Tac Map: Atlas

In this epic-sized chapter, we investigate every single location across the Tac Map, flagging over 330 Points of Interest along the way: Expect an interactive map, detailed overviews of every notable location, and flags indicating the finest ambush points, loot, and much more: Welcome to Verdansk! 

Sectors and Zones 

What are Sectors and Zones?

Sectors: A collection of named Zones, gathered together. The five Sectors together reveal the entirety of the Verdansk Map.

Zones: A collection of named Points of Interest, gathered together and shown on the in-game Tac Map.

In this guide, Verdansk is divided into five main Sectors, each segmenting the Tac Map into five separate (and large-scale) areas. Sectors do not appear in-game; they are used to more easily manage Zones within the guide map.

Zones are seen in-game; both across the Tac Map and also across the real Verdansk map as you infil from the plane. They represent a group of adjacent points of interest.

The five Sectors, and the Zones within each, are as follows: 


  1. ZONE 1A

    1. Summit: Control Tower
    2. Summit: Gondola Station Northeast, Remote Office
    3. Summit: East Helipad, Command and Control Center, Gondola Station East
    4. Summit: West Helipad, Gondola Station West, Electrical Substation
    5. Summit: Gora Viaduct
    6. Summit: Comms Tower
    7. Fire Station 74
    8. Summit: Gondola Station South, Brick Warehouse and Offices
    9. Comms Tower and Electrical Substation (Gora River Valley)
    10. Bunker 04 (Gora River Valley)
    11. Gora River Valley, Hut
    12. M100 Divided Highway (Gora Tunnel)
    13. Police Station (Bloc 17)
    14. Old Mine
    15. Wooden Rail Bridge, Storage Garages (Northwest Airport)
    16. Old Hamlet (Bloc 17)
    17. Uncle’s House (Bloc 17)
    18. Village and Public House (Bloc 17)
    19. Gora River Hamlet
    20. Village and Storage (Bloc 16)
    21. Airport Sheds
  2. ZONE 1B

    1. Switchback Roadside Hamlet (Bloc 23)
    2. Chicken Coop and Shed
    3. Lower Roadside Hamlet
    4. Bunker 11
    5. Cousin Dmytro’s Shed (Bloc 23)
    6. Fire Station 41 (Bloc 23)
    7. Brick Warehouse (North Arklov Peak Military Base)
    8. Comms Tower: Arklov Peak (Bloc 23)
    9. Cliffside Hamlet: Gora Viaduct East (Bloc 23)
    10. Hamlet and Vista (Bloc 23)
    11. Babusya’s House (Bloc 23)
    12. Upper Roadside Hamlet (Bloc 23)
    13. Nephew Hedeon’s Chicken Coop (Bloc 23)
    14. Dedulya’s Shed
    15. Jarvdinsk Hatch
    16. Police Station, Hamlet (Riverside)
    17. Hamlet: Gora River Valley (Riverside)
    18. Northwest Village (Riverside)
    19. Gora River (Riverside)
    20. Storage Garages, Pharmacy (Riverside)
    21. School, Public House (Riverside)
    22. Gora River Jetty (Riverside)
    23. Southeast Village, Gas Station (Riverside)
  3. ZONE 1C

    1. Base: Northwest Entrance (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    2. Base: North Entrance (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    3. Hangar 11 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    4. Hangar 12 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    5. Hangar 13 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    6. Runway 01, Runway 02 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    7. Base: West Entrance (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    8. Comms Tower A (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    9. Comms Tower B, Storage Outbuildings (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    10. Tents, Northwest Barracks (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    11. Killhouse Training Course (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    12. Control Tower, Warehouses, Runway 03 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    13. Container Storage, Southeast Barracks (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    14. Hangar 21 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    15. Hangar 22 (Arklov Peak Military Base)
    16. Base: Southeast Entrance (Arklov Peak Military Base)
  4. ZONE 1D

    1. North Cliff Roads
    2. Marko’s Campsite
    3. Lone Cabin
    4. Party Hut
    5. Loading Yard
    6. Grandfather’s House and Vista Point (Karst Salt Mine)
    7. Military Comms Aerial: Overlook (Karst Salt Mine)
    8. Auxiliary Mine Conduit, Rail Tunnel
    9. Military Comms Aerial: Foothills (Karst Salt Mine)
    10. Huntsman’s Hide: Foothills (Karst Salt Mine)
    11. Upper Mine Conduit, Summit Bench: Foothills (Karst Salt Mine)
    12. Shed at the Summit (Karst Salt Mine)
    13. West Mine Conduit, Loading, Generator (Karst Salt Mine)
    14. Old Stranger’s Cabin (Karst Salt Mine)
    15. Halite Evaporation Warehouse (Karst Salt Mine)
    16. Mine Entrance, Salt Extraction (Karst Salt Mine)
    17. Rail Yard, Central Sector Warehouses, Tower (Karst Salt Mine)
    18. Shipping Warehouses (Karst Salt Mine)
    19. Crystalizing Pools, Warehouses (Karst Salt Mine)
    20. Water Tanks (Karst Salt Mine)
    21. Warehouse 5, Distribution Dock (Karst Salt Mine)
    22. Halophile Evaporation Pools (Karst Salt Mine)
    23. Karst River Rail Bridge
    24. East Gulley
  5. ZONE 1E

