Get the Grav with a New Community Challenge*

You've wielded this thing in Zombies and Blackout, now work together to unlock the Grav assault rifle in Multiplayer!

by Call of Duty Staff on June 04, 2019

Days of Summer is here and we’re kicking off the party with a Community Challenge! 

The Community Challenge is this: when the community completes 15,000,000 matches (Multiplayer, Blackout or Zombies), a special reward will be bestowed upon everybody: the Grav assault rifle.

The Grav has already made appearances in Blackout, albeit without the ability to add attachments, and Zombies. But, if the community completes those matches, you'll get access to this excellent assault rifle in Multiplayer, with a full range of customization options. Ever wondered how the Grav handles with a Stock and a Grip? Finish those matches and find out!

The Community Challenge is a fun way to work together with the entire Black Ops 4 community towards a worthwhile goal. So, get those matches in and do your part as everybody marches towards 15 million.

*Challenge Starts for PS4 First, Other Platforms Start Date to follow.
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