Burn ’Em Down with Incendiary Shells!

Light up the competition with the newest Shotgun attachment.

by Call of Duty Staff on April 19, 2018

Incendiary Shells are now available for everyone – and believe me when I say these primo weapon attachments have everyone grabbing Shotguns to try ‘em. But before bringing the heat to the field, pick up these top-shelf tips for making the other team stop, drop and roll – and soon, they’ll be calling you Death warmed over.

In the Field
When it comes to dealing fiery damage from your Shotgun, it’s best to do it from close- or mid-range. You only get eight Incendiary Shells every re-spawn (seven in the Combat Shotgun), so don’t waste your precious fire-starters trying to pick off a sniper from across Anthropoid – but once you’re in the other team’s face, it’s over. While pieces like the Sawed Off or Toggle Action already pack a fat blow, Incendiary Shells in the mix will guarantee that your enemies get one (1) Viking funeral free of charge.

After leveling up your weapon, your Shotgun is ready for these toasty attachments. Pair ‘em with the Advanced Rifling or Reflex Sight add-ons and you’ll soon be flinging those bad boys farther and more accurately – meaning the other team will be just walking matchsticks in your sights. But if you’re short on patience, try the Airborne Standard Loadout when you spawn and use Incendiaries right away!

Even if an enemy takes you down in the fray, you’ll rack up Afterlife badges or collect Assists just for pre-heating him. See a competitor dodging between buses and cars in Aachen? Even if she’s outta range, sink an Incendiary into a car’s fuel tank and watch as she inhales a lungful of Diesel. And on Domination or Hardpoint, use your Incendiary Shells to disrupt defenders – maybe collect a multi-kill.


Unlike other weapon attachments, Incendiary Shells don’t stay loaded after re-spawn. To keep the burn going, non-Airborne soldiers should tack on the Hustle Basic Training – which allows for reloading these one-hitters faster and while sprinting. If you respawned in the field, Hustle will make sure you can pack the mag without slowing down, saving you a few seconds.  And maybe those few seconds are all you need to cop a Kingslayer badge, or escort the tank in Breakout.

Your Turn!
Now that Incendiary Shells are available for every Division, there’s no excuse not to experiment – especially if you’re drawn to the fleet-footed Airborne, or love to fight with the map-scrambling Resistance, though all Divisions can benefit. Pick up a Shotgun, pack in some Incendiary Shells and jump in a lobby. It’s time to sear the competition!