Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Details

Blackout is a winner-take-all mode coming to Black Ops 4, and you can find all of the details that have been revealed so far right here!

by Call of Duty Staff on May 17, 2018

Black Ops is known for its combat experience, for the fast, fluid controls, for the responsive and rewarding gunplay, and the social experience of playing with your friends. But imagine taking all of that and putting it into a massive world where you have to survive to be the last man standing. That’s what Treyarch is doing, with a unique Black Ops spin on it.
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Imagine a survival game with the best, most refined mechanics in the world. The signature controls and gameplay systems and the kind of fast-paced action that only Call of Duty can deliver, taking place on the biggest map in Call of Duty history – over 1,500 times larger than Nuketown.

But that’s just the beginning. Treyarch is bringing ten years’ worth of the Black Ops universe to bear, putting your favorite characters, weapons, and maps all into one place, including your favorite Zombies cast, weapons and gear as well, in a crazy collision of fun and letting players navigate it with land, sea and air vehicles.

This is Battle Royale the Black Ops way. This is Blackout.

We’ll have more Blackout information in the months ahead as we count down to launch on October 12, so stay tuned!

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