Loadout Drops

Infiltração: táticas para o Warzone

This section details how you can best access Loadout Drops within Warzone’s Battle Royale mode, as well as ten suggestions for Loadout ideas for every style of play.

You may be wondering what happened to those Loadouts you set up prior to a match, which were discussed in the Pre-Game Preparation chapter.

During your time in the Battle Royale game mode of Warzone, you may have the opportunity to call in or come across a Loadout Drop package. These packages are directly airlifted in from outside the theater of war and contain all of your Loadouts that you set up in the pre-game menus.

During Plunder game modes, Loadout Drops do not appear.

For a Battle Royale Warzone Match, here is how you’ll be able to pick up Loadout Drops in the middle of your campaign to victory:

Calling In, Finding, and Using a Loadout Drop

Loadout Drop Markers are your main way of calling in Loadout Drops. These can be purchased at any Buy Station for a few thousand cash. There are also two Loadout Drops that will drop during the match – one within the first two circle collapses and one in the late-game – that anyone can grab.

Loadout Drops do come with some pomp and circumstance as they arrive; other players will be able to see smoke and the helicopter drop in the package, turning that immediate area into dangerous territory. It may be wise to scout ahead before and while your Loadout Drop arrives, as you may not be the only one looking for a serious loadout upgrade.

Once you arrive at a Loadout Drop (and no matter who has requested the Loadout Drop), interacting with it will open a menu where you can choose between your custom Loadouts, as well as some Default ones. After choosing a Loadout, the weapons and equipment you currently are carrying will be dropped in front of the package, allowing you or your squad-mates to pick them up like normal loot. Meanwhile, you are automatically equipped with the Loadout you chose.

Ten Loadout Archetypes

If you need more practice with a specific Loadout, you can try the full version of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® and try your Loadout in Multiplayer or Special Ops. Loadouts are shared between the free-to-play Warzone mode the full version of Modern Warfare. Look at each image for the recommended primary and secondary weapon, perks, as well as lethal and tactical equipment.

Below are some Loadout Ideas we have for any player – from a newcomer to hardcore veteran – to consider. Don’t think of these as the meta or Loadouts to copy all the way down to the attachments: these all fill different roles and can be custom fitted to your playstyle.

Also, if you don’t feel like going for Loadout Drops, think of these loadouts as inspirations to shoot for; gathering and equipping as you discover loot around the map.

Note: These Loadouts function well in all Warzone game modes, including Battle Royale and Plunder.

Note: References are made to Blueprint weapons. These are specially designed weapon variants typically customized for a specific playstyle. Blueprints have rarity levels that indicate the overall strength of the variant in respect to the specific playstyle. Blueprints can be purchased at the Store or given as rewards for completing certain missions and challenges. If you don’t have the Blueprint mentioned, feel free to construct it from a base weapon using attachments you unlock.

All-Around: This class fits the definition of what the Warzone entails: finding enemies (High Alert, Tracker), capturing objectives (Quick Fix), fighting at all ranges (assault rifle), and getting a second chance (a sidearm). Rounding out the class is your standard Operator equipment – the Frag and Stun – which is a bread-and-butter combo used by millions of players in Call of Duty.

No matter where you are fighting in Verdansk, an assault rifle can usually get you out of a sticky situation. If you aren’t a fan of the XRK M4 blueprint, swap it out with the assault rifle of your choosing. Or, kit it differently with an underbarrel launcher that will truly maximize utility.

The XRK .357 is a fantastic weapon to use when the situation calls for it, and comes ready for the Warzone straight out of the box as a Blueprint. You can feel free to use another handgun that you are more comfortable with instead. However, the XRK .357 should be your reliable savior when it’s time for a last resort.

Anti-Vehicle: Sometimes, the most dangerous weapon in Warzone isn’t something you shoot, but rather something you drive.

Because vehicles can turn an entire Trio into roadkill, having a Loadout that emphasizes destroying them can be extremely helpful. The Ice Lance Blueprint for the Crossbow comes with Thermite-tipped bolts, which can rip through metal. And, just in case that is not enough Thermite for you, you can always pack extra.

Cold-Blooded and Ghost will keep you hidden from most enemy tech, while Shrapnel makes your explosive damage pack a bit more punch against infantry, which can be found easier using the Snapshot Grenade.

