The Gear of The Swarm

Come see what all the buzz is about.

The Gear of The Swarm

Come see what all the buzz is about.

The swarm has come to Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the form of a new community event: Operation: Swarm. From now through May 18th at 10 AM PT, it’s a Black Ops III fiesta. What’s that mean for you? New stuff: weapons, limited-time gear, maps and modes along with XP events to unlock the next level. That’s the overview. Here’s the good stuff.



If heavy-weapons and big mags are your thing, the new RPK could make your spring one full of LMGlory. With precious little recoil, this here’s a big, strong gun that’ll make a fantastic addition to your armory. Whether you’re a kinetic Reaper who opts for the Extended or Fast Mags attachments, or you roll as Donnie Walsh with Rapid Fire and a Grip, the RPK has what you’re looking for. It’s powerful enough for engagements at distance, with a strong fire rate to win closer encounters. You’re not short on LMG options, but the RPK just jumped into your top 5.


The Sten

The knock on SMGs, typically anyways, is their limited range often leaves you at the mercy of far off foes. Welp, meet an SMG, stereotype-ruiner called the Sten. Powerful? Check. Above-average SMG range? Got that. Quick reloads? Like yesterday. We’re fans of the side-loading magazine on a purely aesthetic level, but the resulting quick reloads don’t hurt either. An excellent complement to an already stout SMG class, the Sten finds itself competitive with any of them. So, strap on the Sten, take it for a spin and see if it doesn’t find itself into your regular loadout rotation.


NINE Hive Specialist Themes

The buzz of Operation: Swarm means a new batch of Hive Specialist themes. Pounce from a wall to your enemy’s face and then disappear in a blur like the bumble bee of battle you are. These new themes deck out each Specialist in their own unique pattern of reflective orange and black. From Nomads to Prophets, these themes make owning enemies look just as good as it feels.


Hive Calling Card & Weapon Camo

The details of a honeycomb are impressive. That bees can construct such an intricate structure is one of nature’s great wonders. To pay respects to the mighty, buzzing bee, we present the Hive Weapon Camo and Animated Calling Card. The Weapon Camo adds a dark, glimmering honey-like tinge to your preferred weapon. The Calling Card depicts a weaponized – in that it’s carrying one – bee going in for the kill. It’s spring-time. These things need to pollenate.


Operation: Swarm isn’t just weapons and new gear. Players also get access to a new map, Veiled Heyday, and a new game mode, Prop Hunt. On Nuketown, there are already a bunch of mannequins standing around, but it’s up to you to find the player-controlled prop mannequins. So, join the fun through May 18th at 10 AM PT when you jump into Call of Duty: Black Ops III and experience the all the latest weapons, gear, maps and modes before they disappear. The swarm ain’t coming. It’s already here. But, it won’t be forever.



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