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Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Rebirth Reinforced Guide — Presented by Beenox

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After reimagining Alcatraz as Rebirth Island for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ and listening to the community, developer Beenox is ready to release the largest update to the map during Season Two Reloaded with Rebirth Reinforced.

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Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Rebirth Reinforced Guide — Presented by Beenox

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After reimagining Alcatraz as Rebirth Island for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ and listening to the community, developer Beenox is ready to release the largest update to the map during Season Two Reloaded with Rebirth Reinforced.

  • Map Intel
  • Season 02

Rebirth Reinforced — An Update Presented by Beenox

Rebuilt, redefined, reinforced — from its roots nearly a decade ago to Season Two Reloaded for Warzone and Call of Duty®: Vanguard — Rebirth Island is the fast-paced Warzone experience developed by Beenox with the help of Raven Software.

Tomorrow, Rebirth Island will see its largest update ever. With multiple point of interest changes, new enhanced lighting, an event that rewards tons of XP and additional items, and more, Rebirth Reinforced will both celebrate the map’s history and offer new experiences for players.

This is all built off a year of internal and external feedback, as Beenox’s Creative Director Etienne Pouliot described:

“We play Warzone every day alongside the community and always continue to challenge ourselves to create a better experience,” he said. “I cannot wait to see the reaction of Resurgence Solos or the new Weapon Trade Station we added in the map or all the changes that will bring new situations for all Warzone players. We want to make sure that new and old players can rediscover all the secrets of Rebirth Island and have a fun experience with this great map!”

From Alcatraz to Rebirth Reinforced: Rebirth Island’s History

Before Perseus and Black Ops Cold War’s story — or technically, long after it was over in canon — Treyarch introduced the original island prison with Mob of the Dead, a cult-classic Zombies experience released in Call of Duty®: Black Ops II on April 16, 2013.

That map, soon to be known as Alcatraz, returned at the launch of Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 in 2018 with Blood of the Dead, a sequel that tied the mob’s story more into the greater canon. Black Ops 4 also gave Call of Duty its first foray into the Battle Royale genre with Blackout — within that, on April 2, 2019, Alcatraz was released as a denser, small-lobby alternative to the main Blackout map.

Then came Warzone less than a year later.

With 50 million players dropping in during its first month, all studios who shared the game’s success came together to see how it could evolve for years to come.

“While working on Warzone, Beenox received the mission to bring back Alcatraz from Blackout in a new updated version for a fun and fast-paced experience,” Pouliot said. “We led development on Rebirth Island and all its modes. and developed this map in collaboration with the other studios in Warzone to make sure the quality bar was respected, and — with all the feedback we received — [to] make sure the new Rebirth Island will be top notch on consoles and PC.”

As Call of Duty® shifted from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® to the next Black Ops title, Pouliot recalled Beenox frequently inviting Treyarch in to ensure that the “essence of the initial map and all the great aspects from Alcatraz” were still felt in this new version.

“We had to make sure that the map respects all the metrics from Warzone player experience,” he said, “and we give enough new flavor to the map so old and new players could discover new areas to play with.”

Throughout the design, implementation, and testing process, Beenox wanted to respect the map’s size and density, all while offering a vast variety of engagements.

“We did not want to put too much stuff in it so that the navigation on foot and vehicles feel right for the player,” he said. “Various parts of the map bring different types of gun fights, and I think this is a part of why players like Rebirth Island and Resurgence: you find something for each type of COD player.”

From Season One of Black Ops Cold War through Vanguard’s second season, Rebirth Island hosted millions upon millions of Operators. It was the haven during the Destruction of Verdansk, the bridge between Verdansk ’84 and Caldera, the host of the latest Iron Trials, and even a destination for a community Hide and Seek tournament.

In that time, Beenox kept informed on how the community experienced Rebirth Island and made updates, in addition to being the main development studio for Call of Duty on PC and other projects.

“We listened to feedback from the community,” Pouliot said, “and with Rebirth Reinforced, we revisited some sections of the map to introduce more gameplay situations and add deeper navigational opportunities for the players.”

Updated Point of Interest: Stronghold, Formally Known as Security Area, Refortified

One major area of feedback was the point of interest formally known as the Security Area.

“This POI was one of the least popular in the old Rebirth Island, so we wanted to breathe new fresh air into this area to bring players in a more engaging destination with other areas to fight for around the map,” said Pouliot. “The new buildings and structures will add a layer of complexity to engagements, especially when the match finishes in that area.”

