A large flood plain of commercial structures, residential high-rise tenement blocks, and two graveyards (one filled with the long-dead, the other with plane parts). The main airport is also here, and ablaze. Welcome to West Sector.  

The western edge of Verdansk is comprised of a mainly flat flood-plain south of the Gora River. It is dominated by the large International Airport, now partially in ruins and ripe to become a conflagration zone. East is the sprawling Airport Maintenance yard, and south is a commercial district comprised of a large Storage Town, and the one-stop shop known as the Atlas Superstore. Further south still are the initial residential areas of West Verdansk; the Torsk Bloc of tenement housing, and structures surrounding the main Graveyard. Try not to join the long deceased. Over on the more rural western edge of the map are warehouses, a small wind farm, and another cemetery; this one filled with the skeletons of rusting airlines, known to locals as Zhokov Boneyard.