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Welcome to the Warzone™: Basic Training

Confused about terminology in Call of Duty®: Warzone™? This glossary covers some of the most common terms that appear within Warzone and in our guide.

Welcome to Warzone: 101, recruit! You’re about to read the written version of basic training for understanding what the most common mechanics, sayings, and other matters related to Warzone are.

This guide is supplemental intel for those who are picking up Warzone as their first ever Call of Duty® experience, haven’t played a game in the franchise for a while, or need a refresher on the fundamentals.

Let’s get started:

General COD (Call of Duty) Lingo

ADS – Aim down sights. This occurs when you press the aim button; doing this narrows the spread of the weapon’s fire for more accurate shots.

Attachment – An item that attaches to a weapon that gives it a passive benefit and changes its appearance. An example of an attachment is a Suppressor.

Battle Pass System – A tiered content system that offers multiple personalization and Loadout items. Within the Battle Pass System are free Tiers that are accessible for all players, regardless of whether they own the Battle Pass or not. Purchase the Battle Pass to receive access to unlock 100 Tiers of content.

Camo / Camouflage – A “skin” that only changes the cosmetic appearance of a weapon.

COD Points / Call of Duty Points / CP – An in-game currency that can be used in Warzone to obtain new in-game content, including the Battle Pass.

Double Tiers – When this state is active, your Battle Pass Tier Progression will be at double speed.

Double Weapon XP – When this state is active, you will earn experience points at double the rate for Weapon Levels.

Double XP – When this state is active, you will earn experience points at double the rate for your Enlisted Rank or Officer Rank, and/or Player Level. Earn Double XP tokens by completing challenges in-game, or by redeeming Activision codes. Use a 2XP Token by equipping it from the Warzone menu. An on-screen timer starts, ticking down in real time.

Double XP Token – A timed consumable that doubles your XP for a predetermined time. Earn 2XP (also known as "Double XP") tokens by completing challenges in-game, or by redeeming Activision codes. Use a 2XP Token by equipping it from the Warzone menu. An on-screen timer starts, ticking down in real time. The clock never stops, even if you log out, so only activate a token if you plan to use the full amount of time!

Equipment – A small object that either deals Lethal damage – e.g. a Frag Grenade – or provides a potential Tactical advantage in combat, such as a Flash Grenade blinding an enemy or Stim giving you a quick heal.

Field Upgrade – An ability or piece of gear that gives you a tactical advantage in the Warzone. Think of this as more powerful equipment.

Finishing Moves– A powerful melee attack, performed by holding the melee button behind an unsuspecting enemy.

Gunsmith – Within the Loadout menu, this is where you can customize a weapon’s attachments and camouflage.

Hitmarker – What appears when a shot successfully lands on target. This visual aid also has an audio cue that can be modified within the Options menu.

Hip Fire – The opposite of ADS. This is when you fire a weapon without aiming, which is faster than aiming down sights but may be less accurate.

Identity – The customization menu in the Barracks is where you can equip a calling card and emblem – two personalization images for your in-game profile – as well as equip in-game gestures and sprays, which are emotes to further personalize your in-game Operator.

Killstreak – A reward for earning a set number of kills in one life during a Multiplayer match. These can either deal direct damage to enemy players – e.g. a Precision Airstrike, where twin jets shoot down in a line – or provide recon on enemy movements, such as with a UAV. In Warzone, Killstreaks can be found as Loot or purchased at a Buy Station.

Loadout – What an Operator uses in battle. This consists of two weapons (a primary and a secondary), as well as three perks and two pieces of equipment (lethal and tactical). Loadouts can be created in the Weapons menu and received in Loadout Drops. Alternatively, “Loadout Items,” consisting of weapons and equipment pieces, may also be found within the Warzone.

Military Ranks – The first rank progression track you will experience in Warzone. Go up the Military Ranks to unlock new weapons, perks, and equipment for use in your Loadouts. Caps at rank 55 and does not reset.

Mounting – The act of placing a weapon on a surface, reducing its recoil and increasing aiming stability tremendously.

Operator – Your character in the game.

Optic – A device that offers a precise sight picture while aiming with a weapon. Some optics also offer a zoom level, which makes far away objects appear more clearly, and a magnification toggle, which allows you to switch between two zoom levels.

Perk (in a Loadout) – A passive ability or benefit given to your Operator within a Loadout. One example perk is Overkill, which allows your Operator to carry two primary weapons in a Loadout.

