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The Mace: How to Unlock the New Melee Weapon in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

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  • WZ

Get medieval and crack some skulls with this killer new melee weapon. Read on for tips when tackling its in-game unlock challenge, plus a look at the “Mystic’s Scepter” Store Bundle.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

The Mace: How to Unlock the New Melee Weapon in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

  • BOCW
  • WZ

Get medieval and crack some skulls with this killer new melee weapon. Read on for tips when tackling its in-game unlock challenge, plus a look at the “Mystic’s Scepter” Store Bundle.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

We’re now well into Season Four Reloaded in Black Ops Cold War and millions of players are getting lots of playtime in the new Rush and “Mauer der Toten” maps. Fortunately, Season Four Reloaded also introduces two new weapon unlock challenges that are well worth your time. We’ve already covered the OTs 9 SMG, so now we look at the new Mace melee weapon.

Unlock the Mace for use in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and Zombies, plus Warzone™, by completing its in-game challenge or by purchasing the “Mystic’s Scepter” Store Bundle.

Here’s what you need to know:

Unlocking the Mace — Tips and a Bundle

The Mace needs little introduction. The infamous blunt weapon was valued for its ability to penetrate armor in the Middle Ages, and it’s just as lethal in the hands of the right Operator. Unlock the base version of the Mace by completing its unlock challenge in either Multiplayer or Zombies.

Here’s the Multiplayer challenge:

Using a Melee weapon, get a kill while sliding in 15 different completed matches.

In Zombies, prepare to go toe to toe with the toughest:

Using a Melee weapon, kill 50 Special or Elite enemies that are taunted by your Frenzied Guard.

This challenge is no walk in the park in either mode. Here are five tips to help you on your way:

5. Multiplayer Loadout Suggestion. For this challenge, you’ve got to get in your opponents’ faces. This Loadout is all about tracking down targets and staying alive while closing the gap:

Primary Weapon: “Ancient Scarab” SMG Blueprint (unlocked for free at Tier 55 of the Season Four Battle Pass)

Secondary Weapon: Sledgehammer

Perk 1: Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask

Perk 2: Quartermaster, Tracker

Perk 3: Gung-Ho, Ninja

Equipment: Stun Grenade, Tomahawk

Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Wildcard: Perk Greed

The Sledgehammer is a great warm-up for the Mace. If you haven’t yet completed its unlock challenge, the Baseball Bat, E-Tool, or even the Knife will work just fine. The important part is that you use a melee weapon to eliminate enemies while sliding.

Getting a sliding kill isn’t always easy, but you only need to do it once per match. Start with Perk Greed to load up on abilities. Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask are obvious boons here, keeping you on your feet as you rush down opponents. Quartermaster refreshes your Stun Grenade, a vital tool that allows you to slow down enemies so you can line up your attack.

Use Tracker to help locate enemies, often from behind for a better shot at landing the slide kill. With Gung-Ho, you can toss your Stun Grenade and Tomahawk while sprinting and take less damage from falling, which helps open up new angles of attack. The essential Ninja ensures you won’t give up your position stomping around the environment.

Throw down the Field Mic when you’re in enemy territory to pinpoint targets, and if the situation gets dire and you need a ranged weapon, the “Ancient Scarab” SMG Blueprint makes for an excellent companion.

4. Face Off. Whether it’s 3v3 or 6v6, this is your playlist to get the job done. It’s all about maintaining a high encounter rate so that you’ll have plenty of chances to keep at it throughout the match.

3. Armor Up. The Armor Scorestreak is low-cost and provides solid durability, giving you just a little more time to get up close to the enemy. Add the Spy Plane and Counter Spy Plane as your other choices and deploy all three at once for a coordinated attack.

2. Zombies Loadout Suggestion. The Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade is mandatory, as you must eliminate 50 Special or Elite enemies that are taunted by Frenzied Guard. The Wakizashi certainly is fun, but any melee weapon will work.

Primary Weapon: Wakizashi

Field Upgrade: Frenzied Guard

Outbreak is likely your best bet for this one. In addition to the Special and Elite enemies you’ll encounter when completing different events, you can also grab a vehicle and scout for them throughout the region. Clear out any surrounding normal zombies, knock down their health with a ranged weapon, and then move in, activate Frenzied Guard, and finish the job with your melee weapon. Don’t forget to Pack-a-Punch it along the way.

1. Mace der Toten. After you’ve unlocked the Mace, try taking it directly to “Mauer der Toten.” Season Four Reloaded brings multiple damage buffs to our Requiem agents, one of them being improved damage multipliers for Pack-a-Punched melee weapons. Master the new map and crush undead heads while doing it.

Unlock the Mace in the Store

Can’t wait to wrap your hands around the Mace? We’ve got you covered. Get the unique Blueprint version before completing the in-game challenge with the Legendary “Spellcaster” Melee Weapon Blueprint.

Featured in the new Season Four Reloaded “Mystic’s Scepter” Store Bundle, the “Spellcaster” Blueprint is the weapon of choice for mystically minded Operators. The Bundle also includes the “Expedition” Operator Skin for Powers, the “Casual Surprise” Finishing Move, the “Motorcycle” Weapon Charm, the “Ancient Scepter” Emblem, the “Think About It” Gesture, and the “Clobber” Calling Card.

Pick up the “Mystic’s Scepter” Bundle today to uncover the hidden secrets of ancient weapons before completing the base weapon challenge. Note that the “Spellcaster” Weapon Blueprint won’t unlock the base version of the weapon. For that, you’ve got to prove your melee fighting prowess by first completing the unlock challenge.

Execute the mission.

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