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The Prestige Primer Episode 18: How to Complete Season Two’s Final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges

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From “Good Ammunition” to “Anti-Vehicle,” we break down the last of Season Two’s challenges for Multiplayer, along with a set-up for an SMG that can crack far harder targets than a few eggs.

  • Prestige Primer
  • Season 02

The Prestige Primer Episode 18: How to Complete Season Two’s Final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges

  • BOCW
  • WZ

From “Good Ammunition” to “Anti-Vehicle,” we break down the last of Season Two’s challenges for Multiplayer, along with a set-up for an SMG that can crack far harder targets than a few eggs.

  • Prestige Primer
  • Season 02

A new update dropped this week, bringing with it new maps, modes, a new Operator, and more in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

It also means we’re in the home stretch of Season Two, as time is dwindling to become Prestige Masters and unlock all our challenges before the end of the season!

With that in mind, there’s no time to waste – let’s level up:

This Week’s Featured Operators

Season Two Reloaded brought in two reinforcements to NATO’s finest: Wolf and his faithful companion who comes in to help neutralize enemies during Wolf’s signature “Dog of War” Finishing Move.

You can grab Wolf and that deadly pup in the “Wolf Operator” Bundle, now available in the Store.

Joining Wolf in the spotlight is the official CDL Operator wearing the Los Angeles Guerrillas’ alternate uniform, found within their Team Pack, to remind you that their Home Series is this weekend! The Guerrillas are still searching for their first win of Stage II, and a little (virtual) hometown cooking might be what they need to jump up the standings. Their first match is today at 1:30 PDT against the Atlanta FaZe, and their second is a can’t-miss cross-town rivalry showdown with the LA Thieves on Sunday, April 4 at 1:30 PDT.

You can catch all the action on the Call of Duty League’s YouTube channel, and check out the latest standings and match schedule via the CDL Channel in Black Ops Cold War’s League Play. While you’re in-game, consider picking up the Los Angeles Guerrillas’ Team Pack or show your support for the 11 other teams with their own bundle, which includes two Operator Skins, a universal Weapon Camo, and more.

Also, if you want to test your prediction skills and think you know who is going to win this weekend, you can enter the Stage 2 CDL Pick’em game* to make your picks for a chance at winning some awesome prizes. Click here for more details.

Top Tip – The Final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges

There are only a few more weeks to unlock all 20 of Season Two’s Season Challenges. Hopefully, last weekend’s Triple-Double event helped you climb up the ranks quickly, or if you followed our tips for the first 10 Multiplayer challenges, then you should already have 69,000 XP toward that Level 200 goal (or more, if you failed to hit all Prestiges in prior seasons).

This week, we have our tips for the final 10 Multiplayer Season Challenges, a mix of tough objectives that can be completed in either Multiplayer or Warzone.

Here’s how you can complete them all and claim the honorable title of Season Two Multiplayer Master (that is, if you also completed the first 10 already!)

Good Ammunition (Level 100) – Kill 50 enemies while using ammo acquired from the Assault Pack or Munitions Box – 2,500 XP

The Gearhead Perk is awesome for this challenge, as it reduces the time it takes for this Field Upgrade to come online.

Another option is to play with friends who would all run Assault Packs. That way, everyone can get a steady stream of ammo to complete this challenge.

Deception (Level 110) – Kill 25 enemies that are near your active Decoy Grenade – 2,500 XP

Use the Call of Duty Companion App to figure out the hot spots on each map, or throw Decoys toward objectives where enemies are sure to frequent.

Want more Decoy Grenades? Use the Danger Close Wildcard, which gives you an extra by default, and Quartermaster, which recharges Equipment every 25 seconds.

Bump in the Road (Level 120) – Use Proximity Mines to destroy 10 enemy ground vehicles – 2,500 XP

You may want to wait until you hit Level 190 to complete this challenge, as these two challenges overlap significantly.

No matter when you decide to complete it, we recommend playing Multi-Team and Combined Arms modes in Black Ops Cold War or dive into Warzone – specifically Plunder, where respawns are enabled. Let your squadmates distract vehicles into driving toward the path of a placed Proximity Mine, then watch the parts fly!

Toxic Behavior (Level 130) – Kill 50 enemies with gas or who are affected by gas – 6,000 XP (Three Tiers)

The Gas Mine Field Upgrade is necessary for this challenge, and these should be placed near objectives or in chokepoints and entryways with few alternative routes for maximum effect.

Another option is to be aggressive with your rotations in Warzone and pick off stragglers within the gas as they run to the non-toxic area.

Well Rounded (Level 140) – Get a kill with at least two different weapons without dying 100 times – 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Skilled players are more likely to complete this within Warzone naturally, as they can usually earn two eliminations easily with a weapon they picked up, then their loadout weapon in a single life.

Otherwise, try using close-quarters weaponry like an SMG as your primary to compliment your pistol or shotgun secondary in Black Ops Cold War, and focus on getting within a dozen meters of your targets, as that’s where both weapon types are usually most effective. Once you get a kill with one, switch to the other, then rinse and repeat. The Law Breaker Wildcard will also let you equip two primary weapons at once if you’re not as confident with your Pistol shots.

