115 Party Continues

It's A Bash

by Call of Duty Staff on January 16, 2019

It's time to play the "Unsinkable" Zombies Gauntlet! Can you make it through all 30 rounds?

Hop aboard the Voyage of Despair and try to survive against round-long requirements, like “Shall We Dance: Use Melee Only” and “Never Say Lever: Use the Lever Action Rifle Only.” Survive at least 10 rounds to get a sweet prize, with another prize at rounds 20 and 30. Fail a round’s objective and get a strike. (... Don’t get three strikes.)

Plus, boost your play with NEW Elixirs. Enjoy “Perk Up,” “Refresh Mint” and “Conflagration Liquidation.” Visit the Lab, then get to the Gauntlet!