While it is still the lowest-lying point of interest on the map, the area now known as Stronghold features an extended checkpoint gate, a new radar building, and a Redeploy Balloon. These additions all offer verticality and opportunities for better rotations, close-quarter engagements, and exploration.

From the island’s main road, Stronghold’s primary access point is through the checkpoint building. It has two finished booths, a set of two-story buildings connected via walkway over the toll area, and a connected garage structure.

In addition to the building’s roof, there are multiple second-story windows on the building’s walkway over the toll area and on either side of the street, which give some cover while offering raised views of the Stronghold proper. The checkpoint building itself encourages close-quarter combat due to its tight corridors and room structure. It’s also a great place to grab items or Supply Boxes that can potentially spawn here or in the garages.

Past this checkpoint gate is the other new building: a radar station. Replacing the communications tower that once stood on a raised circular concrete platform, this building has multiple points of entry on the ground floor along with an exterior metal staircase up to its roof.

Within the building is a tight hallway, multiple rooms that could contain Supply Boxes and items, and a staircase up to a second floor. Here, there are more opportunities to gather items, some breakable windows that look out over the rest of the Stronghold, and a ladder up to the circular radar control room.

Although the plan is risky, this radar room could be the best shot an Operator can have at engaging sniping enemies from the Living Quarters area toward the map’s center. It offers the most height out of any other building in the Stronghold, so at the very least, it could be considered a power — if not high-notoriety — position.

And, just in case the Circle Collapse rolls in, there is a Redeploy Balloon — one of many new ones on the island — just outside the building. Use it as a quick escape option.

Updated Points of Interest: Docks and Ship at Factory

After launching Rebirth Island, Beenox noticed something missing:

“We had this island with no boat! It makes no sense for us; they (Perseus) need to get some supplies on the island, and with this new POI, there is a new possibility for looting and preparing yourself to fight other enemies in surrounding areas,” Pouliot said.

One of these new boats can be found at a Dock, the new name for Shore, which is located next to the Control Center. A new concrete platform connects the old helipad dock to another one underneath some of the island’s battlements. Between that are construction materials, shipping containers, a crane, and a gangplank onto the new ship.

This supply vessel has an open main deck, a partially accessible supply area closer to sea level, an extensive accommodation section, and two masts — a foremast and a mizzenmast — that can be climbed.

Items and Supply Boxes tend to drop all around the ship except on the masts, which mostly serve as lookout points. For the Docks’ case, the masts’ height is nearly level with the top of the Control Center. 

A similar ship is located at the Nova 6 Factory; the building’s roof is almost perfectly lined up with the top of the masts.

The masts on both ships counter their naturally low-lying position on the water. Know the danger of climbing up the unprotected sides of the mast before getting to these positions; otherwise, those on the shore can easily pick you off.

Because the deadly deep also limits access to and from the vessels, these areas are considered to be high risk, high reward. Especially as more features are added through the Rebirth Reinforced event, the new ships are phenomenal places to build for a Loadout through picking up items, opening Supply Boxes, and even taking on Contracts that other squads may avoid due to their position.

Even if you avoid these ships, knowing that a squad or two will likely drop near the Control Center or Factory should change your squad’s strategies for navigating around Rebirth Island’s shoreline.

Updated Point of Interest: Prison Courtyard

The other major change to Rebirth Island is a reconstruction of the Prison Courtyard.

Before, the yard could be seen as a death trap — an open space with little to no cover, even on top of the wall surrounding it.

With Rebirth Reinforced, there are now cover pieces and green tents within the Courtyard, a refortified wall complete with guard stations, and a walkway that fully wraps around to a repainted water tower. This walkway adds an additional platform level toward the bottom of that notorious structure and connects it to the prison steps area using existing concrete pathways.

Those are just some of the additions to this area, as Operators may find some new jumps, ladders, and slight tweaks that can completely change how they navigate around this section of the Prison Block.

“We added opportunities to protect yourself from different angles and new ways to engage with the Water Tower,” Pouliot said. “These are going to add new and interesting ways to rediscover this spot, like when you’re fighting to the rooftop of the prison cell.”

Rebirth Reinforced Event Details

Alongside the updates to Rebirth Island comes its own event in Rebirth Reinforced.

Like previous events in Warzone, Operators can complete participation challenges to earn new cosmetic items, such as the Legendary “Toxic Heavy” LMG Blueprint for completing all challenges.

