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Mode Spotlight: Prop Hunt Is Back for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

  • BOCW

The popular game mode unlike any other in Call of Duty history is back. Get to know and master this returning favorite and prepare for some wild and wacky action.

Mode Spotlight: Prop Hunt Is Back for Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

  • BOCW

The popular game mode unlike any other in Call of Duty history is back. Get to know and master this returning favorite and prepare for some wild and wacky action.

Prop Hunt is back in Black Ops.

The party mode defined by deception and random objects coming to life is back for Black Ops Cold War, and the rules are just as you remember it when it was first introduced within the franchise in 2017.

If you’re new to the Prop Hunt experience, think of it as a Call of Duty version of hide-and-seek. Here’s how you play it, as well as our tips for becoming a master Prop Hunter:


The first thing to know is that the mode is divided between two teams: Props and Hunters.

Being a Prop is as exactly as it sounds: You play as a random object specifically designed to fit into the surroundings of whichever map you’re spawned into. Although being a Prop is far better than being one of your inanimate peers, you can be destroyed if a Hunter finds and damages you, and every 30 seconds, you have the uncontrollable urge to whistle.

However, since a Prop could fit into its surroundings, you should be able to find a nice inconspicuous spot to hide.

As a Prop, you’ll get a short period of time to find your hiding spot before the Hunters are released. Every 30 seconds, all surviving Props make a loud whistle noise that helps Hunters figure out where they are.

Other than finding a phenomenal hiding space and waiting out the clock, Props have a few other tools at their disposal to fight back Hunters. These are:

Decoys: These are carbon copies of whichever Prop you happen to be. Place your decoys in areas that will throw off Hunters while you’re tucked away somewhere they can’t find. There’s an art to doing this and it’ll take some time to master, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to use decoys to effectively throw Hunters off your trail.

Changing Shape: If you don’t like your current Prop, or if you’ve been spotted and you need to make a quick getaway, you have the option to switch to another one. You can only do this a limited number of times, so make your switches count, and make do with whatever shape you end up with… Even if it is as ridiculous as a baby grand piano.

Stun: If a Hunter gets too close for comfort, Props have the ability to stun them with a Flashbang-like explosion. Doing this will give you a few seconds to make a quick getaway. 


The other team in Prop Hunt, the Hunters, has one mission: hunt down Props and eliminate them one by one until only the inanimate objects remain. You’ll do this by using a bit of luck, but mostly your ears, your common sense, and whatever loadout you choose to bring into the game.

The first thing to remember is that you’re on the clock, so shooting everything in sight might not be the best course of action. Instead, take a more targeted approach and shoot at objects that appear to have no business being in their location.

Along with general map awareness, it’s also good to remember that Props can, and will, use decoys to throw you off. Don’t fret too much about trying to take them out; instead, use them to get a clue of what you’re hunting… unless, of course, the Prop changed its shape after setting those up.

Above all other strategies, your best bet to hunting down Props is to listen for the whistling noises that Props make every 30 seconds. So plug in your headphones, turn up the volume on your monitor or TV, and pay attention for that whistle. The louder the whistle, the closer the Prop. Pay special attention to the direction where it’s coming from, because that will point right to where the Prop could be lurking.

Top Five Tips for Prop Hunt

5. The Ol’ Prop 1-2. As a Prop, using flashbangs and shapeshifting in tandem could help get a Hunter off your trail. Pop the flashbang ability and quickly change shape while finding a new hiding space to potentially have those Hunters call off the search and move their attention elsewhere.

4. The Mysterious Whistle Noise. As a Hunter, pay close to attention to the volume and direction of various whistling noises. The louder the whistle, the closer you are to finding that pesky Prop.

3. A Coy Decoy. Decoys have less health than Props, making them good enough to waste a few seconds of a Hunter’s time. However, given that they are copies of whatever form you are in, it might be wise to change shape and keep them guessing as to what object you are.

2. One of These Things Doesn’t Belong. Those with phenomenal map knowledge could fair well in Prop Hunt. Study up on the base maps, preferably in Private Match to avoid looking at the scenery during active firefights, to familiarize yourself with the game’s locales and find some great hiding spots.

1. Know Thy Enemy… or Object. The best Hunters also tend to be the best Props, as they know where those fantastic hiding spaces are and know how to juke a telephone booth past an enemy or two. Take your experience playing as either side and know their respective strengths to rack up those wins should your competitive side arise in this fun diversion.

Execute the mission.

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