Tac Map General Locations

Infiltracja: taktyka walki w Warzone

How can you expertly survive while out in the open? What about in the middle of a massive city? This section covers the basic tips and tricks of why landing in a location type can be advantageous, or how to best survive in your general surroundings.

Verdansk is a massive region – the largest map ever seen in Call of Duty® – with a vast variety of topography across the various sectors and zones. From the city of Tavorsk to Krovnik Farmland’s rolling hills and the towering Gora Dam, every corner of Verdansk has a purpose as part of Warzone.

While this region is massive, it isn’t overwhelming when broken down into its component areas. Across Verdansk, there can be combat that takes place across locations with open space, interiors, and verticality, as well as urban, suburban, industrial, commercial and rural locations.

Whether you need a place to land or are forced to play around your environment during a firefight, there are a few strategies that can apply to general locations, no matter what they are named, that can aid in your survival.

For a (much) more in-depth look at all the named locations in Verdansk, as well as over 300 points of interest, consult the guide’s Tac Map: Atlas).

Out in the Open

Example Location Types: Fields, Runways, the middle of wide streets

When dropping into Verdansk, you have a high likelihood of landing on solid ground. This could be the center of a dirt road inside a quarry, the middle of a frozen lake, or the dead center of an airfield.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many advantages to being in these kinds of locations. Open areas don’t tend to spawn too much loot, and if you are near buildings or other landmarks, staying out may leave you exposed like a sitting duck.

Towards the end of a Warzone match, however the circle may collapse in a wide-open area with little cover, let alone buildings to base combat around.

In that case, or if you’re stuck out in the open at any point, your main mantra should be to move or die. If there is cover, try to find it. If there isn’t, it’s tougher for enemies to hit a moving target; try making a serpentine pattern – zigging and zagging, in other words – while performing irregular stance patterns like sliding or going prone to best avoid combat.

However, if you do have a clean shot on someone else out in the open, don’t be afraid to take it. Just be sure to loot their remains as quickly as possible, lest you join them in the Gulag.


Example Location Types: Comms Towers, Rooftops, Elevated Terrain

If you don’t land on actual ground, then chances are that you are standing on the top of a building, a communications tower, or a sniper perch.

Having the high ground can be both a blessing and a curse: usually, you’ll have an impressive vista to look at and scout upon with a long-range weapon, but the average player will catch onto your scheme quickly, especially if you have a sniper scope that glints in the sunlight.

When you have the high ground, it may be wise to take your shots and then relocate and fire from a different portion of the roof, tower, or whatever high ground you have. In other words, don’t let your enemies down below predict where you may pop back up.

Alternatively, if you are the one stuck below, try ducking behind cover to avoid direct fire, or into a side street or alleyway to obscure your enemy’s firing angle. If you can’t get anywhere quickly, head directly towards where the enemy is sniping from. Snipers usually find it hard to aim straight down while also not exposing themselves to the elements.

Furthermore, you don’t have to tackle someone on the high ground head-on. Aiming Killstreaks or the JOKR launcher up top may not just be safer options, but also potentially super effective against a lone sniper or a full squad on the high ground with only the sky as their ceiling.

Interior Combat

Example Location Types: Inside an airport hangar, Atlas Superstore, inside the Airport

Landing inside an actual structure can be difficult, except when it is a hanger with a massive entrance or a broken window on a roof. Usually, you’ll find yourself indoors after initially landing elsewhere and looking for loot.

In general, most loot stashes can be found in buildings and other indoor locations, making interior exploration and combat a mainstay within Warzone.  

Most indoor locations are either small areas or sectioned off into rooms, which means close-quarters weapons, such as SMGs and shotguns, are typically the best way to deal with hostile intruders. No matter what weapon you use however, walls, furniture, and other objects are your best bets for cover pieces when fighting indoors.

Indoor locations also usually have windows or other openings that expose it to the outside; it’s best to avoid these when you suspect a sniper is taking shots from outdoors. Other than those potential weak points, indoor locations are usually safe from long-range fire and enemy Killstreaks, so when a Precision Airstrike is about to sweep down, your wisest move is to take cover inside a building.


Example Location Types: Downtown Tavorsk, Barakett Shopping District

Tavorsk, the city within Verdansk, was once bustling with traffic and people, and that still can hold true even within Warzone when it comes to Operators.

