We Want You for Liberty Strike!

From July 2 through July 24, celebrate national pride with new gear and double experience opportunities in Liberty Strike, Call of Duty: WWII’s latest community event.

by Call of Duty Staff on July 02, 2018

National pride is swelling across the Headquarters thanks to Liberty Strike, the latest community event for Call of Duty: WWII.

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Break out the red, white and blue, along with a slew of other colors, and see what Sledgehammer Games has in store from now through July 24:

New Gear to Rep Your Country

From the shores of America all the way to the hills of New Zealand, get ready to show pride in your home country with new Uniforms, Calling Cards and Weapon Charms.

With this new gear, you will be able to fly the Union Jack on your favorite weapon, decorate your profile with the Brazilian flag, or even don Canada’s national colors with a Mountain Division uniform complete with the maple leaf.

Four New Weapons

Captain Butcher has a new shipment that can put a bit more bang into your loadouts! Liberty Strike will add three new guns and a new melee weapon to the already expansive arsenal at your disposal.

The ZK-383 is a submachine gun that comes with a built-in selective fire feature, allowing a seamless transition from its short-range “Fast Fire” mode and longer-distance “Slow Fire” mode with a press of a button.

All the way from Soviet territory, the AVS-36 rifle features automatic fire as well as a high damage output and solid fire rate.

Snipers who want to remain undetected will want to check out the De Lisle, a sniper rifle with a built-in suppressor.

Last, but certainly not least, the Push Dagger joins the melee weapon roster as a knife that’s small in size, but big in lethality with a guaranteed one-hit-kill on any successful strike.

An Explosion of Double Experience Opportunities

Throughout Liberty Strike, rank up faster towards that new weapon with double experience in select game modes. And be on the lookout for the limited-time return of beloved game modes like One Shot and Hardcore Ricochet.

Keep your eyes on official Sledgehammer Games social media pages, such as their Twitter account, as well as the Liberty Strike websitefor the latest updates about when and where to rake in that sweet, sweet XP.

A Patriotic Community Challenge

It wouldn’t be a Call of Duty: WWII Community Event without a Community Challenge!

For this challenge, you and the rest of the community will be tasked at earning 260 million total match wins. Every time a team wins a Multiplayer match, one win will be counted towards the community total.

By completing each Community Challenge, the community will be rewarded with a new Calling Card, an Emblem, a Weapon Charm and two free Weapon variants! When the community hits Tier 3, everyone will receive the American II M1911 Variant, and at Tier 5 it’s the Independent II M1 Grand Variant.

Zombies Unlockable Uniforms

On top of all the new gear available directly in Multiplayer, there are also new uniforms that Nazi Zombies survivors can earn.

Complete Orders and Contracts in Nazi Zombies to earn brand-new Moonraven uniforms to wear Multiplayer.

Log on to Call of Duty: WWII now to participate in the Liberty Strike community event before the festivities end on July 24. Good luck, have fun, and rep your country proudly!

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