New Featured Playlists!

Check out the December 4 update to the Featured Playlists in BO4

by Call of Duty Staff on December 04, 2018

This week sees three new Featured Playlists in Black Ops 4. Check it out:

First is TDM 85. The classic mode gets a bump in score limit to 85. The increase may be small, but the implications are large. You'll be surprised what a difference 10 points can make.

Next is Chaos Domination. On the back of Chaos Hardpoint, Treyarch turned its sites on Dom. Capture time per objective is reduced to three seconds and the score limit is increased to 300, split in two halves of 150. With all the action the is sure to bring about, this Featured Playlist earns it's chaotic moniker. 

Last but not least is Hardcore Kill Confirmed. Health is down and the guns are up in this Hardcore tag-grabbing throw down. It's all the fun of TDM, but  to score points, you gotta get receipts for your kills. Pick up tags for each kill on your path to 60 points. Just don't get booted for team killing on the way.

Head to the Featured Playlist in MP and try something new! You can also enjoy Safeguard and Control as they continue their residency in the Featured Playlist. Stay tuned for future updates to the Featured Playlist.