Perk (on a Weapon) – A passive benefit on a weapon that does not change its appearance. A weapon perk can be chosen in lieu of an attachment on most weapons from Modern Warfare® and Black Ops Cold War.

Prestige – A seasonal ranking system after completing the Military Ranks. Earn your first Prestige after completing Military Rank 55, and gain a Prestige at specific levelling milestones during the season, based on progression from previous seasons. Earning every Prestige from every season so far grants you the honorable title of Prestige Master, and you can continue levelling up to Level 1,000 within Prestige system every season.

Primary Weapon – The first weapon in a loadout, such as an Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun (SMG), Light Machine Gun (LMG), Tactical Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, or Melee Weapon (Riot Shield). Usually more powerful and more customizable compared to a Secondary Weapon.

Reticle – A pattern of lines or markings visible through the eyepiece of a scope. All scopes have a reticle by default, with most having additional reticle types through challenges and the Store.

Season – A period of time where new content, such as weapons, Battle Pass Tiers, and Community Events, will become available. This is also where you will progress through Seasonal Prestige, if you completed all Military Ranks.

Secondary Weapon – The second weapon in a loadout, such as a Sidearm (Pistol), Launcher, or Melee Weapon. Usually boast faster handling statistics or are built for more situational use compared to a Primary Weapon.

Vehicle – A drivable machine that can appear around the Warzone. Vehicles include the ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck, and Helicopter; all of which can be customized with skins, horns, and Wartracks.

Wartracks – Songs that play in your vehicle while driving, equippable through the Vehicle Customization menu. Note: Wartracks must be equipped to individual vehicle types and can also be turned off in-game.

Weapon Blueprint – A variant of a weapon family. Comes with a different name than the base weapon within its family, as well as cosmetic differences. May also come pre-equipped with attachments usually earned through natural weapon level progression.

Weapon Level – A progression system separate to Player Level, Enlisted Rank, and Officer Rank. Increase your Weapon Level by dealing damage with that weapon to unlock attachments and camos.

Weapon Charm / Sticker – Cosmetic items that can be equipped to most weaponry through the Gunsmith.

Within the Warzone – Items and Mechanics

Attack Choppers – An autonomous enemy vehicle that appears in Plunder. Shooting down an Attack Chopper will make it drop plenty of Cash. Attack Choppers can, and will, fire back at players who shoot at it.

Attack Helicopter – A variant of the drivable helicopter vehicle that includes a minigun.

Armor Plate – A stackable defense item that mitigates and blocks damage. Your current armor is shown above your health within the HUD. Up to three can be equipped onto an operator, and up to five unused plates can be held at one time.

Banked Cash / Banking Cash – The act of saving Cash within Plunder. Banking Cash is the only way to protect your Cash from being lost upon death. Banking can be done either through Cash Extraction Helipads or Cash Deposit Balloons.

Battle Royale – A game mode within Warzone where operators engage in a fight for all-out survival. Drop in, armor up, loot for rewards, and avoid the Circle Collapse as you fight to become the last squad standing.

Buy Station – An in-game store where operators use Cash to purchase high value loot items. Marked on the Tac Map as a green shopping cart (trolley), the Buy Station is a container that’s larger than a Supply Box, emits a green light onto the ground, and folds out after any Operator uses it for the first time during a match.

Cash – An in-match currency that can be used to purchase high value loot items, such as Killstreaks and Loadout Drop Markers, at a Buy Station. In Plunder, collecting Cash is your main win condition.

Cash Drops – A care package containing plenty of Cash that is available in Plunder. Cash Drops can drop anywhere in Verdansk, and their general locations are put onto your Tac Map.

Cash Deposit Balloon – A unique Field Upgrade found in Plunder. After finding it in Supply Boxes or Buy Stations, this balloon can be deployed wherever as a mobile Cash deposit point. After 15 seconds, the balloon flies away, banking any Cash that was put into it.

Cash Extraction Helipad – In Plunder, these platforms can be activated by a squad so that they can deposit their Cash. Once activated, a colored smoke grenade will mark the helipad for a Cash Extraction Helicopter to dangle a money bag above the platform, where operators can deposit Cash before it flies away after 15 seconds.

Captured: Prisoner of War / The Gulag – A place where you visit after dying in Battle Royale for the first time. Fight in a 1v1 Gunfight – a 100-health duel with randomized loadouts on a small playable area – to redeploy.