    1. Upper Trails
    2. Bunker 05
    3. Lozoff Pond
    4. Great Uncle’s Cabin
    5. Ruslan’s House
    6. Roadside Cottage
    7. New Lozoff Village, Burger Town (Lozoff Pass)
    8. Lozoff Checkpoint Junction (Lozoff Pass)
    9. Trails, Lozoff Transformer
    10. Lozoff Pass Village (Bloc 14)
    11. Grandma’s House (Bloc 14)
    12. Warehouse 3: Mine Entrance (Bloc 15)
    13. Lozoff Pass Hamlet
    14. Switchbacks Farmhouse
    15. Kastovia Radar Array
    16. Woodcutter Cottages by the Fallow Field; Coop, Shed (Bloc 15)
    17. Gardar Mechanics Bay and Office, Gas Station (Bloc 15)
    18. Karst Farm (Bloc 15)
    19. Comms Tower, Electrical Transformers (Bloc 15)
    20. Karst Checkpoint Junction (Bloc 15)


  1. ZONE 2A

    1. Highway Junction
    2. Runway Underpass: North (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    3. Runway Underpass: West (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    4. Runway Underpass: South (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    5. Control Tower Complex (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    6. Airport Runway: Center (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    7. Airport Runway: East (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    8. Airport Gates: Exterior West, Baggage Loading (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    9. Airport Gates: Exterior East, Parked Plane (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    10. Airport Transformer Hut (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    11. Terminal: West Lounge (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    12. Terminal: Main Structure (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    13. Terminal: Parking Structure and Skybridges (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    14. Three Hangars (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    15. Apartments and Bus Stop (Verdansk Regional Airport)
    16. Vehicle Showroom (Verdansk Regional Airport)
  2. ZONE 2B

    1. Fire Station 28, Helipads
    2. Shipping Warehouse (Airport Maintenance)
    3. Police Station, Low Rise Apartments (Airport Maintenance)
    4. Hangars 1, 2 (Airport Maintenance)
    5. Comms Tower, Electrical Transformers (Airport Maintenance)
    6. Hobo’s Carriage
    7. Taxiway, Covered Tunnel (Airport Maintenance)
    8. Hangars 3, 4, 5, 6, South Taxiway (Airport Maintenance)
    9. Fuel Tower, Maintenance Hangar (Airplane Factory)
    10. Airport Warehouses, Parked Plane (Airplane Factory)
    11. Giant Maintenance Warehouse (Airplane Factory)
    12. Southeast Maintenance Warehouses, Fuel Tanks (Airplane Factory)
    13. Off-Road Rocks
    14. Road Interchange
  3. Zone 2C

    1. Hillside Huts (Junkyard)
    2. M100 Highway Overpass
    3. Lone Water Tank (Junkyard)
    4. Gardar Shipping Warehouse (Junkyard)
    5. Bunker 03, Dirt Road (Junkyard)
    6. Bunker 02 (Junkyard)
    7. Comms Tower (Junkyard)
    8. Junkyard
    9. Homestead (Junkyard)
    10. Bunker 01
  4. ZONE 2D

    1. West Gas Station
    2. Storage Town
    3. Verdansk Swim Center (Storage Town)
    4. Old Farmstead
    5. Burger Town Block (West of Superstore)
    6. Beechwood Park
  5. ZONE 2E

    1. Superstore Parking Lot
    2. Superstore
  6. ZONE 2F

    1. Boneyard: Gas Station, Repair Warehouses, Offices
    2. Repair Bays 3, 4, Purple Plane, Fuselage Storage, Midtown
    3. Red Plane, Pond
    4. Scrapyard
    5. Silos, Warehouse, Plane Parts
    6. Plane Tail Vista, Blue Plane, Hangars 9. 13
  7. ZONE 2G

    1. Fire Station 63
    2. Warehouses, Silo Tank, Storage (Verdansk Graveyard)
    3. Apartment Complex and Old Hamlet (Verdansk Graveyard)
    4. Office, Sheds, Gas Station (Verdansk Graveyard)
    5. Pharmacy Office, Bank, Apartments, Police Station (Verdansk Graveyard)
    6. Verdansk Graveyard
    7. Military Comms Aerial, Wooded Hill
  8. ZONE 2H

    1. Torsk Residential Tenements 913 (Torsk Bloc)
    2. Maintenance Outbuildings, Storage Garages, Apartments (Torsk Bloc)
    3. Burger Town Block, Footbridge (Torsk Bloc)
    4. Torsk Towers Complex (Torsk Bloc)
    5. Beech Tree Hill


  1. ZONE 3A

    1. West Platform (Verdansk Train Station)
    2. Ticket Hall and Concourse (Verdansk Train Station)
    3. Main Platform, Video Rental Store, Offices (Verdansk Train Station)
    4. East Platform (Verdansk Train Station)
    5. East Concourse, Food Hall, Roof (Verdansk Train Station)
    6. Bus Terminal (Verdansk Train Station)
    7. Station Parking, Pedestrian Concourse (Verdansk Train Station)
  2. ZONE 3B

    1. Comms Tower, Rail Junction
    2. Rusting Carriage
    3. Rail Tunnel
    4. Hillside Gulley
    5. Construction Yard: Upper Gora River Works
    6. Gora River Works: Upper West
    7. Upper Woods Cabin, Military Comms Aerial
    8. Offices, Processing Warehouse (Verdansk Hospital)
    9. Apartments, Offices (Verdansk Hospital)
    10. Hospital Barracks (Verdansk Hospital)
    11. Hospital Tower (Verdansk Hospital)
    12. Verdansk Hospital
    13. Burger Town Block (Verdansk Hospital)
    14. Hospital South Entrances, Parking Lot
  3. ZONE 3C

