Apocalypse Z Black Market Highlights

Operation Apocalypse Z has arrived, and with it comes a whole new range of personalization items. With everything from new outfits to weapon camos, there’s something for everyone.

by Call of Duty Staff on July 09, 2019

Contraband Stream

Firebreak’s ‘Fossil’ — Look like you’re outfitted in dinosaur leather with this new outfit. You’ll feel as fierce as a T-rex.

Torque’s ‘The Farmer’ — If you’re ready to settle down in the countryside, get the look with this new outfit for Torque. With his trusty pitchfork at his back, he’s ready to kick ass and eat brains.

Zero’s ‘The Waitress’ — All the flair in the word can’t make Zero look more lively in her zombie outfit. She’s ready to dish out some pain and serve up a healthy portion of lead. 

Ultra Weapon Bribe — This new Weapon Bribe guarantees you one ranged Black Market weapon that you don’t currently own, as well as two Reserve Cases. If you already own a variant of all Black Market weapons, this Bribe will award an additional Black Market weapon variant.

Black Market

Spectre’s ‘The Prepper’ — Be fully wasteland ready with this awesome Epic outfit for Spectre. Outfitted in goggles and gas mask, as well as a hooded cape to guard them from the post-apocalyptic elements, they’re ready for anything.

Backhander Melee Weapon — Slap people around in style with a disembodied zombified arm sporting ultra-hip brass knuckles. 

Outrider’s ‘The Cheerleader’ — You’ll be ready to cheer yourself on as you slay your enemies with Outrider’s new outfit. She’s made it through the apocalypse and won’t be taken down easy.

Russman Blackout Character — With all these zombies around, it only makes sense that this familiar face from Black Ops II has decided to join the crew in Blackout. 

These are just a few of the new things coming your way in Black Market during Operation Apocalypse Z. Check back throughout the Operation for all the new Zombies-themed goods and gear.