Circle Collapse – A deadly gas that engulfs Verdansk during Battle Royale matches. This gas shrinks the playable area in predetermined increments of time, but where it collapses is random. Anyone caught in the collapse takes damage over time and can even be killed.

Contracts – In-game objectives that reward XP, Weapon XP, Cash, Loot, and other benefits during a Warzone match. Only one Contract can be active at a time. More information on Contracts can be found in the Contracts section of this guide.

Downed – When an operator reaches zero health, they enter a downed state, where they constantly lose health on a second health bar. While technically not dead, an operator will have little to defend themselves with, and require a self-revive kit or a teammate to revive them. If an operator “bleeds out” – drop to zero health again while downed – they will die.

Flank – When you take a side path (either left or right) to confront the enemy.

Free-Fall – When your operator is falling from a lethal height and unable to use a loadout, e.g. during infiltration.

Gas Mask – A loot item that grants temporary immunity – 12 seconds – from the Circle Collapse. Without it, expect to start choking and losing health after around two seconds of being in the collapse.

Infiltration / Infil / Deployment / “Dropping in” – The sequence in the beginning of a Warzone match – both Battle Royale and Plunder – where your operator drops out of an aerial vehicle flying over a pre-determined route and parachutes down to safety.

Inventory – Everything your operator is carrying on you. This includes a loadout – weapons, equipment, and perks – along with a Field Upgrade, Killstreak, Armor, Gas Mask, Ammo, and Cash.

Loadout Drop – A package that drops on the ground and allows you to receive any custom Loadout you made, or five default Loadouts.

Loot – An item on the ground that can be added to your inventory.

One Shot – A common community voice callout referring to an enemy that is at very low health, meaning that they are “one shot from being downed.” Depending on the squadmate, the use of the term may or may not accurately represent the enemy player’s actual health, especially after the death of said squadmate.

Parachute – Standard on every operator, this allows you to fall from great heights without taking damage, so long as you activate it. You can also cut a parachute to fall faster by re-entering a free-fall state.

Pinging – An in-game alert system that allows you to non-verbally communicate information to your squadmates.

Plunder – A game mode within Warzone where your mission is to exfil $1,000,000 in Cash. Operators earn in-match Cash by eliminating opponents, completing Contracts, shooting down Attack Choppers, and finding Cash as Loot on the ground or in Cash Drops. The top teams in Plunder have their general location specially marked on the Tac Map. A portion of an operator’s Cash is lost upon death. Cash can be banked either at Cash Extraction Helipads or through Cash Deposit Balloons.

POI / Point of Interest – A locale within Verdansk or Rebirth Island, usually denoted by a landmark. Some POIs are marked and listed in-game (e.g. Summit, Stadium, Grid Array), while more specific ones are covered within the Atlas section of this guide.

Rarity – The value of a loadout item found within Warzone, or as denoted with a Store Bundle. Rarity can be either Player (a custom loadout item, Light Red), Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare(Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (Orange), and Ultra (Dark Red).

Rebirth Island – An alternative experience to Verdansk within Warzone based on a smaller playable area that encourages frenetic gameplay.

Redeploy – The act of getting back into a game by falling from a point in the sky and parachuting down to safety, similar to the initial infiltration. A common example of a Redeploy is when you win a fight in the Gulag after dying in Battle Royale.

Resurgence – A special game mode type associated with Rebirth Island that modifies a traditional Battle Royale game in three ways: the Gulag is closed, killing an enemy reveals their squadmates temporarily on the minimap, and respawns occur when a Rebirth Countdown reaches zero, which can be accelerated with kills.

Revive – The act of helping a downed teammate off the ground by using an interact command with them. Regardless of what an operator is carrying, any operator can revive a teammate.

Self-Revive Kit – An item that revives a downed operator when activated while in a downed state. An operator can still die before the activation of a Self-Revive Kit is complete.

Squad Leader – A designation that gives that specific player’s pings a star, making them stand out on a Tac Map compared to their squadmate’s pings. While being the Squad Leader, you can choose to pass this designation onto a squadmate.

Supply Boxes – A box that can contain multiple loadout items, including those of rarer quality.

Tac Map – A 2-D top-down view of Verdansk. There is a full version of the Tac Map, as well as a mini one that is shown on the top-left corner of your HUD.

Verdansk / Verdansk 1984 – The main area in which you are exploring and fighting within Warzone. As of Season Three, the version of Verdansk set in 1984 is now simply referred to as “Verdansk”.


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