Take Tunisia In Operation Super Charge

Blow up a bridge. Raise the flag.

Take Tunisia In Operation Super Charge

Blow up a bridge. Raise the flag.

War Mode operations have inserted players into battles all across Europe. Theaters of war in France, Italy and Germany dropped you into conflicts from the snowy forests of northern Germany to the balmy Italian shores of the Mediterranean. Now, with DLC 3, prepare to literally drop from the skies into Tunisia for the newest War Mode: Operation Supercharge.

Attackers begin by descending from transport planes into a small village as the enemy scatters to defend it. Your ultimate goal is to secure the Mareth Line and push the remains of the Axis forces from North Africa. Don’t know what the Mareth Line is? No problem. We’re here to help. Read on and you’ll find out.


Part I: Capture supply drops

As you touch down in Tunisia, your first job is to capture three supply crates packed with explosives that aren’t far behind you. These crates fall one at a time. This means the defenders only need to defend a single drop at a time. While these crates can land throughout the town in a variety of areas, they’re clearly marked and visible as they descend from the sky. These drops – much like Care Packages – can have their parachutes shot out to decrease the amount of time they spend floating to the ground. If you find yourself in open space with no enemies around and a supply drop descending, shoot out its parachute and start capturing while you can. Why? Because you only have 30 seconds to begin capturing the drop. If defenders are able to keep attackers away for the entire 30 seconds, the drop disappears and you’ll have to wait for another drop.

With only four minutes to capture three crates, it’s best not to wait around for extras. These crates take a little longer than most objectives to capture. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to utilize the fast-capturing abilities of the Cavalry Division. Defenders who occupy tactically placed MG nests and keep an eye on the skies for incoming drops should be able to put up a good fight. The goal is simply to keep attackers from capturing supplies by running out the clock. They’ll have more than enough firepower to make it happen.


Part II: Push through and detonate the bridge

Now, you’ve secured the supply drops full of explosives and it’s time to make use of ‘em. See that bridge past the town? That needs to not be a functioning bridge anymore. Plant some bombs and blow that sucker to pieces. You’ll need to plant explosives at the base of several support beams and that’s no small task. The defenders can throw everything they have at you and the countdown on a planted explosive is a seemingly-endless 20 seconds. Smoke Grenades and Gas Grenades are crucial to defending a successfully planted explosive. The areas surrounding each beam are small. Therefore, both attack and defense will be forced into close-encounters if they have any hopes of success.

Some attackers like to spread out and plant on multiple support beams at once to spread the defense thin. Others prefer to focus on one or two adjacent beams for an easier defense. Regardless of whatever route suits you best, it’s important to let your teammates know about it. Even if you’re just shouting to seemingly nobody “Going for a plant on B”, teammates will hear you and, likely, act accordingly. Oh, and one more thing for attackers to be wary of: watch out for the cannon on a passing train. It’ll get ya.


Part III: Capture final bunkers

So, the bridge is history and you’re pushing on to the final section. Great work. However, the Axis still need to be driven from the Mareth Line – a system of fortifications constructed by the French prior to the war. The line’s initial purpose was to protect Tunisia from Italian-occupied Libya by supplementing existing geography – miles of steep banks, deemed impassable at the time of the line’s construction. But, this isn’t just one bunker, it’s four. And, you’ve gotta raise a flag at each one to signal to command the Allies have broken the Mareth Line.

Each successive bunker is more heavily fortified and the fighting inside and atop each one is fierce. Raising the flag in each area takes 15 seconds, when you have enemies charging at you in waves, that’s a long time. We’ve had some success with S-Mines, however, it’s almost impossible to cover every entry point to the objective area. Smoke grenades will at least slow defenders by throwing up some temporary cover (Expeditionary Division members get a longer Smoke screen which makes this option a bit more viable). As for defenders, they’re littered with options. There are MG nests scattered throughout the fortifications, one of which is a buildable, wooden tower with a machine gun at the top. With attackers likely using Hunker or Armored Division, you can expect defenders to spam the flag areas with plenty of grenades. SMGs work well inside the bunkers but LMGs really shine in clearing areas from a higher vantage point. How you go about defending or attacking should dictate what weapon you take with you into battle.


Operation Supercharge is a furious battle in a new setting that tests every aspect of your skills. It’s the backbone of DLC Pack 3 United Front and adds unique elements to Call of Duty®: WWII Multiplayer that you won’t find in any other map or mode. So, strap on your parachute, drop from the sky into Tunisia and break the Mareth Line. You’ll be glad you did.

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