Looting and Pillaging (Level 150) – Replenish ammo 250 times while using the Scavenger Perk – 2,500 XP

Equip the Scavenger Perk and play aggressively to pick up those ammo packs dropped by enemies following their elimination.

If your weapon is holding ammo well, try using a Task Force Barrel on it. This usually boosts damage, damage range, and bullet velocity at the cost of starting ammo, making Scavenger a great compliment to this awesome attachment.

Bullseye (Level 160) – Get 10 kills with the Tomahawk or Throwing Knife Lethal Equipment – 2,500 XP

Tomahawks and Throwing Knives are thrown in a parabolic arc, meaning that at longer distances, you may need to aim higher than your target to hit the mark. Furthermore, these take time to travel through the air, so if your target is mobile, you’ll need to throw ahead of the target as well.

Worst case scenario: just chuck them right within an arm’s length of the target, and you’ll rarely miss the mark. There’s also the classic cross-map Tomahawk kill for those who prefer a more stylized approach.

In Their Heads (Level 170) – Get 100 Headshot kills – 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Aim for the head and keep your shots on target. This one is only a matter of time before you complete it.

Snipers and tactical rifles are great for this challenge, as they work well with high-magnification optics and down targets with fewer headshots.

Iron Sight Assassin (Level 180) – Get 300 Eliminations using weapons without a scope or optic attachment – 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

This is a great opportunity to try out new weapons that you have no attachments for. Because only iron sight kills count with this, you can use any of the default, non-scoped weapons without an Optic. Perhaps a shotgun, so you can get point-blank kills for the Shelled challenge. Or, if you can handle some unconventional iron sights, you could use an LMG to complete the “Suppressing Fire” challenge at the same time, potentially banking its massive XP reward with the one you’ll get here.

If you’re looking for a weapon to use with iron sights, then look no further than our featured weapon this week. But before that, one last challenge for you to complete...

Anti-Vehicle (Level 190) – Destroy 75 enemy ground vehicles – 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

This may be the longest challenge to complete out of the bunch, but it winds up being a great reason to start working toward Gold camo on your Launchers and Special grenade launcher weapon!

Again, bigger game modes are key to completing this challenge. You may have to adjust your strategy to target vehicles more than enemy Operators, but with enough time and focus, you’ll finally become the Season Two Multiplayer master with this objective – and the 19 others – completed.

Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week

While Wolf’s bundle weapons pack plenty of bite – they do have actual teeth on them, after all – we want to focus on another bundle launching on Sunday, April 4 to ring in this spring holiday weekend: the “Hippity Hoppity” bundle.

In addition to an Operator Skin, four other themed items, and a Tier Skip, this bundle includes the “Powderizer” tactical rifle Blueprint (shown above), a Legendary three-burst machine with five pre-configured attachments. However, let’s focus on the other Weapon Blueprint in the collection: the “Soft Touch” SMG.

A distant cousin of the “Mayan Malediction” Ultra Mastercraft Blueprint, the “Powderizer” comes with a unique five-attachment set-up, especially at the front of the weapon. A Sound Suppressor will keep you off the radar, while the Barrel attachment helps this weapon crack through vehicles and Scorestreaks as if they were eggshells.

As for the other attachments, the Tactical Stock improves Aim Walking Movement Speed, the Magazine attachment boosts the weapon’s already incredible ammo capacity by 60%, and the Spetsnaz Grip, arguably our favorite attachment on this Blueprint, aids in controlling the weapon’s Vertical and Horizontal Recoil.

While there are thousands of possible configurations for this weapon, we also find this setup for Multiplayer to be a real treat for aggressive players:

Here’s what we like about this particular selection of attachments:

  • GRU Suppressor – A significant decrease to vertical recoil and 100% suppressive properties are fantastic for a high-fire rate CQB weapon, even if it means sacrificing a bit of range. However, this penalty is mitigated by the Barrel this Suppressor sits upon.
  • 7.4” Task Force Barrel – Along with boosting Damage Range and Bullet Velocity, the Task Force barrel is enough to make this weapon a four-shot elimination up close with just one headshot, which is more efficient compared to the two headshots needed for a four-shot elimination without it. Having one less magazine isn’t a dealbreaker for this SMG, and the recoil is mitigated by the Underbarrel and Muzzle attachments.
  • GRU Elastic Wrap – A massive decrease to aim down sight (ADS) time, flinch resistance, AND the ability to aim while going prone? Sign us up, because we want a weapon that can snap quickly and win split-second engagements. As for the Sprint to Fire speed it takes away…
  • No Stock - … we’ll just take away the stock to get that speed right back, and then some. Although it deters hip firing by reducing its accuracy, we use this weapon as a means to stretch engagements out and place clean, accurate shots through ADS.

You can find the “Soft Touch” and “Powderizer” Weapon Blueprints in the “Hippity Hoppity” bundle coming out on Sunday, April 4. And don’t worry, these holiday treats will still be available in the Store after the holiday weekend is over.

Execute the mission.

* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Ends at the end of Stage 2 Major currently scheduled to take place on 4/11/21. Must be a legal resident of the United States, the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, France, Germany, or Spain & at least 18 years as of date of entry. Void where prohibited. Click here for Official Rules, which govern, & complete details.

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