Visit Central and South Sector to take in the sights, sounds, and sniping positions of Downtown area of Tavorsk District. Close by is the massive soccer stadium, close to a TV Station. Welcome to urban warfare, Warzone style.  

This slice of Verdansk has the most structures of all, ranging from small suburban hamlets to towering skyscrapers. Easily navigated, as the Central and South Sector is segmented by the Gora and Karst Rivers (west and east), this is also the Sector with a large number of landmarks. From the BCH TV Station to the north, to the sprawling Verdansk Soccer Stadium just north of Downtown, and the maze of high-rise, cultural, and parliamentary structures in the main city, there’s a wealth of scavenging and enemy ambushing potential. The architecture is as rich as the pickings here. Finally, don’t overlook the coastal park; it offers a less congested method of maneuvering, and has its own Spomenik to visit.