As for the launcher, it comes down to personal preference, but if you can learn how to use it, the Strela-P can be devastating against even the strongest of vehicles.

Close-Quarter Battle (CQB): Spray and pray is the name of this class; both the Stumpy Shotgun and High Noon .357 – complete with Snakeshot rounds – are great choices for when the action gets up-close and personal.

Other shotguns can work in lieu of a Shotgun Charlie Blueprint, and in terms of a secondary weapon, any secondary handgun will do. However, the Double Time perk is highly recommended for run-and-gun classes, given its movement benefits. The Stim and Restock combo also helps with replenishing Tactical Sprint constantly, allowing you to speed through Verdansk. Rounding out the class is Tracker, which can be used to find enemies, and the Molotov, which can fry said enemies to a crisp.

In any case, this kind of loadout is great for indoor or tightly packed locales. Should you find yourself in open space with this loadout, it may be best to get out of there ASAP.

Driver: Does your Trio always task you at taking the wheel or the flight stick whenever you find a vehicle? This Loadout, which emphasizes high mobility, may be for you.

As the designated driver, you may need a weapon to quickly swap to after jumping out, hence the small SMG as a primary and the Amped Perk. High Alert will warn you if any potential T-bone collisions are eminent, while the Double Time is your go-to for chasing down a vehicle in the wild.

The C4 acts as your personal anti-theft device – if an enemy is rolling away in your parked vehicle, just blow it up. As for Smoke, it can be thrown behind your vehicle in front of a junction to potentially throw off pursuers.

Any SMG or shotgun can work here for a primary, so long as it emphasizes high mobility and, if possible, great hip fire accuracy. The secondary can be either the Combat Knife, which ensures one-hit kills up close, or a handgun of your choosing.

Observer: Scouting ahead is important when travelling across a massive open world, and this class helps you do just that while also helping you pack a long-range punch.

Your primary should be a sniper rifle with a Variable Zoom scope, as being able to see 12 times better than the naked eye is fantastic for seeing threats in the distance. The JOKR Launcher can lock onto vehicles you see or be a weapon that can threaten groups of enemies that think they are safe at a distance.

No observer class is complete without Spotter, as it can highlight enemy equipment while you scope in and see your future surroundings. Cold-Blooded is a great pickup for avoiding counter-snipers, but a more important perk here is High Alert, which can warn you of danger while you have tunnel vision from your sniper or launcher.

A proximity-based explosive can be great for self-defense while you are scouting far ahead, and the Snapshot Grenade can help with scouting up-close or inside buildings.

Overload: Two primary weapons can cover a range of combat scenarios, and the two in this class also cover two ammo types (marksman/sniper rifle and pistol/SMG).

The marksman rifle is excellent for those who want some long-range capabilities while also being able to run and gun. However, the latter can also be done with your SMG secondary, which acts as a failsafe if you aren’t hitting those shots with your rifle.

For an Overload class, the exact weapons – and even weapon types – are up to personal preference. However, for the purpose this class serves, it should include one weapon that can inflict damage at a distance, and another for close encounters.

This is possible in the first place thanks to the Overkill perk. Amped will ensure your swaps between these two weapons are faster, while Scavenger makes it easier for you to loot ammo in the wild. Equipment is entirely up to your preference, much like the weapons themselves.

Silence: Stealth lovers, this Loadout is for you. Whether it’s avoiding detection from enemy tech (Cold-Blooded and Ghost) or having a wealth of suppressed and silent lethal options, a loadout such as this allows you to navigate Verdansk with a lower profile.

Any assault rifle with a built-in suppressor barrel, or a slow-firing SMG with a Suppressor, can also work for a primary weapon, and nearly any suppressed pistol can be a great secondary weapon. These silenced weapons are especially good after tracking down an enemy via footsteps through Tracker, or through the Heartbeat Monitor.

You may want to choose this Loadout if you pick up the Dead Silence Field Upgrade during your travels, as it compliments nearly everything for a stealth build such as this.

Sniper: This Loadout serves a simple purpose: to eliminate enemies in a single shot. Take any sniper rifle, throw in a trusty pistol for a backup option or a last resort and you’re in business.

E.O.D. and Battle Hardened both help your Operator stay steady and alive by mitigating equipment effects, while High Alert will give you a heads-up if a counter-sniper sees you even if you don’t see them.

