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Alcatraz in Call of Duty® Mobile – Overview and Tips for the New Battle Royale Map

  • CODM

Fight for your survival on Alcatraz, a new map that changes the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale experience, with these strategies for success.

Alcatraz in Call of Duty® Mobile – Overview and Tips for the New Battle Royale Map

  • CODM

Fight for your survival on Alcatraz, a new map that changes the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale experience, with these strategies for success.

You thought that this Anniversary Season could be held on just one Battle Royale map?

Alcatraz, the notorious island prison that emanates a mysterious unnatural energy, is now available as a second playable map in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale.

First introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, Alcatraz flips the script on traditional Battle Royale mechanics, such as redeploys and loadouts, for a unique fast-paced experience. From close quarters combat in the Cellhouse to long-range fighting on the island grounds, squads must take no prisoners if they want to claim victory, especially as redeploy planes can bring a team on their last survivor back to full strength.

Here’s what you need to know about this new map, including tips on doing what few have done before: getting off this island alive.

Alcatraz Overview

Where Isolated spreads players across a large swath of territory, Alcatraz’ map is smaller in scale, forcing engagements early and often for a reduced lobby size of ten four-player squads.

Just like in Isolated, the circle collapse will activate shortly after the start of the match, enclosing players in an ever-smaller safe area as they battle to be the last squad standing. Ammo and weapon vending machines can also be found on Alcatraz, with all machine locations marked on the mini-map so that soldiers can plan their drops accordingly.

Unique to this map, every player drops in with a random uncommon Assault Rifle or SMG, and each player is given up to five redeploys after death. So long as at least one teammate is still alive and the match hasn’t yet reached the final collapse, redeploy planes will fly over and give the fallen a second (or third… or sixth) chance at victory with a means to defend themselves on the drop.

Another feature for Alcatraz involves classes: instead of picking one before dropping into a Battle Royale match like in Isolated, soldiers can find class pickups on the ground, in boxes, or in an Airdrop. At launch, expect to find the Scout, Ninja, Medic, Defender, Smoke Bomber, and Hacker classes among the usual item pool of weapons and equipment.

Don’t worry about swapping classes mid-match via pickups; any energy earned towards active skills is maintained between classes. However, dying resets your energy and discards your class, putting a price on the otherwise free redeployment opportunities.

Of course, the other major new feature for Alcatraz is the map itself; expect to fight in and around the landmarks across the island:

Alcatraz Map Intel

North Island: Powerhouse, Industries, and Officer’s Club

The northern coastline is home to several buildings stuffed to the brim with items and primed for frenzied close-quarters combat.

Model Industries, the largest of these landmarks, is a three-story building with an accessible basement and rooftop, all of which could contain items that are crucial to your survival. Secure a long-range weapon and head to the roof for views over the other buildings here including the New Industries building, a longer yet lower structure with an opening on the rooftop allowing for easy drop-ins.

The Powerhouse is a long, angled building that can play host to plenty of fights within its interior. Those on its accessible rooftop can fire down on action down below through open spaces or do battle with those higher up on the Model Industries building.

Then there is the smallest building of the bunch: the Officer’s Club, a long building that can either serve as an outlet from potential chaos in other landmarks, or be a hotbed to intense CQB combat. This building is closest to a cable car found near the Docks, which squads can hop aboard to take a ride up to the top of the Cellhouse, the crown jewel of the map’s Center Island locations.

Center Island: Cellhouse and Warden’s House

Smack in the middle of the map sits the Cellhouse, the infamous penitentiary where the vilest of criminals were locked up.

For the purpose of a Battle Royale, these cellblocks become multi-level shooting arenas with an abundance of items found within its tight corridors and cells. Drop in from the rooftop or enter from the ground floor, though no matter where and how you enter the Cellhouse, always be ready for a fight. Expect plenty of close-range fights around corners, with mid-range and long-distance weaponry finding their stride near staircases and on the roof.

On the south end of Cellhouse is the Warden’s House, an area with several multi-story buildings that make it a great alternate drop point for those looking to avoid the Cellhouse’s chaos or pick off its survivors. Snipers may want to flock to the lighthouse here for a commanding view of the island, although the water tower just north of Cellhouse also provides a great vista.

South Island: Ruins, Parade Grounds, Docks, and Shipwreck

The Ruins and Parade Grounds are two of the more open and low-lying locations on the island. These can be great areas to drop into at the start of the match, as there are plenty of items for the whole squad here. Just don’t stick around for too long, as these areas offer little protection from snipers on higher ground.

If you really want to get away from the action, head south of the Parade Grounds to the Shipwreck. Due to its open layout, it tends to be a less popular drop point compared to other landmarks, but should you stay here as the game progresses, expect to be vulnerable to long range attacks. The circle collapse often closes off this area early on, too, so drop in, loot up, and move to the main island.

Finally, the Docks have its namesake structures on the water and a main building on the shore. Both areas within the Docks contain plenty of opportunities to gather some items, and while they are lower lying than points central and north, their partial obstruction from higher ground could make them safer than the more open Parade Grounds and Ruins. You can also find an access point to the cable car north of the Docks on the way to the Officer’s Club.

Top Five Tips for Alcatraz

5. Fight First, Loot Later. It can be really tempting to search for items when you enter a building but be sure to look around and listen for enemies first before gathering items. That shiny assault rifle won’t do you any good if an enemy soldier is just around the corner ready to fight you for it.

4. Redeploy and Engage. You lose your equipped weapons and class after death but keep your chin up: each redeploy gives you a new uncommon assault rifle or SMG, randomly chosen each match. While you’ll want to eventually gather better weaponry from what’s available on the island, you don’t have to scramble on landing for a means to defend yourself.

3. Gear Up at the Vending Machine. As the match goes on, ground loot will become more and more sparse. Take note of the vending machine locations as you near the end of the match and prepare for other soldiers who have the same idea of dropping in on them after a redeploy.

2. Let Your Weapons Guide You. In much of the tight interior space, you’re going to want a shotgun or SMG. Likewise, long-range weapons rule the rooftops and much of the exterior island. If you’re not sure where to go, let your current weapon setup guide you to areas where you have the potential advantage.

1. Coordinate and Communicate. Alcatraz is won and lost by those who use their mics and coordinate their efforts, especially when it comes to infiltrating the Cellhouse. Team up with friends or get the random squadmates on the same page using mics, and you’ll be well on your way to escaping the island with a well-earned W.

Prepare for mobilization, soldier; we’ll see you online.


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