Overview: Pre-Game Preparation

Pre-Game Preparation

From the Play to Weapons menus and everything thereafter, this section deals with six of the most important menus you’ll see before loading into a Call of Duty®: Warzone™ match.

“We’ve got a job to do.”CIA Special Officer Russell Adler, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

If you’ve read the previous guide chapter, you should know the basics of playing Warzone. Now let’s get you in a game.

From the main menu, hover over to the Warzone column – in between Black Ops Cold War on the left and Modern Warfare™ on the right – and select it. If you have the full Call of Duty: Modern Warfare experience, you can also pick the Campaign, Multiplayer, or Co-Op modes as well. If you own Black Ops Cold War, you may also select its game mode options and be cross-launched into the game directly from Warzone.

Once you select Warzone, you’ll be taken to the Pre-Game Lobby, which normally has seven submenus: Play, Weapons, Operators, Challenges, Battle Pass, Barracks, and Store. At certain times during seasons, a Seasonal Event submenu appears between “Play” and “Weapons.”

This section of the guide details all seven of those menus, and more, in detail, here’s a quick summary of what they are and what we’ll cover:

Play: This is where you choose a game mode.

Seasonal Events: This is the home page for limited-time missions, which will appear right next to the Play submenu.

While technically not a menu on the tab itself, this section also covers the Social menu, where you can add friends, invite them to games, create Regiments, and more.

WeaponsThis is where you edit your Loadout (found in a Loadout Drop, or as standard in Plunder), select a watch, customize your vehicles, and view your Armory. This section also details strategies for everything that is included with a Loadout Drop – weapons, perks, and equipment – most of which is also available as in-game loot.

OperatorsThis is where you choose an operator. This is your in-game avatar that you can customize with skins, quips, and Finishing Moves.

ChallengesThis is where you check your Daily Challenge progress, and swap active challenges with those in your Reserves.

BarracksThis is where you can customize your Identity and see your Rank Progression and Records, including your current Prestige progress.

Battle Pass – This is where the Battle Pass system, a tiered content system that has a free tiers and tiers that require purchase of the Battle Pass. Visit this menu to see your current progress within the Battle Pass system. Whenever you have a gold diamond icon next to the name of the menu, there is something new for you to see here.

Store – This is where you can purchase bundles, Call of Duty League™ team packs, and upgrade to the full Modern Warfare and/or Black Ops Cold War experience. Anything you can get in the Store – which may overlap with what you could get in the Battle Pass – will be covered here, including Watches and Vehicle Customization options. Like the Battle Pass, a gold diamond icon will appear next to here if there is something new in the Store for you.


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