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Celebrate the New Year with Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 1 – Reawakening

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Test your luck and enjoy good fortune in the Year of the Rabbit while bringing the battle to Call of Duty: Mobile with a new Multiplayer game mode, new Battle Royale points of interest, a new seasonal currency tied to exclusive items, the Mythic DL Q33, and more.

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Celebrate the New Year with Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 1 – Reawakening

  • CODM

Test your luck and enjoy good fortune in the Year of the Rabbit while bringing the battle to Call of Duty: Mobile with a new Multiplayer game mode, new Battle Royale points of interest, a new seasonal currency tied to exclusive items, the Mythic DL Q33, and more.

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The world is reeling in the aftermath of the attack on New Vision City. The UAC has been disbanded while the Atlas Corporation licks its wounds. Amidst the uncertainty, a personal quest ensues. 

Welcome to Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 1 – Reawakening. In addition to the dramatic narrative, we’re also celebrating the Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit. Prepare for a huge influx of seasonal content, including new Multiplayer modes, a Year of the Rabbit–themed Nuketown, new Battle Royale points of interest, new loot opportunities, and more. 

Season 1: Reawakening launches on January 18 at 4PM PT. Read on for a look at what’s coming. 


Gear Up With the Reawakening Battle Pass 

The Reawakening Battle Pass includes free and premium items, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and more. 

Battle Pass Free Tiers 

Start the new year strong with the Dingo – Conquest All first introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III and unlocked at Tier 21 in the Battle Pass. Get the Stim Shot at Tier 14. Other free tier highlights include a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the AS VAL – Mighty Steeds at Tier 50. 

Premium Pass Tiers 

Purchase the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all the content available in the Reawakening stream, including new Operator Skins like Cassius – Fate’s Champion, Rampage – Venomous, Baker – Breaker, and a special reskin for Bathysphere – Hog Heaven. Premium Tier Weapon Blueprints include the Type 25 – Rooster Dawn, LK24 – Amethyst Serpent, the MX9 – Golden Stripes, the HS2126 – Pig Dynasty, plus a Blueprint for the new Season 1 weapon, the Dingo – Monkey King’s Legacy. 

Battle Pass Subscription: Join the Ground Forces by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription. In addition to gaining access to the full Battle Pass, you’ll also earn extra rewards each season along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, plus limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. 

Season 1’s Ground Forces will acquire the Naga – Rare Breed Operator Skin, the QQ9 – Jungle Beast Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack 17 – Jungle Beast. 


Multiplayer: New and Updated Modes, Year of the Rabbit Nuketown 

Season 1 introduces a new Multiplayer mode that is sure to bring fun and mayhem your deployments. 

Big Head Blizzard: Not all battles have to be serious. In this party mode, you acquire energy as you deal damage to enemies. The more energy you acquire, the bigger your Operator’s head becomes until you finally transform into a bobblehead-like character equipped with just a melee weapon and increased health points. Go get ’em. 

Super Attack of the Undead: In addition to the new mode, Season 1 is also introducing an updated version of Super Attack of the Undead that reflects the Season’s Lunar New Year theme, and includes updated character models, new abilities for the infected and survivors, plus support for additional maps. 

Nuketown – Year of the Rabbit Temple: Alongside the new and updated modes, deploy to the Lunar New Year–themed Nuketown – Year of the Rabbit Multiplayer map, set within the bounds of a metropolitan city and featuring aesthetics representing the Year of the Rabbit. 


New Battle Royale Points of Interest: Ecology Lab, T-3 Refinery 

Explore two new points of interest on Isolated that are filled with loot opportunities and new combat encounters. Access the Ecology Lab and interact with computers in the greenhouses to acquire in-game consumables like more ammo. While scavenging through the T-3 Refinery, hop into one of two treatment cylinders that create an updraft to lift players up and out of the building, making for the perfect escape or a surprise attack opportunity. 


Earn Exclusive Content With New Seasonal Currency 

Supported through Season 1 and into part of Season 2, the new Limited Time Tickets act as a temporary seasonal currency that can be earned in-game and can then be spent in a new marketplace. 


Greater Loot Opportunities in the Lunar New Year 

Red Envelopes: In celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, find the Atlas NPC located in the new Battle Royale points of interest and complete time-limited missions in exchange for Red Envelopes that contain the new seasonal currency.  

R.A.B.T. Robot: Keep your eyes peeled for this small rabbit-like robot found randomly around Isolated. Attack it quickly to earn loot – the more damage you inflict, the greater your reward.  

Loot Balloons: Watch the skies for large, Lunar New Year–themed balloons positioned across various points of interest in Isolated. Shoot them down and grab the dropped loot before the enemy does.  


New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events 

Complete a variety of new Seasonal Challenges and Featured events to earn rewards like new Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more. Check in-game throughout the season for additional opportunities, including a challenge that when completed awards a new signature magazine attachment for the DL Q33; bullets that miss their target by a small amount will still deal impact damage. 


Store Update: New Mythic Draw, Winter War Enters the Battle Pass Vault, and More 

Mythic DL Q33: Try your luck for the new Mythic DL Q33 – Lotus Flames, a fiery Weapon Blueprint that’s paired with the equally intimidating Naga – Destined Destroyer Operator Skin and with other flame-tinged items. 

Look for other Season 1 Draws featuring Zodiac-themed Operator Skins like Sparrowhawk – The Hare, Shadowfall, and Tiangu, alongside Legendary Weapon Blueprints like the Dingo – Scarlet Oracle, MAC-10 – Dragon’s Might, and the AS VAL – Beijing Operatic. 

Battle Pass Vault: Season 1 adds the Winter War stream to the Battle Pass Vault, providing the chance to earn content you may have missed, such as Epic Operator Skins like Golem – Siberia, Ghost – Dark Vision, Adler – Mountain Drab, and Park – Safehouse, as well as Epic Weapon Blueprints like the BY15 – Top Dog, GKS – Pack Warrior, Man-O-War – Pack Leader, and the RUS-79U – Troika. 

Season 1: Reawakening launches on Call of Duty: Mobile at 4PM PT on January 18. 


See you online. 

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