    1. Woodland, Railroad Tracks (Barakett Promenade West)
    2. Gas Station, Garages (Barakett Promenade West)
    3. Apartments, Maintenance Yard (Barakett Promenade West)
    4. Public House, Apartments (Barakett Promenade West)
    5. Gas Station (South), Burger Town Block (Barakett Promenade West)
    6. Fire Station 7 (Barakett Promenade West)
    7. Pharmacy Block (Barakett Promenade West)
    8. Electronics Store (Barakett Promenade West)
    9. Central Square Park (Barakett Promenade West)
    10. Bank, Apartment Blocks (Barakett Promenade West)
  4. ZONE 3D

    1. The Roundabout (Barakett Promenade East)
    2. Pharmacy and Apartment Blocks (Barakett Promenade East)
    3. Apartment Block: Southwest (Barakett Promenade East)
    4. Apartment Block Construction (Barakett Promenade East)
    5. Apartment, High Rise (Barakett Promenade East)
    6. High School, Parking Lot (Barakett Promenade East)
    7. Car Showroom, Public House (Barakett Promenade East)
    8. Apartment Block, Video Rental Store (Barakett Promenade East)
    9. Apartment Blocks: Northeast (Barakett Promenade East)
    10. Apartment Block, Office: Southeast (Barakett Promenade East)
    11. Apartment Block: Northeast (Barakett Promenade East)
    12. Park, Bank, Gas Station (Barakett Promenade East)
    13. Fairgrounds, Ferris Wheel (Barakett Promenade East)
    14. Apartment Block, Stage (Barakett Promenade East)
    15. Apartment Blocks: Southeast (Barakett Promenade East)
  5. ZONE 3E

    1. Kart Racing Track
    2. Construction Site
    3. Comms Tower, Substation (Novi Grazna Hills)
    4. Staryy Grazna Farm (Novi Grazna Hills)
    5. Upper Suburbs, Apartments, Offices (Novi Grazna Hills)
    6. Vista Parking Lot (Novi Grazna Hills)
    7. Zozsni Hatch (Zozsni Spomenik)
    8. Bunker 00 (Novi Grazna Hills)
    9. Coastal Farmstead (Novi Grazna Hills)
    10. Dyadya’s Home (Novi Grazna Hills)
    11. Gas Station: South (Novi Grazna Hills)
    12. Dedushka’s House (Novi Grazna Hills)
    13. Novi Grazna Hills Circle
    14. Great Aunt’s House (Novi Grazna Hills)
    15. Police Station (Novi Grazna Hills)
    16. Fire Station 19 (Novi Grazna Hills)
    17. Apartment Blocks (Novi Grazna Hills)
    18. Parking, Restroom, Train Tunnel: West (Novi Grazna Hills)
    19. Coastal Pier (Novi Grazna Hills)
    20. Train Tunnel: East, Flood Gates Parking Lot (Novi Grazna Hills)


  1. ZONE 4A

    1. Grazna Bridge
    2. Blue Building 3, Electrical Maintenance (BCH TV Station)
    3. Brick Building 3, Offices (BCH TV Station)
    4. BCH TV Station
    5. Comms Tower (BCH TV Station)
    6. Foothills Brick Hut, Military Comms Aerial
    7. Brick Hayloft, Farm Structures
  2. ZONE 4B

    1. Burger Town, Storage, Gas Station (Bloc 6)
    2. Big Green Tenement Block (Bloc 6)
    3. Gardar Loading Warehouse and Offices, Storage (Bloc 6)
    4. Public House (Bloc 6)
    5. Apartment Block, Pharmacy (Bloc 6)
    6. Bank (Bloc 6)
    7. Old Suburbs (Bloc 6)
  3. ZONE 4C

    1. Low Woodland, Side Road
    2. Verdansk Fuel Storage, Tall Silo, Warehouses
    3. Ransacked Bus
    4. Fire Station 20
    5. Arena Grounds: West (Verdansk Stadium)
    6. Arena Grounds: North (Verdansk Stadium)
    7. Snack Bar Kiosk, North Road (Verdansk Stadium)
    8. Verdansk Soccer Arena (Verdansk Stadium)
    9. Arena Northwest Entrance, Digital Scoreboard (Verdansk Stadium)
    10. Arena Southwest, Covered Stand, Announcer Booth (Verdansk Stadium)
    11. Arena Northeast (Main) Entrance, Locker Rooms (Verdansk Stadium)
    12. Arena Southeast Entrance, Upper Stands (Verdansk Stadium)
    13. Entrance Road, Sewer Pipe (Verdansk Stadium)
    14. Arena Parking, North Road
    15. Arena Grounds: South (Verdansk Stadium)
    16. Arena Grounds: East (Verdansk Stadium)
    17. Construction Hut, Lower Karst River Works (Verdansk Stadium)
  4. ZONE 4D

