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Warzone Wednesday, June 30 — Five Tips and a Tour of Promenade West

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A once-peaceful neighborhood shopping district is now the site for plentiful loot and rampant combat opportunities. Read on for tips and intel.

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Warzone Wednesday, June 30 — Five Tips and a Tour of Promenade West

  • WZ

A once-peaceful neighborhood shopping district is now the site for plentiful loot and rampant combat opportunities. Read on for tips and intel.

  • Strategy Guides

It’s Warzone Wednesday — Let’s Drop In

Welcome to the Warzone.

Every Wednesday is Warzone Wednesday here on the Call of Duty® blog. This weekly column — and, by extension, the Official Warzone Strategy Guide — will help you become one of the most elite Operators in the world.

The strategy guide is fully updated for Verdansk, and to help you digest its 230,000+ words of wisdom, we’re breaking down a fresh Point of Interest and providing five tips straight from the guide. We’ll keep you informed of future Warzone™ updates, too.

Now let’s get moving. Here’s Warzone Wednesday Week 10:

Point of Interest of the Week: Promenade West — Central Square Park

In the southwest corner of Verdansk, Barakett Promenade West resembles a formerly idyllic residential area. Gas stations, apartments, a public house, a park, and other community features are now at the center of an escalating war, and you’ll need to get a handle on the layout if you hope to survive. Within the shopping district, we’re looking at Central Square Park, a location you’ll want to study so you know your options — and vulnerabilities — when fighting breaks out in the open. 

Central Square Park Overview — Φ/Λ: D/7 (Center-West). The western half of the Barakett Shopping District has an impressively long park to discover between the two main roads. Stretching over four blocks, it runs roughly east to west from the roundabout outside the Train Station, toward the Gas Station (southwest). Look for the iron archways, flower planters, a variety of trees, and concrete steps and pathways. The relative lack of cover means you can use this to drive through or watch for signs of movement.

Central Square Park (Northeast): The northeastern section of park begins with two welcoming sets of stairs and a sign adjacent to the roundabout outside the Train Station. Venture farther to discover a circular fountain and monument (with the water drained), side exits to the roads on either side of the park, a sitting area and play park, and a path to a pedestrian crossing and a bus stop. This section of park ends across from the Pharmacy.

Central Square Park (Southwest): Enter via the single arched entrance, passing Restrooms and inspecting a stone bridge spanning a shallow pond, two side exits, and additional planters and sitting benches before the park ends near a cargo truck. Continue southwest, out of the Market, if you’re wanting a Burger Town or Pub break.

What a lovely day for a walk in the park. For a deeper dive on Barakett Promenade West, including info on the Electronics Store, Fire Station 7, Pharmacy Block, and more, head over to the Official Warzone Strategy Guide.

Top Five Tips of the Week:

In this week’s #WarzoneWednesday, we’ve got some tips on making the most out of the items in your inventory, as well as more insights related to Promenade West. Pay attention and reap the benefits.

Tip #139 — Field Upgrades: The Ultimate Utility Tool

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Inventory

Field Upgrades may be rarer finds than weapons or equipment, but these one-time-use tools can significantly help in keeping you and your trio alive. If you already have one, be sure to ping additional ones for squadmates so you have as much utility as possible for the long road to victory.

Tip #141 — Death from Above

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Inventory

Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes are two powerful Killstreaks that can wipe out entire fireteams… but only if they’re placed well. Try aiming them at important item caches out in the open to deny enemy squads from grabbing them, or in front of enemies who are rushing toward or away from you.

Tip #233 — A Complete Neighborhood

Atlas / Verdansk: Southwest / Barakett Promenade West

The Barakett Promenade area has nearly every chain store within Verdansk, as well as a Public House, a Bank, Gas Stations, and a Fire House. If your squad wants to scavenge a reliable area for specific items, mark the Promenade down on your Tac Map.

Tip #234 — Stroll through Central Square Park

Atlas / Verdansk: Southwest / Barakett Promenade West

Before the Barakett Market set up shop, Central Square Park offered lush open green spaces. This is great for taking a stroll, but not so much for taking cover; stick to the walls and head for landmarks within the park, such as the monument, to hide from enemies lurking in nearby buildings.

Tip #235 — Attention Bertha: Keep Off the Grass

Atlas / Verdansk: Southwest / Barakett Promenade West

Central Square Park is open enough for an ATV, a Tac Rover, or even an SUV to drive through, which one should consider if they want to take evasive maneuvers while driving on the street. Just don’t expect the Cargo Truck to be as graceful within these stone walls…

Need More Intel? Visit the Official Warzone Strategy Guide to get a detailed look at all 300+ Tips, over 400 Points of Interest, and everything you need to step up your gameplay and be fully prepared for Warzone.

We’ll see you online.

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