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The CARV.2: How to Unlock the New Tactical Rifle in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

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Take aim with the burst-fire CARV.2, now unlockable via an in-game challenge or Store bundle. Read on for tips to unlock the new weapon in Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty®: Warzone™.

  • 武器詳細

The CARV.2: How to Unlock the New Tactical Rifle in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

  • BOCW

Take aim with the burst-fire CARV.2, now unlockable via an in-game challenge or Store bundle. Read on for tips to unlock the new weapon in Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty®: Warzone™.

  • 武器詳細

Season Three Reloaded is here! Be prepared to stand toe-to-toe with the best in the ’80s Action Heroes event, starring John McClane of Die Hard fame and the inimitable Rambo.


You’re in luck. The CARV.2 Tactical Rifle is ready to shred in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, Zombies, and in WarzoneTM. Available via in-game challenge or the “Plastik Prototype” Store bundle, the CARV.2 — a burst-fire tactical rifle that slays in mid- to long-range combat — is perfect for the precise Operator.


Here’s how to unlock the CARV.2.

Unlocking the CARV.2 — Tips and a Bundle


Blast your enemies with this highly customizable, high-damage precision tactical rifle. Get the base version of the CARV.2 in-game by completing its unlock challenge in Multiplayer or Zombies.


Here’s the Multiplayer challenge:


Using tactical rifles, rapidly kill 2 or more players in 10 different completed matches.


In Zombies, it’s all about distance:


Using tactical rifles, get 250 longshot kills.


It’s nothing you can’t handle. Here are five tips to get you on your way:

5. Multiplayer Loadout Suggestion. The Multiplayer challenge requires you make two back-to-back eliminations using a tactical rifle, meaning you’ll need to get into the thick of the action with enough ammo to take down multiple targets. Here’s what we recommend:


Primary Weapon: M16 w/ 45-Round Magazine

Secondary Weapon: Hauer 77

Perk 1: Forward Intel

Perk 2: Quartermaster

Perk 3: Ghost

Equipment: Flashbang (Tactical), Semtex (Lethal)

Field Upgrade: Field Mic

Wildcard: Gunfighter


Use the M16 or whichever tactical rifle you prefer. With the Gunfighter Wildcard, you’ll be stacking your weapon with attachments, the most important being a larger magazine to ensure you don’t run dry midfight. Stick to your tactical rifle as much as possible, switching to the Hauer 77 only to defend against close-range threats.


Forward Intel provides a greater mini-map view, letting you pinpoint where the action is, especially with the help of friendly Spy Planes and the smart positioning of your Field Mic. Take Quartermaster primarily to refresh your Flashbang, a great tool for disorienting enemy groups. Finally, Ghost prevents enemy Spy Planes from revealing your position.


Your goal is to get two rapid kills in the match, so consider trying small map playlists or objectives modes where players tend to group up more often. Head to the front lines, toss your Flashbang, and eliminate the first pair of enemy Operators in sight.


4. Get on that Hardpoint. On offense or defense, Hardpoint is a great mode for encountering enemy pairs. With all the focus being on a single point of the map, there’s a good chance you’ll have several opportunities to get that double rapid kill in the match. If you’re really looking to heat things up, jump into a match of Face Off in Quick Play for even faster-paced action. 

3. Defend, Defend. Tactical rifles are great defensive weapons, providing the mobility and flexibility to fight effectively all over the mid-range, with the right Gunsmith configuration pushing into long-range capabilities. Get into an objective mode like Domination and play defense on the B flag, or try Kill Confirmed, using dropped tags as bait.


2. Zombies Loadout Suggestion. This one’s straightforward. You’ll need a total of 250 longshot kills while using a tactical rifle, meaning you’ve got to take out zombies from quite a distance. Here’s our recommendation:


Starting Weapon: Type 63

Field Upgrade: Ring of Fire


Choose the powerful Type 63 or any other tactical rifle, ideally with a scope for mid- to long-range precision. Pick the Ring of Fire Field Upgrade for its personal buff effects more than its damaging burn effect.


Outbreak is great for this challenge, offering large environments filled with wandering zombies. Get in a vehicle or huff it on foot to find a group, then throw down Ring of Fire and start firing from a distance. When completing experiments, take up a long-range position that offers the chance to land a few more longshots before the horde gets within striking distance.


1. Cover Fire. When fighting alongside other Requiem agents, take up a far position and provide cover fire for your team. Keep a short-range weapon on hand for when you need to defend yourself, and then turn back to your team and take out any stragglers coming up on them from behind. 

Unlock the CARV.2 in the Store


Can’t wait to get bursting with the CARV.2? Unlock it before completing the in-game challenge with the Legendary “Konsole” Weapon Blueprint.


Featured in the new Season Three “Plastik Protoype” bundle in the Store, the “Konsole” Blueprint is the ideal weapon for the Operator who loves classic gaming. The bundle also features the “Lazer Gun” Emblem, the “Brick” Charm, the “Launch Control” Sticker, and one Battle Pass Tier Skip.


Grab the “Plastik Prototype” bundle today to immediately access the new tactical rifle before completing its challenge. Keep in mind that the “Konsole” Weapon Blueprint will not unlock the base version of the weapon. For that, you’ll first have to show you’re worthy by completing the challenge.


Execute the mission.

For more information on Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, check out: and and follow @Treyarch, @RavenSoftware, and @CallofDuty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 


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