Conscious Coupling: Specialist Pairings That Put In Work

Teamwork is everything.

Conscious Coupling: Specialist Pairings That Put In Work

Teamwork is everything.

Your choice of Specialist provides specific skills that can swing a match in your favor. Since team members must each pick a different Specialist, figuring out how each of their abilities combine as force multipliers will likely prove to be the critical difference between victory and defeat.

To accelerate your path to Multiplayer mastery, we’ve highlighted several potential Specialist combinations to illustrate how, together, you can become stronger than the sum of your team’s parts.  While your central contribution is still about kicking ass, capturing objectives, earning score and contributing to the team’s victory, learning how to accent your teammates’ abilities will help take you from great-to-unstoppable. With so many different Specialists to choose from, you’ll likely find many other combos that are more to your liking. Everyone has their own particular playstyle, and as you log more hours of gameplay, you’ll find the combos more aligned with how you play. For now, here are a few example Specialist combos to help inspire you and your team on your quest for total domination. 

Ajax & Ruin

Special Issue Equipment: 9-Bang – Tactical grenade that flashes and stuns. Can be cooked for multiple detonations.
Specialist Weapon: Ballistic Shield – Durable transforming defensive shield with a built-in machine pistol.

Special Issue Equipment: Grapple Gun – Allows user to quickly grapple and zip to locations nearby.
Specialist Weapon: Grav Slam – Kinetic device that delivers a lethal blast radius around the point of impact

The Work
Plowing through a well-defended lane onto an objective isn’t easy because your enemy knows where you’re coming from and they’ve got their sights trained on that path. Consider this lethal one-two punch to break through any defense with power and a bit of style. Ajax can forge a path and create mobile cover with his Ballistic Shield. As defenders harmlessly empty their clips into his Shield, Ajax sends them ducking with the built-in machine pistol. That buys Ruin the precious time, space and cover needed to spring into action. He plants that Grapple Gun over a nearby objective and drops his patented Grav Slam finishing move, unleashing a kinetic blast that devastates any enemies on that objective point. When the dust settles, all that’s left to do is snatch that objective.

Crash, Torque & Firebreak

Special Issue Equipment: Assault Pack – Supplies ammo packs that provide bonus score for taking down enemies.
Specialist Weapon: TAK-5 – Heals, boosts max health, and removes Wounds for the user and their team.

Special Issue Equipment: Razor Wire – Damages and slows enemies that attempt to cross it.
Specialist Weapon: Barricade – Reinforced cover for protection while securing objectives. Built in microwave field slows and damages enemies.

Special Issue Equipment: Reactor Core – Emits a damaging radiation field that wounds enemies and reduces their maximum health for a time and prevents healing.
Specialist Weapon: Purifier – Flamethrower that shoots a steady stream of flame, scorching enemies within close range.

The Work 
This trio of Specialists help to illustrate how a combo can complement one another for a firm defense that any opponent will have tough time trying to break. Torque’s deal is simple: use his Barricade and Razor Wire to cover narrow pathways. When deployed effectively, these obstacles are difficult for enemies to physically pass through. If you’re bearing the brunt of an enemy advance and taking damage, you’ll hopefully have someone like Crash to reinforce your defenses.

Crash’s Tak-5 is the perfect tool for this use: not only is he able to heal himself, but he possesses the ability to heal his teammates’ wounds as well. Being the team’s corpsman is one upside – Crash is also able to re-stock everyone with extra ammo. Heal up, load up and repel the hostiles’ advance!

To totally deny the enemy’s advance, a Specialist like Firebreak will likely come in handy. For example, his Purifier clears wide swaths of space with lethal flames, while his Reactor Core emits a radiation field that reduces the health of any enemy who steps in its range, while preventing their healing as well.

When effectively combining player skill and Specialist abilities, proper execution from a trio like Torque, Crash and Firebreak allows three players to exercise dominance in a team. 

Battery & Recon

Special Issue Equipment: Cluster Grenade – Powerful explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and releases sub-munitions upon detonation.
Specialist Weapon: War Machine – High explosive grenade launcher.

Special Issue Equipment: Sensor Dart - Reveals enemies within its proximity.
Specialist Weapon: Vision Pulse - Pulse the map to reveal all the enemies for yourself and teammates.

The Work
There’s no “right” way to attack a well-defended area. To attack a specific area in a more tactical, explosive manner, the Recon + Battery is a combo worth considering. Recon’s Sensor Dart reveals enemies within its proximity, while his Vision Pulse reveals all enemies for your entire squad – contributing to greater battlefield awareness and the chance for coordination between your teammates. Be advised, however; while the Vision Pulse illuminates enemies, they will know that they’ve been painted. 

This is where Battery comes in. Once your team knows where enemies are clustered, Battery can to break out her War Machine and lay waste to the opposition with a flurry of grenades. So, if you see that multiple enemies are in an area, this is a sound way to ruin their day.

These are just several of the many, many combinations you’ll find extremely powerful in a match – and of course, you ultimately have to find the combos that work best for you and your teammates. Start by thinking about these combinations and then riff on combos from there – we’re confident you’ll find something that suits your style. Now get back in there and unleash the power of combined force!

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