Daily Tier Skips are LIVE!

Earn Rewards Daily

by Call of Duty Staff on November 13, 2018

Operation: First Strike comes chock full of gear that you definitely don't want to miss. So, to help you get to the gear faster we introduced the new Daily Tier Skip to make your quest to tier it up a whole lot easier. Here's how:

To earn a Daily Tier Skip, win a match in Multiplayer OR earn a Merit in Blackout -- Merits are rewarded for kills, completing challenges and top finishes.

That's it.

Once you do one of those things, your Daily Tier Skip will activate, and you’ll earn rewards for your current tier and jump to the next. For example, if you are 75% complete on Tier 20, earning a Daily Tier Skip will give you the goods of Tier 20 and put you at 75% completion of Tier 21. It's simple…but you only can earn it once a day. Be sure to get into the action daily to maximize your rewards.

If you’re looking to earn your Daily Tier Skip with a change of scenery, hop into a Nuketown match. Experience the icy, unforgiving winter climate of a quiet Russian village that conceals a nuclear launch site. Also, be sure to stop by Nuketown Island in Blackout where, for a limited time, you'll encounter zombies like never before. Earn your Daily Tier Skip, watch out for the zombies, and enjoy Nuketown!