This Week in the Black Market

An Update to Signature Weapons, New Special Orders, Half off Tiers and More.

This Week in the Black Market

An Update to Signature Weapons, New Special Orders, Half off Tiers and More.

There's a lot going on this week in the Black Market: new Signature Weapons, all Tier purchases are 50% off and a whole lot more. So, if you're looking for some new gear, we've got the goods.

First off, we've updated the way Signature Weapon unlocks work! Now when you acquire a Signature Weapon in the Black Market, you'll have the Signature Weapon AND Mastercraft Variants immediately available. For example, take a look at the GKS. When you unlock the Damascus Signature Weapon variant, you also unlock the Tactical Unicorn Mastercraft variant. From there, you can equip either one to start working towards your Reactive Camo challenges. With this update, customizing your weapons will be quicker and easier. Check out this noble steed.
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And, as luck would have it, we've got a Special Order that packs not one but, TWO of those Signature Weapons: the Maddox RFB '$treet' and the Strife 'Divine Justice'

This graffiti’d-up Maddox variant and the heavenly Strife are exactly what’ll be waiting for you when you pick up this Special Order. Not only that, it's packed with 13 items – like a set of street-art themed tags and an entire set of calling cards -- that you’ll unlock along the way. Pick it up and start the fight with the $treet, then finish it with Divine Justice.

And, if Firebreak's Purifier, Reactor Core or overall asthetic are your thing then, then pick up the 'Bombero' Special Order. You'll earn Firebreak's 'Bombero' outfit from the Muertos Collection along with other similarly themed items like the 'Campfire' gesture. Like all Special Orders, it's only live for a limited time so grab it before it's gone!

Not only that but, there's big news for everybody: we've activated Black Ops 4's first Quad Feed! That means you get 2x... well, pretty much everything.

-Double XP in Multiplayer and Zombies to rank up quick.
-Double Tier Boost to race through tiers and unlock even more gear in half the time.
-Double Merits in Blackout to turn Rangers into Frogmen and Frogmen into Seals.
-Double Nebulium Plasma in Zombies to craft Elixirs and Talismans when you hit the Laboratory.

The 2x machine is on until November 26th at 10 AM PT. So, get in there and reap the rewards to kick off the season of giving!