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Blackout BBQ: Grill ‘Em Up With The Purifier

  • BO4

Take in these helpful tips for getting the most sizzle out of Firebreak’s Special Issue Weaponry this 4th of July.

Blackout BBQ: Grill ‘Em Up With The Purifier

  • BO4

Take in these helpful tips for getting the most sizzle out of Firebreak’s Special Issue Weaponry this 4th of July.

It's summertime. It's July. And, for Americans that equals prime grillin’ season. In celebration, we’re dropping into Blackout and cooking our enemies with Firebreak’s Purifier.

Found in supply crates and supply drops, this hefty hunk of incendiary fury engulfs opponents in damaging flames. It’s a powerful weapon that can be used to devastating effect when properly deployed. Here’s a quick rundown of some helpful tips for getting the most out of the Purifier in Blackout.

Know Your Limits

While visually impressive, the range of the Purifier flames only extend so far. Limited range is the sole challenge Purifier-wielders face. If you fire too far from an enemy, they may easily elude you.

This weapon is most effective at close-quarters so take that into consideration before equipping it. Enemies inside of houses, garages, or looting up at gas stations are prime candidates to feel the heat of the Purifier. For example, the flame-thrower makes quick work of the eight residences just to the east of Construction Site. Another place for the Purifier to shine? A southwestern, final circle in the desert with only rocks for cover. If you know an opponent is hiding behind a rock, consider popping Dead Silence, get close and let the flames fly. 

Don’t Let Up

You can’t ADS with the Purifier. Instead there’s a small, circular effective area where the flames emit. The amount of damage enemies take varies depending on how far away they are. This can make it difficult to know just how much of the Purifier it can take to wipe out an opponent. 

Therefore, it’s usually a good idea to consider laying down on that trigger until you can confirm your kill. Some players may be stunned by seeing the Purifier, and you can employ other tactics to take them down even if they are out of range. However, if you get a squirrely foe attempting to evade your fire by hopping around, move with them to keep them in range on target to secure the kill. 

Utilize Equipment/Perks

Equipment and perks that bring you closer to your target should be considered when looting up if you are using the Purifier. Concussions, Grapple Guns, and Smoke can help you effectively close distance between you and opponents. Also, Grenades or Clusters can be used as a tactic to draw out enemies and send them running in a desired direction where you can meet them with the Purifier. 

For a situation where an opponent has the high ground or a protected position, Concussion Grenades can make for an excellent neutralizer, buying you precious seconds to close the gap if used effectively. Another, less stealthy, yet very cool-looking method of closing the gap between you and an enemy is the Grapple Gun. See somebody on a roof and don’t want to risk climbing a ladder only to get lit up as soon as you hit the top? Plant that grapple and turn up the heat.

On the perk side, items that increase stealth and mobility are worth a second look. Dead Silence, Skulker, and Mobility all can work to approach a foe unaware, especially if a squad is running from the Collapse or engaged in another firefight. When players are distracted consider equipping one of these perks before rushing in with the Purifier. 

Special Issue Weaponry brings exciting variety to Blackout, and Firebreak’s flamethrower is a perfect example of that dynamic. So, this July 4th do some grilling in Blackout the best way we know how: the righteous flames of the Purifier.

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