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Sandstorms Rage in Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 4

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Nature becomes its own faction as sandstorms begin whipping through the battleground in Season 4: Wild Dogs. Prepare for the fight ahead with new weapons, two new Multiplayer maps, the Battle Royale sandstorm event, Ground War, and more.

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Sandstorms Rage in Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 4

  • CODM

Nature becomes its own faction as sandstorms begin whipping through the battleground in Season 4: Wild Dogs. Prepare for the fight ahead with new weapons, two new Multiplayer maps, the Battle Royale sandstorm event, Ground War, and more.

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There’s a storm on the horizon, and it’s your job to head straight into it. Welcome to Season 4: Wild Dogs, where the fight moves to the desert and the elements become their own obstacle to master. Deploy to Satellite and Khandor Hideout, join in vehicular combat with the arrival of 12v12 Ground War, and head straight toward the eye of the sandstorm for high-Tier loot reserved for the most resilient Operators.

Season 4: Wild Dogs launches on April 27 at 5 PM PT. Read on for a sample of the highlights to come.

Prepare for Desert Combat with the Wild Dogs Battle Pass

Season 4 offers a brand-new Battle Pass, including free and premium items like new Operators, a new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points, and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Get the Contact Grenade at Tier 14. At Tier 21, unlock the new Koshka functional weapon, a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that through Gunsmith can be fashioned into a fast-handling, mobile configuration; a highly stable and damaging kit; and everything in between. Other free items include a variety of camos with the seasonally themed Green Rust and Sand Tracks camo series.

Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Wild Dogs stream, including badass Operators like Farah — Desert Sentinel; Ghost — Apparition; Roze — Sand Dune; and Roach, who returns here. Equip new highly stylized Weapon Blueprints like the AS VAL — Heat Shield, Swordfish — Arid Shroud, QXR — Sandpike, and Koshka — Skiff Shot.

Multiplayer Brings Satellite, Khandor Hideout, Ground War


Introduced as a launch map alongside Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Satellite is set in the Central African Desert of Angola, where a top-secret American made the KH-9 satellite come crashing down. Battle high and low across the map’s many vantage points and through the trenches surrounding the central satellite. Check your six when navigating the caverns, and whatever you do, watch for snipers taking up position in the dunes.

Khandor Hideout

First featured in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, Khandor Hideout — an urban neighborhood featuring a central lab set in the desert — is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. With multiple interior locations, this is a fight for power positions, with the winners gaining prominence over enemy activity in the streets below. Even so, with the many sightlines situated around the garage, signal tower, market area, and lab, there’s always the threat of being dethroned in a flash. Learn your angles and reign supreme.

Ground War

Prepare for 12v12 battles on Satellite and Aniyah Incursion, featuring vehicles and multiple capture points your team must occupy to earn points. Utilize motorcycles, antelopes, ATVs, and tanks to get your forces to the fight. There are six capture points in all, and the first team to acquire 300 points wins. Capture all six to explode onto the victory screen.

Battle Royale: Sandstorms Incoming

Throughout Season 4, sandstorms will randomly appear throughout Battle Royale, appearing like a sand wall on the horizon. Operators willing to brave the elements will discover a greater occurrence of special items like thermal sights and high-Tier loot within, though watch for the dust devils, knocking away players who tread too close. And keep an eye out for the throwable turbulence generator — a new item that generates an ongoing stream of turbulent wind. Use this strategically in and out of the sandstorm.

New Themed Event: Sandstorm’s Eye

Analyze the mission map and complete tasks to move through various nodes while collecting rewards along the way. Nodes situated on a vantage point will provide a buff to acquired points, with key nodes like the Observation Tower, Great Bridge, and Logistics Station offering the best rewards upon completion.

Check for daily missions that will send you into the eye of the sandstorm for big XP payouts. Top the event leaderboard to receive additional rewards like the Otter – Sand Drift Operator and the Locus – Side Swindler sniper rifle.

New Seasonal Challenges

Complete new Seasonal Challenges for your chance to earn rewards like new Weapon Blueprints, Operator Skins, and up to 30,000 Battle Pass XP.

These challenges range from flanking melee eliminations to some Ranked objectives that will test even the most competitive players. Check back each week of Season Four starting on April 28 for a new challenge.

There are some high-quality rewards to be earned here, such as the Kali Sticks, the Mil-Sim – Special Warfare – Crash Down skin, and the Epic RUS-79U – Vapor Painter SMG.

World Championship 2022 Stage 2

Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 enters Stage 2 beginning May 12 through May 22, 2022, UTC. In this stage, players must form teams to play ranked matches together in an effort to earn points through victory. The top scoring 250 teams per region will be featured on the in-game leaderboard and will qualify for Stage 3. All teams that play 40 matches over the course of Stage 2 will earn an additional Operator regardless of their team score.

Tournament Mode – Warm Up for Stage 2 and Be Rewarded

Do you and the squad need some practice before heading to Ranked Play and taking a shot at World Championship glory? Want a good introduction to the ranked environment?

The new Multiplayer Tournament mode in Season 4 features a rolling leaderboard and rewards for elite Call of Duty: Mobile players.

Find the “Tournament” button on the main Multiplayer lobby and compete to earn the Epic DL Q33 - Red Sprite and Shadow Blade - Red Sprite!

Store Update: Golden Week, New Draws

Launching alongside Season 4, Golden Week brings the re-release of seven popular Crates, with one Crate re-released per day and each remaining in the Store for three days each at a discounted price.

New Draws are coming, too, that fit perfectly with Season 4’s desert theme. Participate for your chance to unlock Legendary Operator Skins like Phantom — Osiris, FTL — Marauder, Maxis — Dark Aether, and more. Get equipped with incredible new Blueprints such as a Legendary MX9, ICR-1, Cordite, plus special designs for the new Kali Sticks and Koshka Sniper Rifle.

Prepare to head to the eye of the sandstorm when Season 4: Wild Dogs launches on April 27 at 5 PM PT.

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