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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Reclaim

  • CODM

Start off the new year right with Reclaim, a brand-new Multiplayer map set in the ruins of an abandoned outdoor mall. Get strategies and tips to top the leaderboard and notch up those victories.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Reclaim

  • CODM

Start off the new year right with Reclaim, a brand-new Multiplayer map set in the ruins of an abandoned outdoor mall. Get strategies and tips to top the leaderboard and notch up those victories.

With a new year comes a fresh start. Welcome to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 2021. While the holidays may be behind us, there’s still plenty to look forward to, including Reclaim, a brand-new Multiplayer map now available for play.

An outdoor mall once bustling with holiday activity is now vacant and abandoned, surrounded by blockades and biohazard tents. Read on for an in-depth overview, plus strategies and tips for dominating on the new map.

Map Overview

Reclaim is a small-to-mid-sized map featuring a pedestrian walkway flanked by boutiques in the center and barricaded roadways to either side. A central covered walkway runs perpendicular over the ground floor leading to additional storefronts.

With several access points between the ground and upper floor, expect a lot of vertical movement during the match as players vie for vantage points above. There’s a high-risk tradeoff, however, to taking up position on the upper floor. Its tight pathways and multiple entry points encourage constant activity, not to mention the ever-present threat of ambush.

Large pieces of cover in front of the blockades on either side obstruct view from the upper floors in addition to providing excellent coverage down the middle of the map. The accessible ground floor boutiques offer further opportunities for cover, and catching enemies by surprise.

Two kiosks running along the center ground floor provide some cover in the middle, and both can be accessed as a means to take out players moving around in the boutiques or through the pedestrian walkway.  

Tips and Tactics

Aggressive play is the key to success here. With no large open areas, Reclaim discourages sticking to one location for any prolonged period of time. Any point on the map can be quickly accessed from multiple angles, so once you’ve made your presence known, it’s likely time to move on to the next spot.

Take note of where the two escalators and two ladders are located that lead to the upper floor, one on each side of the map. This is your key to grasping the vertical flow of Reclaim, reducing the chances that you’ll be caught off guard by unexpected enemy movement.

Generally, it’s good practice to minimize your time on the ground floor walkway, where you’re open to attack from multiple angles. The upper level and boutiques offer much better protection, unless you’re sure of the enemy position. If the center maze gets too hectic, fall back to cover near the barricades where there’s more room to breathe.

Mall Rat: Striker Gunsmith Configuration

Considering Reclaim’s small boutiques and tight walkways, shotguns make an excellent weapon choice, and the Striker is one of the best. Here’s how we configured it in Gunsmith and the loadout we used with it.

Primary Weapon: Striker

Attachments: Choke, Light Barrel (Long), RTC Laser 1mW, Strike Foregrip, 18 Round Extended Reload Case

Secondary Weapon: Knife

Perks: Skulker, Quick Fix, Dead Silence

Equipment: Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktail

This Gunsmith configuration is all about firing accurate shots from the hip, so that you’re always ready to engage at a moment’s notice. The Choke and Light Barrel (Long) attachments both extend the Striker’s damage range and reduce bullet spread for longer, sharper shots. Equip the RTC Laser 1mW for more accurate hip fire, and the Strike Foregrip to reduce vertical kick while firing. To ensure that you don’t run out of ammo mid-fight, grab the 18 Round Extended Reload Case and fire away.

Equip Skulker for a faster walk speed to avoid the temptation of sprinting around — making you highly vulnerable — and Quick Fix to patch up wounds fast after taking out an enemy or while holding an objective. As you’re so often in close proximity to enemy players, pick up Dead Silence to keep your audio profile to a minimum – which is also helpful when coming up from behind with the Knife.

Use your Smoke Grenade when you need to cross the open road and your Molotov Cocktail to cut off flank routes or to dislodge enemies from the boutiques — just watch your throw on the upper walkway, lest the bottle accidentally detonate on the ceiling.

Scorestreak Field Guide

In the vertical maze layout of Reclaim, intel is king. You can’t go wrong with the UAV and Counter-UAV here, and for high scorers, the Advanced UAV is unbeatable. For this reason, the SAM Turret is also a smart choice, which is best placed behind cover near the barricades to ensure a clear shot to the sky.

Due to the easy access to indoor cover, air-to-ground attacks require a bit more thought, as you have to be confident there are enemies out in the open. Save these for objective modes with points on the main walkway near the blockades. The Sentry Gun can also do some great work here, cutting down enemies foolish enough to run out from their cover.

Consider the MQ-27 Dragonfire to land kills against players above and below — provided you can outmaneuver their incoming fire — and the EMP Systems to prevent the enemy from calling in Scorestreaks when they start getting on a roll.

Objective Play

Hardpoint is chaos here, forcing players into tighter spaces on an already tight map. Consider stacking Fast Recover with Quick Fix to keep yourself in top shape between rapid-fire skirmishes, and keep in mind all the possible routes to the current Hardpoint. If you’ve already got teammates on the point, cover one of these from the outside instead of stacking in with the others.

On Domination, don’t even think about trying to capture all three flags. All your focus should be on holding A or C and then putting everything you have onto B. If B looks hopeless, take them by surprise, and capture A and C. The point is to focus your efforts to avoid becoming scattered, and thus ineffective. By keeping to two flags, you can better group up with your teammates and overwhelm the enemy using greater numbers.

When holding an objective with your team, check the mini-map to see which direction they’re primarily focused on. The greater your field of vision, the less likely you are to be caught by surprise. On a small interconnected map like this, you’ll have your work cut out for you, so every advantage is vital.

10 Tips

10. Enemy dropping Trip Mines along the upper walkway? Have a class with Hard Wired on hand to run past without setting them off.

9. The Purifier and Shadow Blade Operator Skills are highly effective, as you’ll often run into tight clusters of enemies. These excel in close range and with the right timing can turn the tide of a match in one fell swoop.

8. Work those legs at the exterior staircase near the Christmas tree. Fire at enemies from the ground floor, then climb up and clear out the top. Rinse and repeat.

7. Tracker is a great perk choice here, as it will often give up the position of an enemy who has just run into one of the boutiques or turned a corner in the upper walkway. Spot their tracks and get after them.

6. Need a quick escape route from the upper floor? Drop down the hole next to Noemiduplas for a fast getaway; just be ready to engage enemies who might be climbing the ladder.

5. Getting high kills and high deaths? Consider Persistence to keep your Scorestreak progression rolling through death. Keep up the pressure, as their cost will be doubled.

4. The four access points between the upper and lower floors are spread out evenly around the middle of the map, making it easy to loop around the center while moving seamlessly between each level.

3. The covered walkway is a popular vantage point for firing down at enemies below. Always check for activity here before moving into one of its many lines of sight.

2. Enemy on your tail? There are plenty of 90-degree turns and little pieces of cover scattered around, perfect for quickly dropping out of view and setting up an ambush on the passing player. 

1. Have fun! Any new map requires some getting used to, especially a chaotic one like Reclaim. No matter the outcome of your match, queue up for another and keep on playing.

See you online.

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