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Introducing the Season Three Battle Pass and Initial Bundles for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™

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Get a full briefing on 100 Tiers of new content in the Season Three Battle Pass System, including two free weapons and the new Wraith Operator. Also get a glimpse of Store Bundles launching alongside the new season.

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Introducing the Season Three Battle Pass and Initial Bundles for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™

  • BOCW
  • WZ

Get a full briefing on 100 Tiers of new content in the Season Three Battle Pass System, including two free weapons and the new Wraith Operator. Also get a glimpse of Store Bundles launching alongside the new season.

  • Battle Pass Intel
  • Season 03

Season Three of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone promises a lot of epic, new  content, not least of which is 100 Tiers of brand-new content unlockable via the Season Three Battle Pass.

Gain access to new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints — including a new Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint — Wrist Accessories, Weapon Charms, and more for use in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer and Zombies and in Warzone. Free earnable items include a new SMG and sniper rifle, as well as up to 1300 COD Points just by playing the game.

We’ve also got a fresh dose of new Store Bundles launching alongside Season Three, including some sinister new villains, as well as Tracer Packs, Mastercraft and Reactive Weapon Blueprints, and more.

So let’s get to it. Here are some of the highlights you’ll find in the Season Three Battle Pass and in the initial Season Three Store Bundle offerings:

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Season Three Battle Pass Highlights

Tier 0 — Instantly Unlock Wraith, a New Woods Skin, and More

New Operator — Wraith: Once a Norwegian Intelligence Service Operator, Wraith has since turned on her former allies, becoming a Perseus agent. Her expertise in infiltration and sabotage along with her upbringing in the alpine wilderness make her an invaluable combat asset. Unlock Wraith right at Tier 0 with her Legendary “Disruptor” Operator Skin, packed with munitions and geared for maximum intimidation.

Complete Wraith’s Operator Missions to receive XP rewards, cosmetic items, and new Operator Skins.

Woods Operator Skin: As Frank Woods heads from Southeast Asia to Verdansk, he’ll need a variety of gear for any situation. At Tier 0, instantly unlock his new “Stinger” Skin. The tier additionally includes an Operator Mission and new Wrist Accessory.

Seasonal XP Boost: Purchase the Season Three Battle Pass and enjoy a 10% increase in all XP earned during the season.

New Free Base Weapons

Get your hands on the new SMG and sniper rifle for use in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone. Both weapons are free to earn in the Season Three Battle Pass System.   

PPSh-41 SMG (Tier 15): The fan-favorite SMG returns. This rapid-fire, high-capacity weapon is perfect for close-quarters fights where you need to take out multiple targets fast. Whether you’re shredding enemy Operators or the undead horde, the PPSh-41 is an ideal weapon for aggressive play.

Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle (Tier 31): A bolt-action sniper rifle built for precision and power, the Swiss K31 boasts exceptional accuracy and fast rechamber and aiming speeds with a large ammo capacity. This design shines for snipers on the move, whether you’re trekking through Warzone or pushing the objective in Multiplayer.

Deck Out Your Operators

“Battle Tested” Park Skin (Tier 20): Dress for comfort in combat with Park’s new “Battle Tested” Operator Skin. The Tier also includes new Operator Missions with 4 unlockable skins. Complete them all to earn “Battle Forged,” “Battle Scarred,” “Battle Frozen,” and “Battle Arc,” in addition to bonus XP.

“Encroachment” Song Skin (Tier 50): Mil-Sim Operator and counterterrorism specialist Kwan Song gets a new alternate Operator Skin in the Season Three Battle Pass. Dressed in fatigues, a mask, and a beret, Song is ready for the fight. Complete her Operator Mission to earn the “Northern Limit Line” and “Sand Storm” Operator Skins.

PLUS, the “Double Tap” Finishing Move (Tier 19): Sneak up behind your enemy and hold the melee attack button to finish them off in style. This Finishing Move is usable by all Operators and is equipped in the Operator menu.

New Weapon Blueprints

Stock up on plenty of new Weapon Blueprints spread across a variety of primary and secondary categories within the Season Three Battle Pass System, including multiple Legendary Weapon Blueprints and a new Ultra-rarity Weapon Blueprint. Here are some of the highlights:

“Vex Lord” Assault Rifle Blueprint (FREE Tier 21): This Legendary Weapon Blueprint excels in a wide range of situations.

“Gilded Rose” Shotgun Blueprint (Tier 27): Pump lead into your enemies with this deadly new shotgun Weapon Blueprint featuring multiple preset attachments.

“Slow Death” LMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 55): Keep the enemy cowering as you fire away with this high-capacity LMG. 

Tier 95 — Ultra-Rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint

Just wait until you get your hands on this bad boy. The Season Three Battle Pass introduces the incredible “Loud Pipe” Ultra-rarity Reactive SMG Weapon Blueprint.

With Reactive weapons, you can literally show off what you’re made of, as the weapon’s appearance evolves as you accumulate kills in the match. 

Tier 100 — Complete the Battle Pass for Major Rewards

Master Operators who progress through all 100 Tiers will collect these Legendary spoils of war upon reaching Tier 100:

“White Queen” Wraith Skin and Operator Mission: You thought Wraith looked intimidating at Tier 0? You haven’t seen anything yet. This black, white, and red outfit screams style and terror, a perfect fit for Wraith’s cold-blooded nature. Complete the included Operator Mission to unlock her “Furious Queen” Operator Skin and new rewards.

“Roman Standard” Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint: Based on the new Season Three Battle Pass sniper rifle, the “Roman Standard” Weapon Blueprint comes loaded with attachments ready for deployment.

1,300 COD Points

Just as in previous seasons, the Season Three Battle Pass System gives you the chance to earn up to 300 COD Points across free Tiers and up to 1,300 COD Points via the paid Battle Pass, more than enough to purchase a future Battle Pass.

COD Points can also be spent in Store Bundles, such as these highlights launching alongside Season Three:

Season Three Store Highlights — Bundles

Season Three brings new Store Bundles throughout the season that you don’t want to miss, including new Operators, Weapon Blueprints, Tracer Packs, and more.

Got some tricks up your sleeve? Here’s another with the Disappearing Ink Store Bundle, featuring the Legendary “Black Inknife” Ballistic Knife Weapon Blueprint alongside the “Armed & Charged” Wrist Accessory and the “Ballistic Blast” Finishing Move, plus a new Gesture, Emblem, and Calling Card. Note: the Ballistic Knife will only be available in Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season Three, and available in Warzone later in-season.

Also later in the season, get the Knight Operator Bundle to secure Roman “Knight” Gray, the second member of the deadly Perseus duo responsible for the events at Mount Yamantau. The bundle additionally includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints with dismemberment effects, the “Bird of Prey” Finishing Move with Snow Hawk pet companion, the “Langskip” Weapon Charm, and more.

Visit the in-game Store to purchase these and more, like the Tracer Pack: Big Joke II, the Tracer Pack: Alien Infestation Mastercraft, the Jetfighter Reactive Bundle, and others throughout the season.

Purchase the Season Three Battle Pass Today

Purchase the Season Three Battle Pass for 1,000 COD Points and get access to unlock all 100 Tiers within the Season Three Battle Pass System. Or go big and get the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,400 COD Points, including the Season Three Battle Pass, as well as 20 instant Tier Skips for immediate access to items like the new PPSh-41 SMG, the “Field Infantry” SMG Weapon Blueprint, the Legendary “Double Tap” Finishing Move, and more.

Gear up and get ready to deploy with all new content as part of Black Ops Cold War Season Three. Visit for more info.

Execute the mission.

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