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Navigate Wetworks Like A Champ

  • BO4

Rediscover Blackout after a dam explosion.

Navigate Wetworks Like A Champ

  • BO4

Rediscover Blackout after a dam explosion.

Due to an act of sabotage, an enormous crack down the center of the Hydro Dam has given way to overflowing waters, leaving low-elevation areas of the Blackout map flooded. Factory, Rivertown, parts of the farm and Cargo Docks are in ruins. Bridges are out, previously docked boats are scattered along the river and, when all was said and done, Hijacked ended up a few clicks north.

As you might imagine, new terrain demands a re-evaluation of your tactics and engagements. We’ve got a few things to consider as you navigate a Blackout map in the aftermath of a flood.

Embrace A Nautical Theme

Whether you’re swimming or boating, it’s important to get comfortable around water. The Tactical Raft makes for a speedy, if exposed, way to navigate the new and plentiful waterways. It makes navigation quicker and, with so many downed bridges, you’re likely to see many more boats motoring around the map than usual.

With these environmental changes, you’re likely to spend much more time underwater, and you might even find loot there. Fortunately, you still have access to your weapon while swimming. Your movements are a bit slower, so it will be harder to dodge bullets during a gun fight. If you spot somebody swimming near you, consider taking them out as quickly as possible.

The Cover of Smoke

For those unaccustomed to swimming in Blackout, one of your most vulnerable moments can be when you emerge from the water. It’s unlikely you have much information on what sort of enemies or fights you’re approaching. Consider using a Smoke grenade for cover as you get back on dry land. The smoke cloud lingers long enough for you to move from an exposed river bank, heal up, and even revive a teammate.

In areas with shallow water, like Factory and Cargo Docks, most movements are accompanied by splashing. A well-placed smoke can help conceal that and potentially attract less enemies to your position.

Iron Lungs: Not Just For Snipers

You could be forgiven if you see Iron Lungs, think “eh, I’m not much of a sniper”, and leave it on the ground. However, lung capacity isn’t just a long-range boost. It helps underwater, as well. For the duration of the perk, you’ll be able to stay underwater longer without losing health. Fewer gasps for air above the surface mean fewer opportunities for enemies to spot you.

A secondary way to navigate the water with fewer appearances above the surface is the Mobility perk. This one’s a bit more obvious: swim faster, get across the river faster. And, if you combine Iron Lungs AND Mobility at the same time? Baby, you got a stew goin’.

Dress Accordingly

Avoid easy detection when you pop your head above water by choosing a character and/or outfit that suits your new sea-faring nature. Sure, we love Vacation Hudson’s laid-back, wedding-DJ-on-a-cruise-ship vibe. But, that shiny head, aviators and shirt combo will likely give him away much easier than say, Firebreak, Zero or Seraph.

Here’s the easiest way to think about it: take notice of the color of water. Then, take a look at your character and what they’re wearing. If there’s a big contrast, you’re more likely to get spotted when emerging from underwater. For a sharp eye, it may not matter, but if it gives you just an extra second or two of stealth, that could make all the difference.

While the environment has undergone a number of changes, Blackout is still Blackout. The dam may be broke, but the action is just as exciting as ever. So, drop into a match and get your feet wet.

Click here for an overview of the changes to the Blackout map.

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