Segmented by the main divided highway to the west, the mountains along the eastern perimeter, and partially bisected by the Karst River, the East Sector of Verdansk contains both a variety of topography and settlement types. Begin in the north, close to the Karst River and its eponymous Salt Mine, and you encounter the relatively rural Bloc 18; a village either side of the waterway. This gives way to woodland and a large-scale Lumber Yard, run by the Gorengard company. Further south is the large-scale arable Krovnik Farmland, with mainly fruit and crops grown, though there are the remains of livestock still rotting in the fields. Look for a central market and Town Hall structure (known to locals as “Standoff”). The rural landscape quickly changes to industrial docks within the once-bustling City of Verdansk Port. Finally, looming over Verdansk from its coastal cliff promontory, is the castle-like Zordaya Prison Complex where you’ll fight for your life in the feared Gulag.