Decision Points Part III: The Endgame

The circle is small and getting smaller – it’s crunch time.

by Call of Duty Staff on February 01, 2019

This is it. The round of your life. You’ve dispensed with anybody who dared cross your path. And now it’s time to finish your mission: clear the rapidly collapsing combat area of all hostiles. In the conclusion of our three-part series on the decisions you make in Blackout, we’ll offer up some suggestions which may lead you to victory. It’s the final circle. Here’s what you need to know.

Utilize the Edge
During earlier circle collapses, the damage inflicted by the collapse can often be worth the strategic trade-off of catching enemies off guard from behind. But now that the game is almost over, the increased damage from the collapse makes it an extremely risky decision to engage in that area. Because this is true, you can reliably treat the edge of the circle as a wall. This “wall" protects your six from a rear ambush and allows you to keep your focus on a smaller area of potential engagements in front of you. Why try to protect yourself from all around when you can stick to the edge and keep your focus towards the center of the circle?

Deploy Perks & Equipment
While things can get a bit nuts during the final circle, it’s important to make use of all those perks and equipment you’ve got in your backpack. Here are some to consider picking up while looting along the way that may come in particularly handy during the home stretch:

Skulker – Quieter, faster movement while crouching. Zoom from cover to cover without even standing up.
Dead Silence – Flank, rush, and creep while making almost no noise. This one is a game-changer.
Reinforced – Increase your resistance to dangerous equipment your opponent might toss at you which not only ups your defense, but it will take your enemies off-guard as well.
Trophy System – If you can’t find Reinforced, this can work well too. The Trophy System shoots down incoming projectiles with impressive efficiency. Not only that, but you can pick it up and redeploy as needed.
Sensor Dart – When the circle is small enough, this detection devil can cover half or more of the combat area. Knowing where your enemies are always boosts your chances of survival.

Look AND Listen
When players are in an increasingly confined space, you can’t afford to be caught off-guard. In addition to keeping your eyes peeled for those last remaining enemies, keep your ears perked as well. Listen for anything: footsteps, doors opening, windows smashing, vehicles revving or the unzipping of dead enemy stashes. Any information you can glean from these noises will make your life much easier when deciding when and how to attack.

Listening doesn’t just mean to opponents. You should also keep in close audio contact with your teammates. In a Duo or Quad situation, having multiple players alive means you can pounce and flank smaller teams or individual glory-seekers. Stay chatty and call out movements, locations and incoming equipment. Use your teammates perspectives as extra intel. Even if they’re dead and just spectating you, they may help you spot an enemy that you missed.

It’s no small task to come away from a Blackout match with a victory. But, with these tips and a calm demeanor, you should stride into the final circle of any Blackout match with confidence. So, now it’s up to you. Go forth and stake your claim to the winner’s circle. Trust us: there’s no better feeling.

This article is the last in a series. For Blackout Decision Points Part I & II, click below.

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