cargo Truck: Enough to Fit the Whole Squad and Then Some…

Tip #161

Cargo Truck: Enough to Fit the Whole Squad and Then Some…

Although it is the bulkiest and slowest ground vehicle out of the bunch, the Cargo Truck has the largest carrying capacity out of any vehicle in Warzone. Throw your items, your buddies, even another vehicle in the flatbed and ride off into the sunset.

ATV: All-Terrain Vehicle

Tip #158

ATV: All-Terrain Vehicle

The ATV is the nimblest of all the vehicles. If you find one in the wild, pick it up if you intend to travel through thick forests, rolling hills, or even downtown when speed is your key to survival.

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