Resistance Recon: Anthropoid

The Resistance DLC Pack 1 is live and you know what that means: new maps.

Resistance Recon: Anthropoid

The Resistance DLC Pack 1 is live and you know what that means: new maps.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll guide you on a tour through each of The Resistance-themed maps. While these guides sprinkle in some history for context, you’ll also get some hot tips to springboard you towards MP dominance. The next stop on our tour: Anthropoid.


1942: German military power is at its peak; the German army controls the occupied Sudetenland with an iron fist. Forced factory work, deportations to labor camps and indiscriminate violence against civilians are the norm. In a world of increasingly grim realities, life in Czechoslovakia continued to worsen under the brutal rule of Reinhard Heydrich. So, you can imagine the shockwaves felt throughout the world when one morning an anti-tank grenade explosion ripped through the car of the man they called “The Butcher of Prague”.


Operation Anthropoid, a brazen attempt on Heydrich’s life, was a plan months in the making. Even still, when the assassins escaped they assumed the plan had failed. Only later, when the Butcher died of his wounds, did they realize the greatest victory the Resistance had seen since the war began. The power of two men of the Resistance to shake an aggressive, brutal empire to its core was laid plain that day in the streets of Prague.


Those very streets of Prague are the setting for DLC 1 Multiplayer map Anthropoid. It’s a sprawling series of open-lanes, tight buildings and varied sight-lines. From the basement of a building leading to a canal dock on one end, to dead-end street high atop the hill at the other: you’re spoiled for choice when choosing how and where to engage the enemy.


A commonly overlooked aspect of an urban environment is the height of buildings. They aren’t just for ducking into and out of for cover. They block most of your sight of overhead Scorestreaks. When you or the enemy calls in a Recon or Counter Recon Aircraft, the density and height of the buildings make shooting down these pesky, aerial looky-loos much more difficult. You’ll need to find just the right angle to even think about shooting down a plane with a Launcher. It may be a good idea to pick a different Basic Training when playing Anthropoid.


The center of the map – ‘B’ if you’re playing Domination – tends to see the most consistent action. Just below the ‘B’ objective is a canal. That in and of itself wouldn’t be worth mentioning. However, the water provides a unique wrinkle to this Call of Duty map. You can completely submerge beneath the surface to hide from lurking snipers. Just remember to pop back up. You need air to live.


Proficiently utilizing the Canal is important because, even though you’re vulnerable to enemies above you on either side, its central location makes navigating this area vital to your success. On one ledge of the canal is the ‘B’ objective, where you’ll find pathways to every corner of the map. On the other ledge is as perfect a sniping lane as you’re likely to find in the game – complete with partial cover via the railings. Once your team holds the ‘B’ objective in Domination, or the equivalent point in Hardpoint, you have a clean view of any potential usurpers from the other side of the canal. If you control this area, maintaining your hold on the area should be well within your grasp.


Despite multiple streets with lengthy sightlines, a member of the Resistance Division wielding a Tactical Knife or Shotgun will have equal opportunities to thrive on Anthropoid. You’ll have no trouble sticking around buildings and corners to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies and force them into close-quarters engagements. With patience, a few well-placed S-Mines and the Resistance Division ability to scramble enemy mini-maps, you’ll find Anthropoid very much to your liking.


A scrambled mini-map gives your enemies what we like to call “Resistance panic”. They know you’re close. They just don’t know how close, or where exactly you’re coming from. So, stalk your enemies. Find good cover. And, like the brave assassins in May of 1942, seize that moment of confusion to emerge from the shadows and take your shot.


DLC 1’s Anthropoid provides players all the best of what Call of Duty: WWII has to offer. Intense action, rewarding strategic decision-making and a historical setting rooted in the ethos of the Resistance. However, there’s much more to DLC 1 and we’ll be telling you all about the rest of it in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for more intel and, in case you missed it, click here to check out our guide to Valkyrie.

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