    1. Great Bridge
    2. Main Street Apartments, Gas Station (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    3. Gora River Works: Upper East
    4. Main Street Riverside Tenements, Stores (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    5. Hotel Volodymyr (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    6. Tenements, Stores (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    7. Soccer Pitch (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    8. Tenements, Dance Studio (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    9. Police Station: North (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    10. Entertainment District: Historic (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    11. Entertainment District: BCH1 Tower (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    12. Big Bloc, Play Park, Tenements (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    13. West Bridge
    14. Verdansk Museum of Art, Tenements, Stores (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    15. Arts District, Stores, School, Grand Hotel (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    16. Monument Roundabout (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    17. Tavorsk Bridge
    18. Government Plaza North, Donna Building (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    19. Government Plaza South: Post Office (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    20. Corner Café, Public Park (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    21. Burger Town, Market (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    22. SKN Broadcast Tower (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    23. Verdansk Parliament Building (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    24. Market Gardens: Monument (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    25. Market Gardens: North (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    26. Market Gardens: South (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    27. Police Station: East (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    28. Gora Bridge
    29. Fire Station 12, Market Tents (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    30. Design District: Architects Campus (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    31. Financial District: Bank Building 315 (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    32. Design District: Clinic, Apartments, Park (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    33. Design District: Tenement Apartments, Stores (Downtown Tavorsk District)
    34. Karst Riverside Walk (Downtown Tavorsk District)
  5. ZONE 4E

    1. Park Entrance, Restrooms (Tavorsk Park)
    2. Fountain and Kiosks (Tavorsk Park)
    3. Public House: Tavorsk Tavern (Tavorsk Park)
    4. Gora River Flood Gates
    5. Upper Parking, Restrooms (Tavorsk Park)
    6. Styor Hatch, Military Comms Aerial, Defenses (Styor Spomenik)
    7. Bunker 10 (Tavorsk Park)
    8. Play Park, Kiosk, Restrooms (Tavorsk Park)
    9. Comms Tower: Karst River Mouth (Tavorsk Park)


  1. ZONE 5A

    1. Bunker 06
    2. North Rail Tunnel
    3. North Road Bridge: Karst River
    4. Fire Station 36, Video Rental Store
    5. Red Hut
    6. Brick Warehouse, Military Comms Aerial
    7. Karst River Hut
    8. Bunker 08
    9. Bunker 07
    10. Camping Overlook
    11. Karst River Homes, Outbuildings
    12. Karst Bridge
    13. Police Station, Brick Outbuildings (Bloc 18)
    14. Gas Station, Offices, Storage (Bloc 18)
    15. Road Ravine, Rail Bridge (Bloc 18)
    16. Hunter’s Hideaway
    17. East Woods Promontory
  2. ZONE 5B

    1. Fishing Hut: Karst River
    2. Hut, Water Tower (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    3. Train Station (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    4. Lower Karst River Works
    5. Video Rental Store, Gas Station (Krovnik Farmland)
    6. Rock Ridge
    7. Iron Bridge
    8. Upper Trails, Maintenance Hut (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    9. Gorengard Lumber Yard
    10. Lumber Warehouses (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    11. Lumber Factory (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    12. Rail Bridge, River (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    13. Terminus Building (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    14. Four Cottages (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
    15. Shack, Old Water Tank (Gorengard Lumber Yard)
  3. ZONE 5C

    1. Windmills, Brick Warehouse (Krovnik Farmland)
    2. Pastures, Fetid Pond (Krovnik Farmland)
    3. Crossroads, Hut (Krovnik Farmland)
    4. Northwest Woods (Krovnik Farmland)
    5. Standoff: Vegetable Warehouse, Silos, Outbuildings (Krovnik Farmland)
    6. Standoff: North Woods, Outbuildings, Farm Cottage (Krovnik Farmland)
    7. Standoff: Gas Station, Town Hall (Krovnik Farmland)
    8. Small Ruin
    9. Standoff: Hay Field (Krovnik Farmland)
    10. Standoff: Farm Hamlet, Old Storage Sheds (Krovnik Farmland)
    11. Yellow Barn, Outbuildings (Krovnik Farmland)
    12. Remote Stone Hut
    13. Plowed Fields: East (Krovnik Farmland)
    14. West Hills, Hay Pasture (Krovnik Farmland)
    15. Silos, Hay Storage (Krovnik Farmland)
    16. Cattle Farm: Center; Silo Tower, Propane Tank (Krovnik Farmland)
    17. Cattle Farm: East; Grain Silos (Krovnik Farmland)
    18. Southwest Woods (Krovnik Farmland)
    19. Southwest Farm Structures (Krovnik Farmland)
    20. South Farms: Lower Dell and Silo Tower (Krovnik Farmland)
    21. Southeast Woods
    22. Small Barn
    23. Hut, Southeast Woods
    24. Pasture Hatch (Krovnik Farmland)
  4. ZONE 5D

    1. Road and Rail Checkpoint: North
    2. North Crane (City of Verdansk Port)
    3. Lumber Storage, Cargo Storage (City of Verdansk Port)
    4. Parking Lot, Sleeping Quarters (City of Verdansk Port)
    5. Central Cranes (City of Verdansk Port)
    6. Cargo Processing (City of Verdansk Port)
    7. Gardar Mechanics Garage and Offices (City of Verdansk Port)
    8. Fuel Depot Silos (City of Verdansk Port)
    9. Gardar Processing Center (City of Verdansk Port)
    10. Overpass, Truck Parking (City of Verdansk Port)
    11. Vacant: Warehouse and Offices (City of Verdansk Port)
    12. Flood Gates: Karst River (City of Verdansk Port)
    13. Lumber, Fuel, Garage Storage (City of Verdansk Port)
    14. South Cranes (City of Verdansk Port)
    15. Container Dump, Sleeping Quarters (City of Verdansk Port)
    16. Rocks, Woodland, Brick Shed (City of Verdansk Port)
    17. Road Checkpoint: South (City of Verdansk Port)
    18. Hut, Road Junction (City of Verdansk Port)
    19. Rail Terminus, Military Comms Aerial (City of Verdansk Port)
  5. ZONE 5E

