Infiltration•: stratégie dans Warzone

Need extra loot or even a peek at the next circle collapse? Contracts are an important part of Warzone – here’s how you can complete all Contract types and the rewards you get for doing so.

Warzone isn’t just about outlasting and outgunning the competition; around Verdansk, you and your squad can complete Contracts, in-game missions that can reward you with Cash (in Plunder mode), loot, and other benefits.

In Warzone matches, Contracts appear as small computer tablets in the overworld, and their drop locations are marked on your Tac Map as soon as you enter the match, allowing you to plan your drop accordingly.

Note: Contracts appear on your Tac Map randomly, as the following icons:

Bounty Contract: Target icons.

Recon Contract: Flag icons.

Scavenger Contract: Magnifying glass icons.

Locate one, mark it, and move to it.

Note: In the Plunder game mode Contracts are mainly found in Supply Boxes around the map.

Note: Only one Contract is active per squad. All squad members must complete the Contract, or wait for the Contract to expire, before a subsequent Contract can be found and started.

Note: Contracts are the main methods of obtaining funds to use in Buy Stations and should be a major part of your tactics, if not a priority.

Each Contract has a specific objective that must be completed within a time limit. Finish the contract, and you receive reward XP, Weapon XP for the current weapons in your Loadout, Cash, loot, and/or other in-game benefits. The value of these rewards greatly differs between Battle Royale and Plunder Warzone game modes.

Currently, there are three different Contracts: Bounty, Recon, and Scavenger.


Upon picking up this Contract, you and your squad have only a few minutes to hunt down a player within an enemy squad. Your Tac Map shows the approximate location of the foe, but it’s all up to you to find out precisely where they are and execute them. If enough time is available, after they are killed the timer extends, and the bounty shifts to another target member within that squad.

Once all target squad members are eliminated, the Contract is completed, and you are rewarded with Cash, XP, and the satisfaction of knocking a squad out of the game!

Because eliminating targets is a major part of Warzone, Bounty Contracts should be second nature. Plus, the additional intel of an enemy’s approximate area may help those who use the Tac Mac to callout and track players, as it moves when the target player moves.

Bounty Contracts are an excellent way to spend your time in the Warzone, as you’re technically receiving rewards for eliminating rival players; something you’re doing irrespective of this Contract being activated!


Low on loot? This Contract points you to three special Supply Boxes, one at a time by placing a special icon on your Tac Map. Once the first one is opened, the second is marked, followed by the third once both boxes are collected.

Finding even just one, or the first two special Supply Boxes, allows you and your squad to keep any loot or Cash found, but collecting all three offers the best rewards: a chance at rarer loot – Legendary weapons, Field Upgrades, and even Self-Revive Kits – as well as the XP and Cash bonuses.

Think of this as a scavenger hunt to gather resupplies; if you are low on loot, completing this Contract could kickstart your squad’s Loadouts, or prepare all of your squad for the late game with high level items.


After activating this contract, your Tac Map will update with an objective marker where you and your team must stand within a small radius around a comms station and upload data. Those who are familiar with Call of Duty® Multiplayer can equate this task to capturing an HQ or Domination flag[HD1] .

Once a squad member hops onto this objective, a flare will fire up from the station, which can be seen by everyone in the match who is near it. Completing the upload will award loot and Cash directly onto the location, as well as showing you where the next safe area will be via a yellow circle on the Tac Map.

By design, Recon Contracts are risky ventures: the flare can alert nearby enemies, and capturing the objective will take time, although it can be sped up by having multiple people standing within the objective area at the same time.

Still, being able to see the next circle could be the intel your team needs to set up some later game strategies, and the extra loot and Cash could equip you for the road ahead.

Contract Bonuses

Whenever you complete a Contract, your Contract Bonus will increase. This stat, which does not carry over from match-to-match, determines the level of loot and Cash that can be earned by completing contracts.

A Contract Bonus of 1, which all Operators begin with at the start of a Warzone match, means that you’ll most likely only earn a few thousand in Cash and some XP and weapon XP from a contract. However, if you complete five Contracts and have a Contract Bonus level of 6, the next Contract you complete has a high chance of showering you with a much greater amount of Cash, XP, and a greater chance of Epic or Legendary loot.

You can see what your current Contract Bonus is on the left side of the HUD below the Circle Collapse timer.

In general, completing as many Contracts as possible during a Warzone match is a fantastic strategy, as it can help a squad rack up tens of thousands in Cash and high-level loot during the overall quest for survival.

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