Resolution #3: Make it On #CODTopPlays

You’ve seen the squad wipes. You’ve heard the trash talk. And now – it’s time to join the party.

by Call of Duty Staff on January 25, 2019

Call of Duty® Top Plays: the official way that Call of Duty celebrates and elevates the best player-submitted moments from our community.

If it was made by a player like you, you can find it on Youtube or social media with the #CODTopPlays hashtag. Check out some epic plays from the best of our community below. Then, submit your own and get noticed in 2019!

Resolution #3 – Gain That Clout on #CODTopPlays

This stone-cold clobbering by snowball and Twitter user @FRSkyRRoZ:


This brutal headshot Quad Feed by Twitter user @xZotiiks:


... And, this WINNING snowball kill by Twitter user @Joker47jk:


Make 2019 the year you get noticed: get out there and see if you can run with the pack.

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