    1. Campsite, Swampland, Rock Ridges
    2. Swamp Hut
    3. Hillside Hut
    4. Camping Hill, Rock Plateau
    5. Military Comms Aerial, Prison Foothills
    6. Pipe Tunnel
    7. Prison Checkpoint: Bridge Entrance
    8. North Plateau, Cliff Vista
    9. Bunker 09
    10. Zordaya Prison Complex
    11. Showers Exit (Zordaya Prison Complex)
    12. End of the Road
    13. Small Hut
    14. Old Grave
    15. Camping Promontory

Sectors and Zones

What are Sectors and Zones?

Sectors: A collection of named Zones, gathered together. The five Sectors together reveal the entirety of the Verdansk Map.

Zones: A collection of named Points of Interest, gathered together and shown on the in-game Tac Map.

In this guide, Verdansk is divided into five main Sectors, each segmenting the Tac Map into five separate (and large-scale) areas. Sectors do not appear in-game; they are used to more easily manage Zones within the guide map.

Zones are seen in-game; both across the Tac Map and also across the real Verdansk map as you infil from the plane. They represent a group of adjacent points of interest.

The five Sectors, and the Zones within each, are as follows:

Verdansk North Sector (5 Zones): The entire northern tundra and foothills, incorporating the Gora Dam and nearby Tunnel, Blocs 16 and 17 near to the Dam, Bloc 23, the Jarvdinsk Spomenik, the settlement of Riverside, and Arklov Peak Military Base. To the northeast is Karst River Quarry, a Crash Site, the road and small settlement of Lozoff Pass, Blocs 14 and 15 that sit south of the quarry, and the WHP Camp.

Verdansk West Sector (8 Zones): This starts in the center of the map, and incorporates the Zones to the west, starting with the sprawling Verdansk International Airport and Airport Maintenance, the Junkyard, Storage Town and Atlas Superstore, Verdansk Graveyard, Torsk Bloc, and the Zhokov Boneyard.

Verdansk Southwest Sector (7 Zones): This covers the entirety of the southwestern part of the map, beginning towards the center. Explore the Verdansk Hospital, Train Station, Barakett Promenade West and Barakett Promenade East, as well as the Kart Racing Track, Zozsni Spomenik, and Novi Grazna Hills along the coast.

Verdansk Central and South Sector (Ten Zones): Explore the very center of the map, and the Zones directly to the south. This begins at the Grazna Bridge and BCH4 TV Station, moving to Bloc 6 and Verdansk Stadium along with the Great Bridge, the massive Downtown Tavorsk District, Tavorsk Bridge and Gora Bridge, as well as the Tavorsk Park and Styor Spomenik monument.

Verdansk East Sector (Six Zones): The entire eastern part of Verdansk, which is more rural in nature, also receives a thorough inspection, starting in the north with Bloc 18 and Karst Bridge, and moving south through the Gorengard Lumber Yard, Krovnik Farmland, City of Verdansk Port, and finally the infamous Zordaya Prison Complex.

Points of Interest and Locations

Point of Interest: A landmark, location, or cluster of adjacent locations worth exploring.

Location: A single structure or area within a Point of Interest worth exploring.

Segmenting Zones into their individual locales forms the majority of this guide’s Tac Map: Atlas chapters. Individual Points of Interest are flagged on the same map as you see in-game. From there, you can read up on all the pertinent data for the POI:

POI Elements

Name and Image: A picture and description of the Point of Interest, so you can easily find it during a game. With particularly large POIs, other important structures within a POI also receive an image and name.

Latitude (Φ) and Longitude (Λ): Both the in-game and guide Tac Maps have Latitude and Longitude coordinates (shown in-game along the upper and left edges of the map menu), further helping you pinpoint the location.

Special: Certain locations may have a special pick-up, like an Ammo Cache or more Cash than other locations. These may be game mode specific.

         Ammo Cache: Police Stations and Gun Stores have Ammo Caches that are always available and serve to replenish your ammunition.

         Cash (Plunder mode): Banks across Verdansk generally have more cash to collect during Plunder games than other locations. Expect an alarm to sound if you try to raid one, though!

Statistics: A total of ten statistics are given for each Point of Interest. These range in value from 0 (not available at this location) to five (maximum). Occasionally, POIs may have a “?” value, indicating [[REDACTED]] or unknown information. Here’s what all the statistics mean (along with examples):

Size: How physically big the POI is, from 1 (cabin-sized) to 5 (a major building or city block).

Landmark: Whether the POI is easily distinguished as a landmark, from 1 (a nondescript or hidden shed) to 5 (an airport control tower, dam, or comms tower visible for miles).

Seclusion: How easily spotted the POI is, especially from the air or road, ranging from 1 (hidden in the woods, away from any roads or trails) to 5 (an easy-spotted structure).

Accessibility: How accessible the POI, ranging from 1 (off the beaten path or with entrances not immediately obvious) to 5 (a POI with many entrances, close to a major road or rail line).

Complexity: How involved an exploration of this POI would be, ranging from 1 (a small shed with no interior) to 5 (a multi-level structure within a city block of similar structures).

