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The Streetsweeper: How to Unlock the New Shotgun in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

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Blast your opponents with the new rapid fire, high capacity Streetsweeper shotgun. Read on for tips on unlocking the weapon for use in Black Ops Cold War and WarzoneTM.

The Streetsweeper: How to Unlock the New Shotgun in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War

  • BOCW

Blast your opponents with the new rapid fire, high capacity Streetsweeper shotgun. Read on for tips on unlocking the weapon for use in Black Ops Cold War and WarzoneTM.

Season One is in full swing, and with it comes a brand new shotgun for use across Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

Free for everyone who completes the in-game challenge, the Streetsweeper is an expert choice for clearing out groups of enemies in small spaces. Here’s its in-game description:

Full-auto shotgun. Superior fire rate with reliable damage and the largest ammo pool in class. Hand loaded with slower reload speeds.

And here’s the in-game unlock challenge:

Using shotguns, get 3 kills without dying in 15 different matches.

It’s nothing a veteran Operator like you can’t handle. Let’s go over some tips to help you on your way.

An Alternate Way to Unlock the Streetsweeper

Before we dive into challenge tips for unlocking the full-auto Streetsweeper, know that there is another way to unlock the new family prior to completing the challenge.

With the release of Season One comes the “Shock Value” Store bundle. This bundle features four items, one of them being the “Surge Protector” Weapon Blueprint. This electrifying Legendary Blueprint gets a member of the Shotgun Charlie Family in your hands right away, featuring a five-attachment spread that’s sure to send your enemies flying.

In addition to the “Surge Protector,” you’ll unlock the “Van De Graaff” Weapon Charm, the “Experimental Weapon” animated Emblem, and the “Lazer Bolt” Sticker.

So if you can’t wait to get your hands on the Streetsweeper, consider purchasing the “Shock Value” Store bundle. If you’d rather unlock the Streetsweeper via the in-game challenge – which is the only way to level up the weapon and progress through its camo challenges – we’ve got some tips to help you.

Top 5 Streetsweeper Challenge Tips

5. Come and Get It. You’ll need to use a loadout with a shotgun secondary, so let’s start off with a recommended build that will help you land three kills without dying in each and every match:

Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle/SMG of choice

Secondary Weapon: Hauer 77

Perk 1: Paranoia, Flak Jacket

Perk 2: Gearhead, Tracker

Perk 3: Gung-Ho, Ninja

Equipment: Stimshot (Tactical), Tomahawk (Lethal)

Field Upgrade: Trophy System

Wildcard: Perk Greed

The primary weapon is of the least importance here, so pick whatever you think best compliments a shotgun secondary. We recommend the Hauer 77 due to its high burst damage, vital for ending fights quickly.

The Perk selection via Perk Greed is where it gets good. Paranoia grants better situational awareness, helping you to avoid incoming flank attacks, while Flak Jacket’s explosive defense reduces your chances of being taken out by enemy rockets and grenades.

Because we recommend Hardpoint and small maps while taking on this challenge, Gearhead combines nicely with the Trophy System for even greater and more frequent defenses from explosives, forcing enemy players to fight on your terms. The always useful Tracker combines nicely with Paranoia to up your awareness of the enemy position.

Gung-Ho reduces your vulnerability while sprinting and speeds up weapon swapping when you need to adjust on the fly. Finally, Ninja prevents giving up your position when flanking in close quarters.

As for equipment, use Stimshot to heal up fast after a tough fight, and, well… the Tomahawk is just plain fun to use. It can’t all be business.

4. Hardpoint Lockdown. Landing three kills without dying can seem like a tall order when rushing around the map with a short-ranged weapon. Consider jumping into some Hardpoint matches to narrow the focus of action. Get on the point and let the enemy come to you.

3. Small Maps Preferred. If you don’t want to be confined to a single game mode, focus on small maps instead. Take up position in one of the houses on Nuketown ’84, defend the plane in Checkmate, or jump into the Face Off playlist to go toe to toe using custom loadouts on the miniature Gunfight maps.

2. Slow Them Down. Consider equipping the Gas Mine Field Upgrade as a means to disable enemy players before engaging them with your shotgun. The Stun Grenade and Flashbang are equally useful, giving you the advantage as you move up close for the finishing blow.

1. 8 Round Champ. If you’ve got some levels in the Hauer 77, consider equipping the STANAG 8 Round Tube magazine attachment. The larger capacity will benefit you when taking on multiple enemies, plus you’ll learn to time your reloads efficiently, a vital skill in overcoming the Streetsweeper’s slow reload times. Once the Streetsweeper is yours, just wait until you unlock the STANAG 18 Round Drum attachment – that’s when the fun really begins.

Whatever your approach, keep at it and you’ll soon be sweeping away the competition with the latest addition to the shotgun class. Good luck out there.

Execute the mission.

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