New Multiplayer Maps

Get to know Casino & Lockup

by Call of Duty Staff on February 27, 2019

Operation Grand Heist is upon us and players have a whole lot of new things to see and do. From new gear, to new modes, to new weapons – there’s a lot to get excited about. Plus, we’ve got a pair of new Multiplayer maps ready for exploration and destruction. Read on to get a taste of what the new maps of Operation Grand Heist have to offer:

An opulent casino in Monaco is under siege as a crew of elite thieves plan to beat the house, stealing money, secrets…and maybe a car. Jump into Casino, a medium-sized map that offers varied play spaces for diverse combat experiences with a decadent backdrop.
Experience varied, end-to-end engagements throughout the luxurious, wide-open casino with several entry points to each area. Utilize the variety of exciting gameplay elements at your disposal on the brightly-lit casino floor. Weave through buzzing slot machines, duck behind toppled gambling tables for cover or post-up and lock down a centralized bar.

An international crime syndicate has launched a full onslaught upon a Los Angeles police station, intent on destroying evidence and silencing all witnesses. The result is multi-level Multiplayer mayhem in a chaotic, urban backdrop.
The assault is in full swing on the ground level of Lockup. Navigate through the interior of the police station through the lobby, cafeteria, and armory – only one of these offers protection from open skylights that enemies can utilize to rain death from above. Use the stairs, ladders, or other objects to rise above the ground assault and take part in the fierce vertical combat and battle for control of the police station rooftops. 

Test out the newest contraband weapons – the Rampage full auto shotgun or the Switchblade X9 SMG in t these two, exciting new environments. Give ‘em a go when your purchase Black Ops Pass and unlock these maps today.