Verticality: How tall the POI is, ranging from 1 (a small or flat structure) to 5 (an immensely tall structure, like a comms tower or building with five or more floors)

Vista: The type of view from the top or roof of the POI (and therefore the long-range combat potential), ranging from 1 (a structure with blocked or poor line of sight) to 5 (a high roof with commanding views across the map).

Interior: Whether this POI has an interior you can access, ranging from 0 (no interior; all thresholds are sealed), to 1 (a small interior) to 5 (a massive, multi-level interior).

Cover: Whether you have a lack or abundance of cover opportunities, ranging from 1 (very little cover and large open spaces) to 5 (multiple cover options including floors, windows, and/or scenery to hide near)

Loot: The chance of quality loot expected at this location. Due to the random appearance of loot and Supply Boxes, this can vary wildly, and stats are only an approximation. This ranges from 1 (low loot or quality chance) to 5 (high and exceptional quality loot chance)

Description: The remainder of the entry for each POI is a description of the dangers, topography, separate buildings, interior dimensions, and routes to take when exploring.


Tactical Map Intel

Legend Overview

The Warzone Official Strategy Guide Map is your go-to Atlas for finding and exploring every nook and cranny of Verdansk. You’re able to view Zones and a variety of interactive icons you can turn off and on, to help you ascertain areas you’re particularly interested in. Here is what’s being tracked:

Tracked Elements

With many items and equipment randomly discovered, such as Loot and Supply Boxes, only certain map elements can be tracked. Look for additional tracking in future versions of this map. For the moment, you can find the following on the guide map:

Ammo Caches

Gun Stores and Police Stations always have ammo caches in them. Other locations may also feature ammo caches.

Buy Stations

Purchase a variety of items including Self-Revive Kits, Killstreaks, Armor, and more at these randomly appearing stores. Every possible (but not guaranteed) Buy Station spawn is shown.

Cash Reserves

Plunder Mode only: Banks may have more Cash in them.

Deposit Site Helipad (Plunder)

Plunder Mode only: Deposit your collected Cash at special helipads, which randomly appear at the start of a Plunder match. Every possible (but not guaranteed) Deposit Site is shown.

Points of Interest

Explained previously, these icons flag a particularly interesting or important location (or group of structures) you should visit and scavenge.


There are five different vehicle types (ATV, SUV, Heli, Cargo Truck, Tac Rover), and the initial locations where they can be found are also indicated on the map. You aren’t guaranteed to find a vehicle at the indicated spot (especially as the match progresses), as they are likely to have been driven from those points.

Major Landmarks

Some locations and actual Zones are named after the major landmarks found within them. These are called out on the map, using icons identical to the ones found on highway and road signs. The following Landmarks have icons associated with them:

Airport: Verdansk International Airport

Atlas Superstore

Dam: Gora Dam

Downtown Tavorsk District

Hospital: Verdansk Hospital

Lumber Yard: Gorengard Lumber Yard

Karst River Quarry

Krovnik Farmland

Prison: Zordaya Prison Complex

Port: City of Verdansk Port

Promenade: Barakett Promenade

Minor and Reoccurring Landmarks

There are certain smaller landmarks that appear multiple times across the map. Learning where these are (and their layout) enhances your situational awareness and lessens confusion. Here are the tracked lesser landmarks of Verdansk:

Minor and Reoccurring Landmarks

There are certain smaller landmarks that appear multiple times across the map. Learning where these are (and their layout) enhances your situational awareness and lessens confusion. Here are the tracked lesser landmarks of Verdansk:

Bank, Burger Town, Car Dealer, Comms Tower, Fire Station, Gas Station, Gun Store, Helipad, Metro Station, Pharmacy, Police Station, Post Office (Downtown Tavorsk District), Public House, School or Library, Spomenik (War Memorial), and Toilets.



Welcome to Verdansk:

5 Sectors. 45 Zones. 335 Points of Interest.




(14 Locations)

1. Fire Station 74

2. Upper Dam (Sluice Gates)

3. Gora Dam Main Generator Complex

4. Gora Dam East Entrance

5. Gora Dam West Entrance

6. M100 Divided Highway (Gora Tunnel)

7. Police Station (Dam)

8. Brick Shed and Road Tunnel

9. Storage Garages (Northwest Airport)

10. Old Hamlet (Northwest Airport)

11. Dam Outskirts and Public House

12. Frozen Islands

13. Village: Bloc 16

14. Airport Sheds


(18 Locations)

15. Lakeside Hamlet (North Dam)

16. Comms Tower (Bloc 23)

17. Roadside Hamlet (Upper)

18. Roadside Hamlet (Lower)

19. Village and Vista (Northeast)


21. Fire Station 41

22. Brick Warehouse

23. Hamlet (Northeast Upper Dam)

24. Village and Vista (Southwest)

25. Jarvdinsk Spomenik (Winged War Memorial)

26. Riverside Police Station

27. Riverside Village

28. Broken Bridge (Riverside)

29. Storage Garages (Riverside)

30. Pharmacy (Riverside)

31. School and Public House (Riverside)

32. Decaying Jetties (Riverside)


(16 Locations)

33. Airfield Northwest Entrance (Military Base)

34. Airfield North Entrance (Military Base)

35. Hangar 11 (Military Base)

36. Hangar 12 (Military Base)

37. Hangar 13 (Military Base)

38. Control Tower and Taxiway (Military Base)

39. Runways 01 and 02 (Military Base)

40. Hangar 21 (Military Base)

41. Hangar 22 (Military Base)

42. Comms Tower A (Military Base)

43. Comms Tower B and Storage Huts (Military Base)

44. Barracks (Military Base)

45. Training Course (Military Base)

46. Main Warehouses (Military Base)

47. Storage Yard (Military Base)

48. Airfield Southeast Entrance (Military Base)


(18 Locations)

