Treino básico

This section of the guide covers the absolute basic mechanics of Warzone, from controls and commands to movement and weapon play.

“Welcome to 'Pull the Trigger 101'.” – Sgt. Foley, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2.

Welcome to the Warzone! Warzone is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest first-person action, battle royale-style experience. Here’s a brief explanation of what that means:

Call of Duty’s Latest First-Person Action – An experience that is rooted deeply in the fast-paced, highly-responsive Call of Duty franchise whose main mechanics – controls, movement, and weapon usage – are similar from game-to-game. In other words, if you ever played a Call of Duty game, you’ll feel right at home within Warzone.

Open World Battle Royale-Style – Last soldier standing, looting around a massive map. We discuss the mechanics, specifics, modes of play (starting with Battle Royale and Plunder), and more in Chapter 4: Infil Tactics in the Warzone[HD1] . Read on for the basic controls.

Game – A fun experience, which we hope you have with Warzone.

This Chapter covers the basic mechanics of playing within the open world battle royale setting of Warzone. Coupled with the in-game tutorials, this is where new players can learn what their controls are, as well as the various movement techniques and basics for aiming and firing weapons.

However, this section isn’t just for new players; it’s also has some advanced tips that even the most veteran Operators may find useful, and otherwise serves as a second-screen reference for the various controls and commands in game.

This Chapter of the guide gives you the initial information needed to survive and thrive in the Warzone. Here is a quick summary of the sections and what they cover:

Gaining Complete Control – Before you even step foot in Verdansk, you’ll need to know what – and how – you will see in the game. This section breaks down the basic controls, settings, and heads-up display in Warzone. Note the separate sections for PlayStation® 4[HD1] , PC[HD2] , and Xbox One® [HD3] players.

Movement – We go in-depth on mastering the most fundamental aspects of surviving Warzone: how to move, maneuver, and look around.

Firing – Ready? Aim… Fire! Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of using armaments in the Warzone, from fists to firearms and everything in-between.

Tutorials – The mode itself provides two extremely helpful Tutorials for you to play through. This chapter reiterates the points and information revealed in those Tutorials, so you can learn basic tactics as quickly as possible.

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