On top of these regular objectives are Community Challenges; these larger tasks invite the entire Warzone community to drop into Rebirth Island.

The first of these is just earning kills on the island. If the entire community earns enough kills following the update, those who participated will automatically receive 25,000 XP and unlock the use of Weapon Trade Stations on the island.

There will be three more Community Challenges following this first one, each granting tens of thousands of XP and additional features like Communication Stations, Armored Transport Vehicles, and even Golden Vaults…the last of which will have plenty of in-match rewards, as well as permanent ones, for those who can break into it.

Weapon Trade Station – What to Expect

When it debuts, the Weapon Trade Station will add a slight variation to the current Cash economy in Warzone, allowing operators to trade their current weapon with a new one plus bonus items.

“Sometimes you return in action and find a weapon that you don’t love or without any ammo,” Pouliot said, “so if you have a Weapon Trade Station close to you, it’s the perfect time to trade your weapon for a full clip of ammo ready to take enemies down.”

The Weapon Trade Station will show the weapon you will get in exchange for your current one. At certain rarities, the Weapon Trade Station will also throw in a Cash bonus and additional rewards from a select pool of items.

At launch, here is what it will have to offer, depending on your weapon’s rarity:

Common Rarity Gun

  • Another randomized Common Rarity Gun with a full clip (one magazine or clip, with no additional ammo)

Uncommon Rarity Gun

  • Common Rarity Gun with a full clip
  • 1 randomized Lethal Equipment
  • 1 randomized Tactical Equipment

Rare Gun OR Melee Weapon (of ANY Rarity)

  • Common Rarity Gun with a full clip (no extra clip)  
  • Armor Satchel  Rare Field Upgrade
  • Gas Mask

Epic Rarity Gun

  • Uncommon Rarity Gun  with a full clip (+2 extra clips)
  • Self Revive Kit
  • $500 or $800
  • Armor Satchel or Epic Kill Streak or Epic Field Upgrade

Legendary/Ultra/Heroic Gun

  • Rare Rarity Gun  with a full clip + 2 extra clips
  • $800 or $1200
  • A Legendary Killstreak (e.g., Precision Airstrike)
  • A Legendary Field Upgrade (e.g., Nebula V Rounds) OR, in extremely rare cases, a Specialist Token
  • 1 Random Lethal or Tactical equipment (Ex: Grenade or Flash Grenade)

**Custom Gun**

  • Depending on the number of attachments you will receives a different trade from the Weapon Trade Station. The higher number, the higher the trade.

There is even a special deal at all Weapon Lockers during Fire Sales where any weapon can be traded in for an incredible offer… But like all good sales, we’ll leave that for bargain hunters to find.

Top Five Tips for Rebirth Reinforced

1. A Strong Hold on the Stronghold. The new radar station in the recently renamed Stronghold has fantastic sightlines over the surrounding area and over to the Living Quarters, which previously had a stranglehold over the Security Area. Come up here with a Sniper Rifle for long-distance fights, but beware of enemies sneaking up the ladder or flying through the windows.

2. Ship Show. Whether you’re at the Dock or Factory, taking a walk across the plank to the new ships can be a dangerous, yet rewarding trip. Watch out for nearby enemies who will have a natural height advantage as you plunder the vessel for booty… Or in non-nautical terms: Loadout items, Supply Drops, and Contracts.

3. Full Courtyard Press. Tents and cover pieces in the Courtyard make traveling across it less of a death sentence, but the area’s most intriguing changes have to be with the nearby water tower. It’s possible to shoot through some of the metal grates on each of its levels, making it easier to bring down snipers from a lower elevation.

4. Redeploy Reconnaissance. Redeploy Balloons can be found around Rebirth Island, including at the Stronghold. Use them to quickly escape an encroaching Circle Collapse or to spot enemies while temporarily floating in the air.

5. Prepare to Make a Trade. When they come to Rebirth Reinforced, the Weapon Trade Stations will offer an incredible value for any weapon, including those from the ground that may not play up to their rarity. Although their fixed location poses an inherent risk, visit these stations during a match to stock up on Cash and supplies at the cost of a weapon swap.

“We really hope that players will love this new iteration of Rebirth Island with the new game modes we have implemented for this update,” Pouliot said, “and we cannot wait to play with all of you, continue to get your feedback to improve and continue to create exciting moments on Rebirth Island.”

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