49. North Cliff Roads

50. Lone Cabin and Party Hut

51. Loading Yard

52. Grandfather’s House

53. Military Comms Aerial (Quarry)

54. Huntsman’s Hide (North Cliff)

55. Cliff Roads

56. Ruins

57. Refinery

58. Excavation Site

59. Gravel Pit

60. Storage

61. Rail Yard (Bridge)

62. Shipping

63. Water Tanks

64. Block Stacks: Building 6 (Maintenance)

65. Block Stacks: Building 5 (Train Station)

66. Rail Bridge


(17 Locations)

67. Abandoned Bus


69. Great Uncle’s Cabin

70. Crashed Airliner

71. Burger Town Block (Lozoff Pass)

72. Lozoff Pass Junction

73. Trails and Karst Transformer

74. Lozoff Pass Village

75. Grandma’s House

76. Warehouse 3: Quarry Entrance (South)

77. Mechanic Bays and Office, and Gas Station

78. Karst Farm

79. Military Evac Post

80. Comms Tower and Electrical Transformers

81. Military Checkpoint: Road

82. Switchbacks

83. WHP Humanitarian Camp




(14 Locations)

1. Highway Junction

2. Runway Underpass (North)

3. Runway Underpass (South)

4. Control Tower Complex

5. Main Runway (West)

6. Main Runway (East)

7. Terminal: West Lounge and Coffee Shop

8. Terminal: Gate Access

9. Plane Wreckage

10. Main Terminal

11. Terminal: Parking Structure and Skybridges

12. Three Hangars

13. Apartments and Metro (Airport)

14. Vehicle Showroom (Airport)


(14 Locations)

15. Fire Station 28 and Helipad

16. Shipping Warehouse (Maintenance)

17. Police Station (Maintenance)

18. Hangar 1 (Maintenance)

19. Hangar 2 (Maintenance)

20. Comms Tower and Electrical Transformers

21. Hobo’s Carriage

22. Covered Taxiway Tunnel

23. Substation 3 and Apartment Block

24. Small Hangars and South Taxiway

25. Off-Road Track

26. Electronics Store

27. Beechwood Grove and Water Treatment Works

28. Road Interchange


(9 Locations)

29. Overpass

30. Gardar Shipping Warehouse

31. Wind Farm

32. [[CLASSIFIED]] and Dirt Road


34. Comms Tower (Junkyard)

35. Junkyard

36. Homestead (Junkyard)



(6 Locations)

38. Storage Town

39. Old Farmstead

40. Burger Town Block (Storage Town)

41. West Gas Station (Storage Town)

42. Swimming Pool

43. Beechwood Park


(2 Locations)

44. Atlas Superstore (Interior)

45. Atlas Superstore Parking Lot


(6 Locations)

46. Fire Station 63

47. Apartment Complex (Graveyard)

48. Offices and Gas Station

49. Warehouses and Storage (Graveyard)

50. Graveyard

51. Pharmacy, Bank, and Police Station


(3 Locations)

52. Tenement Blocks (“SOS”)

53. Twin Apartment Complex and Metro

54. Beech Tree Hill


(6 Locations)

55. Offices and Repair Shop

56. Turbine Shop, Stacks, Purple Plane, Rebel Cache and Midtown

57. Red Plane and Pond

58. Scrapyard

59. Silos and Boulder Town

60. Vista Point, Blue Plane, Hangar 9, Hangar 13




(11 Locations)

1. Comms Tower (Verdansk Hospital)

2. Gulley

3. Playground

4. Upper Woods, Cabin and Aerial

5. Verdansk Processing Warehouse

6. Apartment and Offices (Hospital)

7. Hospital Barracks

8. Verdansk Hospital Northwest Tower

9. Verdansk Hospital

10. Burger Town Block (Hospital)

11. Parking Lot and WHP Tents


(7 Locations)

12. West Platform (Train Station)

13. Ticket Hall and Concourse (Train Station)

14. Main Platform (Train Station)

15. East Platform (Train Station)

16. East Concourse (Train Station)

17. Bus Terminal and Military Checkpoint (Train Station)

18. Metro (Train Station)


(10 Locations)

19. Woodland and Railroad Tracks

20. Gas Station and Garages (Barakett Promenade West)

21. Apartments and Maintenance Yard (Barakett Promenade West)

22. Public House and Apartments (Barakett Promenade West)

23. Fire Station 57

24. Pharmacy Block (Barakett Promenade West)

25. Electronics Store (Barakett Promenade West)

26. Gas Station (South) and Burger Town Block (Barakett Promenade West)

27. Market (Barakett Promenade West)

28. Bank and Apartments Block (Barakett Promenade West)


(13 Locations)

29. The Roundabout

30. Pharmacy and Apartments Block (Northwest) (Barakett Promenade East)

31. Apartments Block (North) (Barakett Promenade East)

32. Car Showroom and Public House Block (Barakett Promenade East)

33. Apartments Block (Northeast) (Barakett Promenade East)

34. Verdansk Library (Barakett Promenade East)

35. Gas Station, Bank, and Apartments Block (Barakett Promenade East)

36. Apartments Block (Southwest) (Barakett Promenade East)

37. School and Super Market Block (South) (Barakett Promenade East)

38. Gun Store and Apartments Block (South) (Barakett Promenade East)

39. Apartments Block (Southeast) (Barakett Promenade East)

40. Ferris Wheel (Barakett Promenade East)

41. Apartment Complex Trio and Metro (Barakett Promenade East)


(17 Locations)

