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Season 2 Takes Call of Duty®: Mobile By Storm In Day of Reckoning

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Lock and load, soldiers. Season 2 brings new classic Multiplayer maps, Perks, a new Scorestreak, a new Battle Royale vehicle and class, and more.

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Season 2 Takes Call of Duty®: Mobile By Storm In Day of Reckoning

  • CODM

Lock and load, soldiers. Season 2 brings new classic Multiplayer maps, Perks, a new Scorestreak, a new Battle Royale vehicle and class, and more.

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The world is in turmoil and Cordis Die attacks are getting worse by the hour…

Welcome to Day of Reckoning, the second Season for Call of Duty: Mobile. Releasing later today, Season 2 brings an abundance of new content, including two classic Multiplayer maps, new unlockable weapons, 3v3 Snipers Only Gunfight, a new Battle Royale vehicle and Scorestreak, and all-new earnable rewards and Battle Pass content.


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Day of Reckoning goes live at 4pm (PT) on March 10th. Read on for a look at Season 2 of Call of Duty: Mobile.

New OperatorsModern Warfare's Charly makes an appearance as a default character option for players. Charly joins other female operators in the game, such as Outrider, Vivian Harris and more. Fans everywhere can get Charly for free at launch.

Earn New Rewards in the Day of Reckoning Battle Pass

Day of Reckoning features a brand-new Battle Pass featuring 50 tiers of free and Premium content including new characters, weapons, Blueprints, charms, and more. Let’s look at the highlights:

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Fill out your arsenal with one new weapon and one new scorestreak unlocked for free in the Season 2 Battle Pass. The AS Val, unlocked at Tier 21, is a brand-new and unique fully-auto assault rifle. At Tier 14, you can also grab the new Napalm scorestreak for Multiplayer.

Other free items include the Razorback and M21 EBR – Phantom Limb, Combat Axe – Gas Cloud, a whole series of camos for BR, weapons, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Day of Reckoning stream. Unlock urban combat style skins like Mace – Back for More and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Alex. And don’t miss out on new weapon Blueprints like the AS VAL – Judgment andHVK-30 – Jumper Cable.

New Classic Maps: Shoot House & Shipment 2019

Get ready to duke it out in two of the most classic small maps in Multiplayer history. First introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Shoot House is a fast-paced, three-lane map designed for frenetic engagements within a military training course. Snipe down long sight lines or cut across the lanes seeking close-quarters combat. Whatever your playstyle, be sure to check out our Mobile Map Snapshot: Shoot House article here for a deep dive on the new map.

Shipment (2019) introduces the latest iteration of the fan-favorite map, and it’s just as chaotic as you expect it to be. Fast reflexes and relentless attacks are mandatory for building a streak here, so stay on the move and keep your head on a swivel. On a map this small, the action never stops.

New Multiplayer Perk, Scorestreak

Expand your Multiplayer toolkit with all new gameplay content. Intel nuts can pick the new Recon Perk: every time you take out an enemy, nearby enemies are scanned and displayed on the mini-map.

Like causing chaos? Season 2 introduces the Napalm Scorestreak. Build up enough score and designate a target path for air support to carpet bomb, leaving a trail of damaging fire in its wake.

Calling all Sharpshooters: Snipers Only 3v3 Gunfight

Think you’ve got the best shot? Now you can prove it. In this new Gunfight variant, two teams of three will battle it out to see who can first win six rounds using only sniper rifles. Line ‘em up in your sights right off the bat or stay light on your feet to avoid enemy shots, countering when they’re stuck in the reload. Whatever your tactic, it’s sure to be a tough fight.

New Battle Royale Vehicle and Class

No terrain is too tough for the Truck to handle, the latest vehicle coming to Battle Royale. Jump into this unique vehicle with your squad and make your presence known as you drive in search of the next epic stash of loot.

Able to carry up to six players, the Truck offers heavy protection, while the truck bed itself offers some fun opportunities, like using BR class abilities like Airborne, catching airdrops and allowing players in the bed to have free movement while firing, reloading, or almost anything else.

Command a Soldier in the Pursuit Event

Arriving later this Season, the Pursuit event grants you command over your own Special Ops soldier. Send them out on operations to gather loot to hand over on their return. Talk about a helping hand.

Strengthen your soldier by playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, which in turn earns XP toward leveling your companion. The stronger your soldier, the better the loot they’ll gather in the field. Max out their level and claim the soldier permanently, adding them to your roster of usable Operators.

Look forward to all this and more when Day of Reckoning launches later today. We’ll see you there.

Good luck, soldier.

See you online.

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