Because of how many skyscrapers and other complexes there are around here, this downtown area can be more hectic and with a higher density of enemies. While Downtown Tavorsk is technically the only urban area of Verdansk, several suburbs – especially encompassing the Barakett Shopping District – also have plenty of houses, apartments, stores, and other intricate interior spaces.

More interior spaces mean there’s more potential for Supply Boxes and Contracts, which makes these areas a potentially high priority drop location for loot and Cash hunters. However, don’t think you’re the only squad gunning for all this loot potential; other teams may have these urban and residential locations on their radar, making them high risk, high reward areas.

Speaking of high risk, be mindful of proximity-based explosives, such as Claymores and Proximity Mines, that could be set up all around these areas, especially in doorways into or within large buildings. As Captain Price has trained many FNGs; remember to check those corners when moving through buildings, or you may end up downed shortly after landing.


Example Location Types: Verdansk Train Station, Gora Dam, Storage Town

The second type of built-up area around Verdansk are the places where one would typically do business or visit for leisure. Think airports, train yards, a port, a dam, or even an airplane boneyard.

Like urban and residential areas, these places have plenty of Supply Box and Contract potential, along with interior space. However, these areas are highlighted by large warehouses and other structures that have high ceilings or massive rooms, which differentiates how you would tackle them from a combat standpoint compared to smaller houses or office building floors.

When fighting in these irregular areas, mid-range weapons like assault rifles, marksman rifles, or LMGs can cover the distance needed to fend off enemy attacks. Long-range weapons like sniper rifles could also theoretically work, although high-powered scopes may lead to some tunnel vision if you concentrate on a specific area within the wider environment for too long.

Unlike residential blocs or skyscraper rows, industrial and commercial areas also have their fair share of open space. These are your airport runways, fields near scrapyards, or the end of a river that meets a dam.

As mentioned before, these are best avoided unless you are travelling through them via vehicle or when necessary. Otherwise, their proximity to landmark locations makes them dangerous territory.


Example Location Types: Go Kart Track, Junkyard, Verdansk Park

Far from the major locations on the map, usually in the corners of Verdansk or on the coast, are your rural areas. Although the Krovnik Farmland is technically rural, the actual farms complete with the barnyards and housing is compact and highly trafficked, compared to these true rural areas.

Rural areas are typically where you’ll only have a few trees and possibly a home around to take cover in, if anything. However, rural areas are a place that have more positives than perceived negatives; their typical lack of loot and other items usually makes them less trafficked areas, which allows a squad to be the lone group descending on an otherwise empty spot.

When travelling through a rural area that does have a home or building, beware of other players who may be looting inside. It may be a good idea to toss a snapshot or flash grenade into the building, especially in an upper window, to check for hostiles before breaking and entering. 

Otherwise, rural areas have a variance in terrain, which is great to mask movements or act as cover. If you get into a firefight out in the open, you would be surprised how well a low hill, or a grove of trees may conceal your flanking maneuver or protect you from direct fire.


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Profesjonalne wskazówki

Check those Corners!

Wskazówki #100

Check those Corners!

Whether it’s travelling through Downtown Tavorsk or a residential block, it’s never a bad idea to check corners for hostile forces or their traps, such as Proximity Mines. Usually, equipment pieces like Snapshot Grenades can weed out enemies or equipment in hiding.

Natural Cover

Wskazówki #101

Natural Cover

Rural areas sometimes have trees, rocks, and hills that can conceal movement patterns or act as cover. When there are little houses or other structures around, use the natural environment to your advantage.

Don’t Be Caught Out in the Open

Wskazówki #098

Don’t Be Caught Out in the Open

Open areas do not have a lot of tactical advantages to them. If you are caught out in open space, try moving in irregular patterns to throw off fire as you run for cover or indoors for safety.

Challenging an Enemy who has the High Ground

Wskazówki #099

Challenging an Enemy who has the High Ground

See someone on top of a building or on a control tower? Take cover or throw off their angle by ducking into an alley. Don’t have cover? Run straight towards them; it’ll be hard for them to land shots on target when you are directly below them.

Drop Location Risk and Reward

Wskazówki #102

Drop Location Risk and Reward

Usually, more built up areas of Verdansk, which usually have more loot, see increased Operator traffic and infiltrations than ones with natural features and few structures. When dropping in, consider the risk of landing in high profile areas and think if it’s worth the reward of increased loot chances.