42. Kart Racing Track

43. Military Outpost

44. Substation and Comms Tower (Novi Grazna Hills)

45. Parking Lot

46. Zozsni Spomenik (Coastal War Memorial)

47. Farmstead (Coast)


49. Home Construction Site

50. Upper Suburbs Apartments and Offices

51. Electronics Shack and Pharmacy

52. Hillside Home and Gas Station (South)

53. Dedushka’s House

54. Novi Grazna Hills Circle

55. Great Aunt’s House

56. Police Station (Novi Grazna Hills)

57. Apartment Block (Novi Grazna Hills)

58. Fire Station 19




(6 Locations)

1. Building 3 and Electrical Maintenance

2. Server, Office and Outbuildings (TV Station)

3. BCH TV Station

4. Comms Tower (TV Station)

5. Forward Observation Post

6. Grazna Bridge


(7 Locations)

7. Burger Town Block and Gas Station

8. Tenement Blocks (Bloc 6)

9. Loading Warehouse and Storage

10. Public House (Bloc 6)

11. Pharmacy (Bloc 6)

12. Bank (Bloc 6)

13. Stadium Suburbia


(15 Locations)

14. Low Woodland

15. Fumigation Warehouse (Stadium)

16. Military Triage Center (Stadium)

17. Fire Station 20

18. Verdansk Center: Acropolis National Arena (Stadium)

19. North Gate and Plaza A (Stadium)

20. Parking and Plaza D (Stadium)

21. East Gate and Plaza C (Stadium)

22. Overpass Parking Plaza B (Stadium)

23. Military Checkpoint (Stadium)

24. Parking Plaza C (Stadium)

25. West and Media Gates (Stadium)

26. Plaza B and Park (Stadium)

27. South Gate (Stadium)

28. Great Bridge


(22 Locations)

29. Northern Apartments (Downtown)

30. Soccer Pitch (Bloc)

31. Police Station (Bloc)

32. Bloc

33. Riverside Tenements

34. Entertainment District

35. Art Museum

36. Arts District

37. Monument Roundabout

38. Tavorsk Bridge (Karst River)

39. Government Plaza

40. Corner Café / Construction Site

41. Broadcast and Burger Town

42. Parliament (Verdansk Government Building)

43. Monument (Market Gardens)

44. Market Gardens

45. Metro (Market Gardens)

46. Police Station (Market Gardens)

47. Financial District

48. Gora Bridge (Gora River), Fire Station 12 and WHP Tents

49. Design District

50. Apartments and Shops (Design District)


(8 Locations)

51. Restrooms (Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)

52. Fountain and Kiosks (Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)

53. Public House (Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)

54. Flood Gates (Gora River)

55. Play Park and Restrooms (Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)

56. Styor Spomenik (War Memorial, Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)


58. Comms Tower (Tavorsk: Varskaya Park)




(15 Locations)


2. Rail Tunnel (Bloc 18)

3. Road Bridge (Bloc 18)

4. Fire Station 36 and Gun Store

5. Brick Warehouse

6. Police Station (Bloc 18)



9. Hunter’s Hideaway (Bloc 18)

10. Military Checkpoint (Bloc 18)

11. Karst Bridge

12. Gas Station and Garages (Bloc 18)

13. Road Ravine and Rail Bridge

14. Camping Overlook

15. Coach Trip


(13 Locations)

16. Rock Promontory (Lumber Yard)

17. Iron Bridge

18. Upper Trails and Maintenance Hut

19. Fishing Hut (Karst River)

20. Hut and Water Tower

21. Train Station (Lumber Yard)

22. Gorengard Lumber Yard

23. Gorengard Lumber Warehouses

24. Gorengard Lumber Factory

25. Gorengard Rail Bridge and Dam

26. Gorengard Terminus Building

27. Four Cottages

28. Shack and Old Water Tank


(19 Locations)

29. Gun Store

30. Windmills

31. Pastures (Fetid Pond)

32. Orchard

33. Silos

34. Central Barn

35. Crossroads

36. Crops

37. Launchers

38. Homesteads

39. Plowed Fields (East)

40. Hills

41. Hay Storage

42. Cattle Farms

43. Southwest Farms

44. Southern Farms (and Crops)

45. Southwest Orchard

46. Pasture Hut

47. Pasture Hatch


(18 Locations)

48. Checkpoint (North)

49. North Cranes

50. Lumber

51. Parking Lot

52. Bodyshop

53. Center Cranes

54. Cargo Processing

55. Fuel Depot

56. Processing Center

57. North and South Bridge

58. Vacant

59. Flood Gates (Karst River)

60. Storage

61. South Cranes

62. Pine Forest

63. Checkpoint (South)

64. South Fields

65. Rail Terminus


(11 Locations)

66. Hillside Hut

67. Camping Promontory: Hill

68. Military Post: Prison Entrance


70. Prison Promontory: Cliff

71. Swamp Land

72. Swamp Hut

73. Pipe Tunnel

74. Gulag Battlements and Prison

75. Showers Exit (Gulag)

76. Camping Promontory: Ocean