Your lethal equipment should be a proximity based explosive, as usually, this loadout is one for marksmen who tend to stay in a high ground spot for long periods of time. As for your tactical, the Decoy Grenade could throw off enemies into thinking you have backup, only for you to pick them off when they go and investigate.

Support: Not every Loadout has to be kitted for direct damage. Here, the two primary weapons – which are possible due to Overkill – offer unique ways of dealing with enemy threats.

The Riot Shield is offense via defense; either distract or deter enemies with this up, and let your teammates do the rest. The Crossbow, on the other hand, does let you do direct damage, but the FTAC Venom 20” Bolts we equip here help deal with multiple enemies at once due to its gas payload. Whether it’s causing a trio-wide coughing fit or downing an enemy and having the gas not allow their cohorts to revive them temporarily, this version of the Crossbow is a nasty one for enemies to deal with.

Outside of Overkill, your two perks decrease explosive damage (E.O.D.) since having a Riot Shield makes you a magnet for it and adds a health regeneration delay plus an extra lethal equipment piece (Shrapnel) to make your Crossbow and C4 pack more of a punch.

Your tactical equipment, the Gas Grenade, is great for area denial much like your Crossbow; just throw it where you don’t want enemies to be and watch them disperse or succumb to its effects.

Tank: When firepower is necessary for survival, this kind of loadout brings it in droves.

Pick your favorite LMG – especially if you have a magazine-extending attachment for it – add an RPG-7, and you’ll be a makeshift Juggernaut (without the health buffs, at least).

Both types of weapons have their uses against infantry and vehicles, making this loadout versatile despite it being focused on dealing as much damage as possible.

Double Time and Amped will both help speed your Operator up, while Resupply can give you a steady supply of Molotovs and Smoke Grenades. The former will help knock out vehicles and has some decent area of effect damage, while the Smoke Grenade can add a bit of shock value to your blazing guns. If you decide to use Smoke, you may also want to outfit that LMG with a Thermal Optic to cut through it, or you can replace it with the tactical equipment of your choosing.

Loadout Combos

While getting the weapons, equipment, and perks you are most comfortable with is great they may not fit all your squad’s needs. A well-rounded Trio is one that has each Operator filling a unique role, ensuring that the squad is prepared for a variety of situations around Verdasnk.

Using the above Loadouts, here are five combos that a squad can get out of a Loadout Drop to become a multi-faceted powerhouse squad:

Driver / Tank / CQB

Think of this kind of Trio as the ultimate Heist machine: one brings in the big guns, one does damage up close, and the third drives the getaway vehicle. The Tank can also help deal with vehicular threats, should the Driver have to engage in a high-speed chase.

Observer / Silence / Silence

This Trio is the ultimate in teamwork: While the Observer hangs back and calls out enemy positions, the two Silence Trio members can sneak in, wipe out an unsuspecting Trio, and get out. Should the situation grow hairy, the Observer can do some damage on their own, with their sniper rifle or JOKR launcher.

Driver / Anti-Vehicle / Sniper

This Trio could do some serious damage if they get their hands on a helicopter. While the Driver pilots it, the Sniper can aim down at enemies while sitting on the landing rail. As for the Anti-Vehicle Operator, who would sit on the other landing rail, they can rain down damage and take rival vehicles out.

All-Around / Overload / Support

Your All-Around and Overload operators can deal plenty of damage on their own. However, they can grow even more powerful with a teammate running the Support Loadout. This Support player can also load up on Field Upgrades, dropping a much-needed Munitions Box when the other two run out of ammo.

Overload / Silence / CQB

A Trio that can be the ultimate breach-and-clear squad, the Overload can scout ahead with a marksman or sniper rifle before switching to their CQB weapon for the ensuing breach. Then, when everyone is ready, the Overload and CQB can come in the front with guns blazing, while the Silence Operator provides a sneak attack from the flank.


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Sync Up Your Loadout Drops

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Sync Up Your Loadout Drops

Because your squad can all use the Loadout Drops, try coming up with a strategy that uses a different Loadout type for each Operator to maximize utility for the fights ahead.

Perfecting Your Loadouts

Dica #121

Perfecting Your Loadouts

Need more practice with a specific Loadout? Try it out in the full game of Modern Warfare®, in Multiplayer or Special Ops. Remember: Loadouts are shared between the free-to-play Warzone version and the full version of Modern Warfare.