Infil: Tactics in the Warzone

Pinging is an exceptionally effective tool that every Operator has access to. Here’s how you can most effectively use it to communicate with your squadmates in Call of Duty®: Warzone™.

Communication – a simple act that can make or break a Warzone squad.

Not every one of your squad mates may have the means to verbally communicate with you. Or perhaps you’d like to effectively point out an important area or item on your squad’s HUD. Hence why pinging is an incredibly important tool that Operators have at their disposal.

As shown above, pinging anything in the game will mark it within the world – with a distance marker, as well – in both your Tac Map and Mini Map. A ping is only visible to you and your squad, so don’t worry about an enemy team stealing your strategies.

Pinging can be done in one of four ways:

Object Ping

Whenever you are close to and looking directly at a loot item, Supply Box, Buy Station, or drivable vehicle, a prompt to ping it will appear in its info box.

Hitting the command to do so will ping the item onto the Tac Map, where it will show up as an icon that resembles the loot item. For example, pinging a helicopter will make a tiny helicopter icon appear on the Tac Map, or a Gas Mask would appear on the map when one is pinged.

This way of pinging is the most thorough out of the four; frequently employing this method of communication will tell not only tell your teammates about something important, but also roughly show them what it is.

You can also ping distant objectives to confirm squadmates’ pings: Simply aim at the HUD object and tap the Ping button.

Tac Map Ping

After opening up the full Tac Map, pressing the corresponding prompt to ping it will add a marker at that designated location.

This is most commonly done during an Infil, as it is easier to show squadmates where to exactly land while everyone is waiting on the plane for it to open.

Another time to do this is when you need to ping something far from your current position, such as calling out where you want your team to move specifically in a safe zone.

You can also ping items on the Tac Map, such as Buy Stations, Extraction Sites (Plunder Mode), Vehicles, Contracts, and anything else with an icon that appears on the Tac Map, thus helping you and your squad ascertain important points to head towards. When hovering over some pingable objects you'll now sometimes get the name of the object, making it easier to see what you're pointing at.

Danger pings can also be done via the Tac Map by double tapping the Ping command on the same space.

Free Ping

While in Verdansk and not over any loot, looking in a direction and pressing the ping command will add a ping marker over to that space.

This is the fastest way to mark a location on the map without opening the Tac Map, allowing you to use those milliseconds saved on more important tasks such as general survival. Free pinging is also helpful when a squadmate is near you, so that you can call out an area in front of the two of you and have a waypoint for a visual aid.

Note: This is also an excellent method of communication between Operators, if you aren’t speaking via microphone comms. Try pinging Supply Boxes that have already been looted to hear your Operator’s remarks.

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Enemy Ping

Just like free pinging, double tapping the ping command while looking in a direction will add a hostile ping marker, which has a separate color compared to a regular ping.

Use this when you want to specifically alert teammates about enemies in an exact area quickly. Even if you aren’t sure if enemies are within that area, using this type of ping allows you to be safe rather than sorry, and convey potential danger more than any other ping type.

Note you can also single-tap Ping when you’re aiming directly at an enemy to tag them. Enemies appear marked to you and your squadmates as long as you have LOS (line of sight). If the LOS is broken, the last location where you had a visual on the enemy turns into a hostile ping marker; if you double-tapped just as LOS was lost.

Furthermore, when pinging a vehicle that currently has an enemy Operator driving it, the vehicle itself will be the subject of the enemy ping. You will see an icon of it in red above it for a few seconds, followed by an enemy ping over its last known location.

General Pinging Strategies

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Pinging, like most forms of communication, works at its best when done in moderation. Do it too little, or not at all, and you risk not being aligned with your squad, even if your verbal communications are in sync. Do too much, and your teammates may get sick of it, leading to a “boy who cried wolf” situation where they ignore an actual threat or important loot item.

A ping can be seen by all squadmates, meaning you may have to direct that certain items or ping commands are meant for specific teammates. In other words, be prepared to have additional communication outside of pinging to fully express a strategy.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s just as important to follow or recognize teammate pings just as much as you call out your own. Even if you are the Squad Leader, the entire squad should work together towards victory, right down to everyone being able to call out and ping whatever they think could be essential to survival.

Note your ability to confirm squad pings, which allows your squad to quickly ascertain everyone has understood a particularly important Ping. Let’s say Player One pings a location. Player 2 would ping the same location, or the HUD element now visible, to confirm the location Player 1 pinged. Then Player 3 would repeat the process, if necessary.


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Pro Tips

 Ping Type Plan

Tip #142

Ping Type Plan

Object Ping – Prompt on an object. Shows object icon for teammates on Tac Map Tac Map Ping – Made on Tac Map. Great for marking a long-distance point of interest. Free Ping – Fastest way to convey information about a location to teammates. Enemy Ping – Helps alert teammates to potential danger.

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