From the frozen lakes and snow-covered hills surrounding Gora Dam to the massive excavation scars of the Karst River Quarry, North Sector is both remote and inhospitable. Learn how to survive the environment here.   

Expect a frosty reception as you explore the very northern part of Verdansk, comprising of the large Gora Dam structure to the northwest, surrounded by steep mountainous terrain and dotted homesteads, along with cabins and other surprises in the forests. In the central part of this tundra is the Arklov Peak Military Base, a large forward operating center nestled on a plateau close to the mountain range that shares its name. Further east are the belching smokestacks and vast warehouse complex of Karst River Quarry. There are the small villages of Riverside, and Blocs 14, 15, 16, 17, 23, and Lozoff Pass along the southern perimeter, as well as a WHP (World Humanitarian Project) Camp with a few gruesome surprises.