Shining A Light On Shadow War

Call of Duty®: WWII’s DLC 4 has arrived

by Call of Duty Staff on September 04, 2018

You’ve fought in Europe. You’ve fought in Africa. You’ve fought in the sea, on land and in the sky. Now, DLC 4: Shadow War takes you to what remains of Nazi strength to snuff out the enemy for good. Mark the end of Call of Duty®: WWII’s DLC season with battles in visually-diverse climates spanning from northern Europe to Africa and everywhere in between.

Shadow War is packed to the brim with new arenas to experience the fight of WWII. Here’s what’s in store.



Frigid snow peaks in the Alps, the dusty caves of Algeria and the remnants of the Nazi headquarters in France are the battlegrounds of the Shadow War Multiplayer Maps. The newest War Mode – Operation Arcane – takes you to a military production facility hidden deep in the dense forests of Austria. Click to learn all the details about the Multiplayer offerings of DLC 4.



Olivia, Jefferson, Drostan and Marie are stuck in Antarctica. With the undead still swarming the world, their only choice is to descend into the Lost City of Thule – an underworld maze filled with frozen subterranean tunnels, candlelit chambers and an unspeakable horror. This is Call of Duty®: WWII DLC Pack 4 – Shadow War’s latest and final Nazi Zombies mission, ‘The Frozen Dawn.’ Battle endless Undead, uncover well-concealed Easter Eggs and become acquainted with the most maddening, twisted, multi-leveled Nazi Zombies experience ever. Click to learn all about it.



Don’t miss DLC Pack 4 – Shadow War, available now on PlayStation®4.